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Being toxic can be fun

VoodooChildVoodooChild Member Posts: 319
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I go out of my way not to be toxic in this game, theres too much toxicity already....but its mostly from the survivor side. I have only ever seen a couple of toxic killers (may have all been pigs actually, imagine that) but have seen countless toxic survivors. And it sucks when youre messing around with survivors you could have easily killed for the sake of not being a ######### and they taunt you and send hate mail. So with the new ruin change I thought now would be the perfect time to be toxic! And Ghostface is the best t bagger so obviously I had to play him

Then the first game I go into someone asks to me go easy on them and long story short I ended up letting the whole lobby go and we all butt danced together lol

BUT my next two games were extremely toxic, I brought a mori to both but it was because a guy caught my eye, not gonna say why. You could probably figure it out tho lol

So I got his ass easily lacking in a corner, t bagged him for a minute straight, hooked him, t bagged some more gave him a wack on the hook and then downed him again, brought him to the top of the shrine, t bagged a little more in front of his friend, then got out the camera and moried him. Then I went for one last T bag. The party invite followed soon after and as I expected homophobic and racial slurs followed and it was ######### hilarious lol. Although to be fair he said I was lucky he wasn't on his red rank account.

Called it a night after that, got back on tonight and had a challenge for leatherfaces. Then I see someone else that catches my eye and for some reason......the mori came as swiftly as hate mail. For this one I put the little emoji with a turban in my response and that just set him tf off. He told me to go back to my ######### hole country, called all muslims ugly terrorist, talked about how theyre all gonna die and how I actually lost because, and I quote "You are muslim scum im white and Christian so I WIN👌" .....im a black satanic Texan lol. It literally only took an emoji to set him off on this rant 👳 he ended the convo by spamming the name of a certain political figure he admired

So yeah both of those were hilarious and I really enjoyed the dark side, the problem is most survivors aren't toxic and you never know when youre going to get one, its like 1 in 5 chance. No idea how I got two games in a row like that lol


Dont be a #########. Its not cool to bully someone because of their beliefs or opinions unless their outwardly hateful, no matter what they are or how much you disagree. That's a new level of toxicity. Now there are some people where you can just look at their name or pfp and tell theyre a #########, and you know what.....its pretty fun to make them rage. I highly recommend it lol


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