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Corrupt Intervention uncounterable counter

I've seen a lot of people saying everyone should switch to corrupt intervention instead of using ruin, so I've come to save every survivor main, thank me later.

(This works better with urban evasion).

When the match starts, as soon as you see a gen being hugged by entity's paws, you start crouching away of every thing and play ultra stealthy for 120 seconds. (Bonus points if you stun the killer without them seeing you first, it should grant you the "Jump scare! 50 BP").

Watch the killer going back and forth looking for people while desperately having an eye on his precious timer; just like ruin, corrupt intervention will be cancelled by survivors without having an impact on the game.

By the time the timer ends, the killer's morality will be so low that you can trigger his PTSD with the very least form of bullying, so be careful, we're not trying to traumatize anyone (or are we?)


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