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Self Care is not overrated.



  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,457

    Ehm that's ok, you just made it sound like you used all three to counter sloppy butcher

    You use what you like, as long as you have fun

    I'm definitivly not a "hardcore" gamer

  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 763

    People acting like all survivors are gen grinding and performing optimally each game lol. Let’s be real, solo survivor is a gamble and many times you are only one doing ######### while the two p3 claudettes are in the bushes waiting for hatch.

  • Nemmy_WemmyNemmy_Wemmy Member Posts: 782

    Whats your 4th perk you usually run with those? Thanks for your time! Im just trying things out!

  • aurum_exeaurum_exe Member Posts: 178

    Well Iron Will helps a lot during chases and in many other circumstances. So it has a great value. With Iron Will killers might lose track of you, giving you a chance to sneak away from a chase. So for me the best build for my playstyle is Self-Care, Botany, Resilience and Iron Will. That's why i don't self-care all the time. Resilience is great to genrush, so if i get injuried and i escape, i go immediately to a generator to take advantage of that 9% more repairing speed. If the killer is a sneaky one, with no terror radious (like Ghostface, The Pig or The Wraith), then i heal myself (or ask to a teammate to be healed), because they patrol gens to find survivors and can catch you out of guard with a free hit.

    Btw, don't listen to killers who says they are very happy if you heal, because you're making their life easier. LOL. Dead By Daylight is totally survivor sided. Every person who run a decent killer knows that, and healthy survivors are actually a pain. Everytime you escape from a chase and you have the chance to heal, it's a hook denial for the killer, and that's basically what survivors have to do: do gens and press shift+w.

    If you wanna be a better survivor, definitely play killer, so you can discover all their weaknesses.

  • Nemmy_WemmyNemmy_Wemmy Member Posts: 782

    Thanks for the response mate! I figured you 99% the self care heal to make the most out of resilience honestly, great idea with iron will! Thanks for the detailed response ill defintely try it out!

  • premiumRICEpremiumRICE Member Posts: 797
    edited January 2020

    It is.


    you get to heal on your own if nobody is nearby


    takes longer than medkit

    often its better to just stay injured

    replaceable by a medkit

    less efficient than medikit

    taking longer you are exposed for longer time to nurse calling

    people usually heal you right after unhook especially with “well make it” being strong and common

    You know, its not the worst perk but its too situational. And tbh there hasnt been a single occasion where I thought having SC would have helped me more than having other perks i already run

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920
    edited January 2020

    I'm a red rank survivor who has been playing for over a year. I am not a clueless noob. Self Care is a huge waste of time and the best gift survivors can give a killer. I cannot tell you how many times I've died because my teammates are all running Self Care and spend 3-5 minutes EACH healing themselves behind a tree, while I'm injured and repairing gens alone. It's not just 32 seconds of healing. It's hiding behind a tree or finding a nice pallet to camp, then healing for twice as long. Bond is BY FAR the better perk. My mind is genuinely blown you think otherwise.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,569

    I personally think Inner Strength is better since it ignores Sloppy Butcher and goes towards a secondary objective, but Self Care can also get you out of a jam, no doubt.

  • aurum_exeaurum_exe Member Posts: 178
    edited January 2020

    I'm a red rank too and i think otherwise, and i explain you why. Everytime people talk about SC think only about time wasting. Sorry but it's pointless. Is the search for Ruin totem a huge waste of time? Absolutely YES! Probably the most expensive waste of time in the whole game, because you can learn to perform perfect skill checks! But hey not everybody can perform perfect skill checks even after 2000+ hours, and this give to the killer a huge amount of time to down all your little friends... Most of the games, in my experience, where killer got ez 4k, it wasn't because he was that good but because all the job where made by Ruin totem. Not all players are able to perform perfect skill checks and this slow the game down for everybody. How much time you and your teammates waste regressing gens when performing wrong skill checks when Ruin totem is on? And think about the new Ruin that is coming with the new 3.5.0!

    If you waste "some time" to search and cleanse Ruin totem, you give the chance not only to yourself to genrush cosy, but also to your teammates. I can perform perfect skill checks very 98% of the times, so to me find and cleanse Ruin totem is a massive waste of time, way way more than spending 32 seconds healing yourself. Think about it. The time you spend to find a Ruin totem may vary from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Add the time it take to cleanse the totem. In many games you can't find it at all! How many gens you can repair in 3 minutes? And what about "Dull Totems"? Cleanse? Don't cleanse? Well if you don't cleanse you get NOED. So, everything in Dead By Daylight is, basically, a "waste of time", because this game is so situational and devs try to buy more time for the killers of course, because the game is totally survivor sided.

