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Devs, please address the map size discussion

gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

In light of the Ruin nerf, people have been talking a lot about map size. I'm going to talk about it again.

I agree with changing Ruin. It's bad design, plain and simple. It punishes lesser players while being a minor annoyance to good players who can hit great skill checks all the time.

HOWEVER, there's a simple reason why people run it at a high level. Even though good survivors can hit great skill checks, Ruin still allows you to traverse big maps while worrying less about a get popping. I don't think gen times are the problem either. I think map variance is.

One of the justifications for the Ruin change was the inconsistency. Well, what's consistent about this game? You can get a map the size of Lery's or the size of Mother's Dwelling. You can get shack connected to a long wall jungle gym or you can have five tires connected in Autohaven with no pallet in sight. I think variance is good to make each game interesting, but not to this degree.

Some people may argue that the first generator is less important than people think, and I'd agree with that. It's perfectly possible to win even with the first generator popping before you can get to it. But one of the most talked about things in recent changes is how things feel in this game. It feels bad having to concede a generator because you can't physically get to it. It feels bad having to concede a generator because it's in the middle of an absurd building/setup. It feels bad feeling you have no control over things, which is what happens right now on some larger maps. It feels especially bad having to leave a survivor be because they have DS and get into a locker.

So I'd like to have more talks about that. Even if it's just the devs acknowledging those are problems. I'm definitely not on the "I'm leaving the game" hate train, but it gets tough sometimes.

Does the dev team even talk about map size? Do the devs at least know how awful it is to play a no mobility kiler on Red Forest or Rotten Fields?

We need less variance on map size. If that doesn't happen, we need more good slowdown perks that affect the early game. No, I don't think I need Pop to help me when I'm already winning. The weakest part of the game for killers is the early game. Even if I win a game, it still feels bad if I lose part of my objective early without having a say on what's happening.

One last thing: veteran players need changes geared towards them too. Yes, catering to new players is important, but veteran players deserve love too.

@Peanits @not_Queen @Almo hoping to get this to the right people. Just some communication about a few common concerns of the community would be nice.


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