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Scaling Gen Progression Based on Realm Size

YokaiPhaseshiftYokaiPhaseshift Member Posts: 99
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In light of the new announcements regarding the overhaul of Ruin, I started thinking about possible changes that could help aid the main reason killers run the perk in the first place.

One of the major arguments/complaints against the change in Ruin (and previous changes to Killer/Survivor perks) is that the game is too easy for Survivors, especially for those playing swf. As a survivor main who occassionally plays killer, I'm inclined to agree that the game can seem swayed to the survivor side. If you have four players coordinating where to go, what to do, and they all coordinate and bring in good items and offerings, survivors can rinse through generators in just a few short minutes. This seems to be relatively frequent in mid ranks (which is around my average level), where players are veterans to the game but not hardcore experts (like red ranks).

I have noticed that realms (the various locations in the game) do have significant size differences (ranging from 120sqT-190sqT on wikis), and the size is rather apparent in trials, especially playing killer. And when it comes to the largest realms in the game, there is no good way to pressure the entire realm; if two teammates are working on two separate generators on opposite ends of the realm while the other two are bouncing around, there is no possible way for the killer to slow/stop them all. 

I believe the current generators take 80 seconds to finish base, no items, no great skill checks, only one survivor working. So a potential option is making that base either the small or medium realm base, and then bumping up the time required to finish generators for the largest realms, maybe to something like 120 seconds. I obviously have no idea how well this idea would actually work without QA testing, but I don't know if this is something that has ever been pitched or discussed before, so I wanted to bring it up.

EDIT: fixed generator completion time to correct number.

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