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Which do you think you would be if the DBD universe was real.

Gravewalker200Gravewalker200 Member Posts: 409

1st. Would you be taken by the Entity because of murderous potential after you are coaxed into a heinous act.

2nd. Would you be a survivor, stumbling upon these sites by pure chance.

3rd. Be that guy who never has anything interesting in his life so you wouldn't be affected.

Which do you think you would be if the DBD universe was real. 92 votes

BossPhantomMask20763Gamer00VolantConch1719HoneymoonSN1P3R5G3TH3ADMyNamePeteTimtom24ShrekIsHotxEaRaven014Creepingcam1070ToxicboiiMrsGhostfaceYung_SlugRin_is_my_waifuFilledPizzaSkeletonWitchNoOneEscapesNancyDeKillerKiller 30 votes
PuggyMohawkFoggyDownpourJnnsMuFibijeanCheersMegaWafflearslaNMaj33ygrayon444TheLegendDyl4n1ElkHoodiedArashiNoHantaBoosted_Dwightrch614TheRoyalOwlKaytoshXxkuroxshiroxXtoxicmeggAwakey 42 votes
Normal Person
AdelooPokerface303pootis_BearGrootDudeNuclearBurritoWalker_of_the_fog_96DreskiRicardiBacardiTaigaMysticAdvisorshadow3989pichumudkipzmassanishiggerKagari_LehaCnich65PaintbottleMichen_SDawnMadPok 20 votes


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