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Thoughts from a new player

JCDKJCDK Member Posts: 12
edited January 2020 in 3.5.0 PTB Gameplay Feedback

So to start off with, I purchased this game on Black Friday 2019. Which means I haven't much time to experience the old Ruin perk. I hit red ranks on survivor within the first week, by playing solo, killer is still hovering around rank 8-10'ish. I'm trying to push both equally. I'm one of those people that go on youtube and twitch to research a game prior to and while playing it.

My view was that prior to the Ruin change, the game was already a state where it felt like a fun playground when playing survivor, while playing killer feels more like stressful work, than a fun game. With the new Ruin changes on PTB, I have been able, as a survivor, to push gens so fast that killers can barely followed with juggling all the survivors. I have yet to be in a 4k game as Survivor. And as killer, well let's just say I struggle to even get 1 sacrifice. I do push gens super fast, and I know looping fairly decent already. I honestly feel like I have it way to easy when playing survivor, compared to when I play killer. And when I then compare my ranks to my ingame experience, it doesn't make sense at all. Something either needs to be done about genspeeds, or I don't see many people wanting to play killer in red ranks anymore. I played about 50 games, 25 on each side, to verify my conclussion.


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