    Self-Care is nothing compared to other "waste of time" topics. Think about those games when you're the only one doing gens, and your teammates are hiding in a bush doing absolutely nothing. Self-Care isn't the problem here. At all!

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    The only reason I find it useless is that I have a ton of med kits, and when I dont I just go chest hunting.

  • DwightOPDwightOP Member Posts: 2,328
    edited January 2020

    Biggest waste of time and team killer. Thank you for being an useless sack healing in the corner while Im running a Billy who goes for m2s only.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    But a lot of people do, I know for a fact because I run Bond or Kindred every game. I’ll watch a teammate getting one hooked while a killer chases me because one player was self caring and one was in a locker

  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 700

    Bring a medkit? Most killers in my region bring a mori if they see items.

    Bond? Doesn't guarantee you'll get that heal faster than self-care.

    Inner strength? You're spending almost the same amount of time, ignoring the fact you actually have to find a totem.

    Just loop? Not every area of the map allows you the same opportunities to loop. If you only stay in safe areas just so YOU won't go down, you are letting your team down, while the killer secures his 3-gen/victory. Smart killers don't chase players who refuse to leave the strongest parts of maps. While these survivors are thinking they are so good, they might actually just be throwing the game for their team.

    The people who claim self-care is always a waste of time get their teams killed as much as people who run to the corner of the map to self-care. Both of these kinds of players are not helpful for their team, with the former thinking they have much more game sense than they actually do.

    If I played in an SWF or knew that all of my teammates would be as good as me, I would agree that bringing self-care wouldn't be wise. But if you play solo-queue, which a lot of people do, having self-care is absolutely not a waste.

    I have to wonder if the people who say "just be good at looping" have ever actually faced good killer players. That extra heal state you can get from self-care has the potential to extend a chase a long time. At the same time, just one mistake while in an injured state can lose the game for your team. This 'mistake' can easily be forced by good Killers.

  • Thanatos_xThanatos_x Member Posts: 201

    Self Care is infinitely better with Botany Knowledge lol and people don't like to waste the two perk slots. Tbh those two perks along with fast vault perks would be a nice setup; heal on your own terms without bugging anyone else at 92% speed, or 98% if the killer is looking in your direction (assuming the killer doesn't have any heal slowdown), and if you don't get to finish healing/killer keeps chasing you before you can heal, spine chill resilience combo will help you to loop while you're still injured.

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 2,211
    edited January 2020

    "Self care is NOT overrated. It is very useful, and very good perk to have. It is NOT a waste of time."

    I can't even continue reading after this.

    Do you know what's better than spending 32 seconds healing yourself (32 seconds AFTER finding a safe spot to heal)? Spending 32 seconds on a Generator. Those 32+ seconds you spent focusing on healing yourself? Someone else has pulled off a hooked survivor and healed them and they are both doing gens or even popped a totem.

    Do you know what's better than taking Self Care? Taking a Med-kit. Don't want too? Take Pharmacy. But taking a Med-kit is better, why? Because you free up a Perk Slot and you, honestly, shouldn't be healing yourself that much anyway. Do you know what's better than both of these? Inner Strength.

    Lets turn that into spending time using Self Care to completely heal yourself 3 times: 3 x 32 = 96 seconds. That's that's a whole Gen and 16 additional seconds spent on healing yourself. Can't really help the team when you are doing that.

    32 seconds is a long time, and the times when you actually need to spend this time healing yourself are rare, and by that time the game is usually a crap feast. If you need to heal yourself more than once a match you shouldn't be using SC. Either find a teammate, or do something productive until you run into one.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    Fair enough, I’m glad you won’t judge when I start using a late game build with NOED and blood warden.

  • goat10emgoat10em Member Posts: 750

    It really depends on you. To me, it's overrated. And when I'm playing survivor and sitting there holding a button on a gen all game, I don't really care to be doing the same to heap myself with SC against sloppy butthole all game. To me, it's a waste of time. If I'm bringing a perk to heal myself it's going to be inner strength. But if sc works for you then do it

  • aurum_exeaurum_exe Member Posts: 178

    Oh c'mon... please stop these killers blackmails. Please. Every perk has its counter. Noed? Cleanse totems. Blood Warden? It actually works? I haven't seen any 4K with Blood Warden in more than 1700+ hours, so... we're not scared, stop blackmailing :D

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 4,090

    Take a medkit, even a yellow one with 8+ charges would give you 2 heals. Why waste a perk slot when you can use a yellow item?

