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Red Rank Killers Read This

It seems like the devs want to reduce the disparities between the ranks. Get rid of ruin, so rank 12’s can play with rank 1’s. Rank reset fallbacks only 1 color instead of 2, so it will get easier to rank up constantly. This will reduce edge cases in matchmaking for higher ranks. I get it. And it’s bad, here’s why:

I’m one of the survivor mains that were back to red ranks in the first day (old rank reset). I can’t enjoy this game anymore, though. I’m constantly getting clearly unexperienced killers and no, it’s not fun to loop baby killers at one single Jungle Gym for 5 gens, only because they don’t understand how to loop it correctly. 1 out of 4 matches is a DC. 1 out of 3 matches the killer just gives up mid game. I’m having killers just standing in front of the exit gate, waiting to open it for us to get out. This is true to matches in which I play with high rank friends, but still happens when I’m solo queueing. I want to have fun and entertaining matches and don’t want having to feel sorry for killers after every single match. The ranks are so messed up right now. The gates are wide open to the red ranks, but I can’t see killers enjoying it.

Are you a red rank killer that is forced into the higher ranks because of the new rank reset? Are you enjoying getting destroyed by survivors that have played the game for thousands and thousands of hours more than you? How do you keep up with this? I’m seriously interested in knowing if you guys just aren’t that vocal in expressing your opinion or if you really enjoy those matches.

As a survivor main, my prediction is that the worst is yet to come. The new ruin nerf will destroy every single one of you. Right now, there are a lot of red rank survivors that can’t power gens through ruin. As soon as they don’t have to hit great skillchecks anymore, you all will just get destroyed even harder and I feel sorry for you. Unfortunately there is nothing that I or other survivor mains can do. The game has become very easy for us and I don’t agree with the devs listening to the wrong bunch of players. I kind of get their master plan to eliminate skill and bring casual fun back to DbD, but can you seriously agree with this? I feel like you guys are the only ones that can prevent that bomb from exploding. So please, open up. Speak. If there is anything I can do as a survivor main to support you, I will do it.


This post is addressed to red rank killers that constantly play against rank 1 survivors. I don’t want to hear about your easy 4K experiences without ruin in the purple ranks.


  • JohnyBloodJohnyBlood Member Posts: 42

    Completely agree..There is just no challenge to play as a survivor (rank 1). And I play solo games. Either I get potatoes teammates in which case I mostly safe pip or even pip or I get good teammates in which case there is just no challenge unless facing Billy on the Farm or something like this.

    And playing kiler has been so stressful lately but not in a good way. Either with Ruin, you constantly feel pressured, you have to play like God if you face above average team and you have to play scummy if you want to win..thats not the game I felt in love with. Thats the game I am now leaving for the time being. I have really had enough of this so now I am looking forward to playing some Civ V and have some actually good experience.

  • DemiurgDemiurg Member Posts: 161

    Even for experienced killers red ranks is hard work not chill before nerf ruin, after nerf its no sense to play on red ranks as killer.

  • DarkskiesDarkskies Member Posts: 1,052

    I think you should address this post to Green purple and red rank killers because we constantly get red ranks to vrs lol all jokes aside nah its horrible unfun why I'm taking a extremely long brake.

    BTW I think it's very sweet you miss good matches props 🐷🐽❤️

  • CrispyChestnutsCrispyChestnuts Member Posts: 175

    I'm pretty sure that the survivors'handbook for killers clearly states that the killer should get the door for the survivors.

  • GalklifeGalklife Member Posts: 723

    i dont know what you smoke but take care of yourself,

    1st killers arent forced into red ranks, survivors are because there is no way of not ranking up as surv without throwing games for others, as killer you can just leave everybody on deathhook and you wont pip

    2nd new rank reset is dumb for both sides

    3rd if you think they will be hurt because there wont be old ruin for them, they will drop from red ranks anyway

    4th purple and green rank killers are getting red rank survs anyway and only your rank number changes so no one should care about that at least before matchmaker/ranking system rework

    solution just learn how to play without old ruin holding your hand xd (i could do that 1,5 year ago, you can do it, was it hard? yes, but you cant do everything effortless)

  • ReylaReyla Member Posts: 41

    Without either ruin or corrupt red rank games can go extremely quickly. If corrupt wasnt here I'd expect the change to be much worse, but with it I think most killers will be able to adapt. Yes, there are counters to corrupt, but most survivors seem to not know them or can't be bothered/lack the organisation to perform them.

    Personally, I think they'll change it back, but if they don't red rank games will be more stressful than they are at present.

    Regardless, even with corrupt lower tier killers are going to have to focus on reducing their chase times as much as possible, which usually means catching survivors in bad positions. This might lead to an increase in hard patrolling and other not so fun tactics.

    I'm on a break from the game right now and won't come back until the situation is settled.

