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Since Ruin is a better Surge, can Surge get a buff?

Rje52Rje52 Member Posts: 14
edited January 2020 in General Discussions

The new Ruin is a much better version of Surge. The only difference between Ruin and Surge is ruin is a hex perk. However, the cool down of Surge is more of a trade off than Ruin being a hex perk. Both perks regress generators, though Ruin does it to every generator on the map as long as the totem is up. Surge affects a 24 meter radius from a downed survivor with a basic attack and has a 40 second long cool down. Surge also does not apply Overcharge or Surveillance. Surge is underwhelming and I think these buffs could help the perk be more viable.

Surge buffs:

  • Affects every generators on the map
  • When paired with Overcharge as a perk, applies Overcharge to all generators (Does the same with Surveillance)
  • Has no cool down
  • Gen regression is 0%/2%/5%

Surge overall is just a bad perk. This would help the perk perform in the generator regression, which is the perks main purpose.

Why this change is balanced:

  • To get the most value out of the perk, you need to run two perks
  • The killer still has to down a survivor

I think these changes would be healthy for the game and the perk as a whole. This slows down the game and rewards the killer for ending chases. The perk in its current state is underwhelming and barely rewards a good killer while being extremely situational. I think these buffs should make Surge a decent if not, a good perk.


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