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 741

    I'm at rank 12 right now for killer (highest I've gone is 8) and it's a chore. For me playing as survivor is chill and casual and almost every killer game is seriously work. And if I do try to have fun as killer the toxic try hard survivors just sit and trash talk after matches making it more frustrating.

  • AnthrAdorableBoyAnthrAdorableBoy Member Posts: 6

    I have browsed these threads a lot but just now have made an account for this post. I used to be a killer main pretty confidently. Been playing the game really actively since before Pig release, and I used to play a lot of pre-buff hag ( back when her add-ons had downsides ) . I find killer harder now than back then, and I was able to hit rank 1 the one month I ended up trying to. No ruin. This was pre Pop, pre corrupt intervention, pre a lot of the Gen slowdown mechanics that we have now. But the biggest issue we have now is easily what people have mentioned before; killers are overwhelmingly going against groups at least 5 tanks higher than their own.

    That isn't always to say that the skill level Gap is incorrect though. I just think that our arbitrary pip system favors patting the backs of survivors more right now. That's coming from someone who's SINCE dropped killer and now floats ranks 2-6 ok survivor, depending on how active Ive been. It's kind boggling how for killers you could be playing fine, in a winning position, someone dc's and you now safety pip. Or if the survivors down near one another ( which c'mon, we've been living in a patch where all 4 spawn in a clump about 30% of the time anyway lol ) and they push a Gen done within 50~40 seconds as a group courtesy of toolboxes and a prove thyself.

    There are hidden punishments being dished out that are out of the killers control. I find that WAY more demoralizing than the rank disparity. I also don't want to be shoehorned into running the same meta 8 perk rotation as the other guys. People who claim that ruin will break red rank killers don't understand that in this current rank system, the only people who got red ranks, were people who didn't have to rely on ruin ( or used an egregious amount of moris, you know who you are ;] ). Killer is just easier with it. Without it you have to just be more efficient. The new ruin will have a place, it just won't be as brainlessly oppressive. It takes 0 effort to add ruin to a build. That's not something you're actively doing as killer. I support the ruin change. And I welcome a more interesting and interactive replacement perk in the future.

  • LegionGhostfaceLegionGhostface Member Posts: 161

    i think the ruin nerf was not needed just cause this perk made the game more balanced. gen speeds and gen rushing at red ranks is no joke btw. but i don’t think you need ruin anyways for some killers that are able to apply massive pressure on survivors across the map (freddy, spirit, nurse, billy). however, it is definitely necessary for low tier killers like doctor, clown, legion, etc. these killers rely on ruin just so that they have a game that lasts longer than 5 minutes. you would really not believe how fast gens get repaired on large maps.

  • KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607
    edited January 2020

    So as rank 1 killer main i have fun playing only one character the Legion. And i don't get destroyed as you all think. Half of the games are with 1-2 above rank 10, and if theres a weak link in survivor team and it get caught by mindgames easly, it can easly destroy the game of the rest 3 survivors. Of course i get looped sometimes on some unmindgameble maps like springwood (witch is 3x worse for killers right nie than before - 5 god pallets, no high walls that can allow me to mindgame and get a hit, strong window near Bashan preashool (white fence) and open map allowing survs to see me and react from far away). And i get survs that know the game very well and "abause" the hell of these strong loops. Then the game is not fun at all, but its worty and satysfing if you beat one of these actually rank 1 survs. Witch results -rep tunnel and camp on my profile account as thier exceuse for getting 4k by Legion. Simply it"s Toxic and fun.

  • JetpackRobinJetpackRobin Member Posts: 15

    The new ruin will only hurt a specific amount of killers such as the trapper or hag who have to give up gens in the beginning of the match because they have to set up. This might destroy them and just make them not viable anymore for high ranks. Killers use ruin to slow down the beginning, no good killer thinks they are getting ruin the entire game. I am happy if I get a single hook, that gives me pressure but not so much to where I feel like im already winning. Killers like trapper though,I feel like gens will fly and the game will be done after your setup. Any killer who has to setup or Myers who has to stalk to be effective the new ruin I dont think will make them that good.

    I do agree with the thought of them catering to newer players which seems unfair since some dedicated killers want to stop because all of the nerds that have come.

    The survivors I feel will take a toll also since it should theoretically be easier for them I feel like there will be bad survivors scattered in all ranks now. More than there are now.

    I think this new ruin will break ranks more, not like that's a surprise considering matchmaking right now. Solo survivors will be screwed as will good killers.

    There are definently good combos that we dont need ruin for, I dont use ruin every game and I can do fine sometimes. But like someone said earlier, good groups even with ruin can rush gens but now it just gets easier for them.

  • RIPotatoesRIPotatoes Member Posts: 22

    I am a trapper main usually I don't use ruin and set up traps in random spots on the map as I search for survivors, this strategy has never failed me no matter what survivor rank I am against.

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