  • aurum_exeaurum_exe Member Posts: 178
    edited January 2020

    Again with "perk slot waste". Are you people actually playing this game or what? Lets take some examples, do we? Aaaight. Let's suppose you have one meta build, like Adrenaline, Decisive Strike, Balanced Landing and Unbreakable. In a match the use of Adrenaline is not guaranteed for many reasons, so "perk slot wasted". Decisive Strike, use not guaranted, because the killer if he's smart, slug you on the ground and secondly i haven't seen any Decisive Strike grant so much safe after the use. So, to me is another "perk slot wasted". Balanced Landing, it's good if you're in Haddonfield, in other maps, so so... Finally Unbreakable. The killer don't slug you and hook you all the times. Perk slot wasted. All these perks use is not guaranted in an actual match.

    Self-Care, Botany, Resilience and Iron Will, are all perks that has an actual use on every game. Time wasting? With Botany and Resilience i can heal faster anybody, even myself. There is sobody who got downed and he is slugging on the ground? I can heal him so fast that they all come back to me when they need a heal. Think about this build as a "doctor" type of class in the game.

    I play DbD more than any other game, and people with "meta perks" get killed as well.

  • DonZwiebelDonZwiebel Member Posts: 135

    I was used to pick Selfcare for a long time playing DbD and I'd say its still not a bad perk.

    But I am not using it for a while now and I must say it makes me more efficient. Okay, I am one hit for a bit longer than with SC.

    But since then when being unhooked or escaped a chase now, instead of healing myself, I assist my mates in doing gens before I let them heal me (exception for We'll make it still active on my mate)

  • wussyboi2000wussyboi2000 Member Posts: 73

    Self Care is a great perk for low-rank survivors who don't know how to loop the killer yet and/or are scared to do objectives while injured. Red Ranks would never run it (ideally) — if the killer comes they'll loop him for days even while injured, and besides, you can ALWAYS find a teammate to heal you. It makes no sense for red rank players. Most streamers are red ranks so that's why you see them talk bad about Self Care. If you're a beginner then it's actually a great perk.

    As an example, I'm a rank 1 survivor and I run resilience and adrenaline. I stay injured most of the match (if there's no time to get healed) and I count on Adrenaline to heal me. Remember there's no point in healing while you know the killer is busy chasing someone else. Just do a gen while injured, it's not that scary.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 4,090


    What about if you play against a legion, plague, billy, myers? Against those killers you dont need to heal that much or not at all. Then your amazing perk build is "a waste of perk slot"? You realize that the origin and reason of perks is that you can take them IF this specific situations happen. They are not made to be ALWAYs in every situation good. Passive perks like botany etc are nice to have and I personally love to play with iron will.

    I never said that you are invincible with meta perks and I dont use dead hard either, Idk whats your problem xD For me as killer main view it is just stupid to play a heal build. You want that survivors heal, because it is time waste. If survivors stay injured and just do gens, thats a MUCH bigger threat.

  • aurum_exeaurum_exe Member Posts: 178

    Well i well explained in this post many times the reason why healing isn't a waste of time at all. I also compared it to Ruin totem search some posts above. Maybe against legion it is, but it's one killer over many, and i don't meet so much legions to be honest (luckily!).

    There are 4 survivors on the map, right? If one survivor is healing himself, i don't think the other 3 aren't doing a single gen. Maybe one is on a chase, but the other 2 are certainly messing with some generator. So going to a teammate, that is doing a gen and asking to be healed, it's 16 seconds taken out from the gen he is reparing. Right? Time wasted. With Botany and Resilience, i can heal myself at almost the same speed, and i don't stop my teammate from commiting his gen. If you see it from this point of view, Self-Care isn't a waste of time at all. Yes you could help your teammate commiting the gen, instead of asking for a heal, but they heal you anyway after the gen is done. Where is the "time gain"? It's simple math.

    As a Resilience survivor, i don't heal everytime (that would be stupid), or the use of resilience would be pointless. I actually start using Self-Care only when most of the gens are done, and i need to start organizing the escape strategy, that is almost a pain at every match, with the killer camping his prey. I don't believe that injuried survivor are such a threat for killers honestly. With one hit they are down, especially with sneaky killers, like Ghostface and The Pig. They can catch you out of guard. Not all the survivor players are killer juking gods, so an extra help is much better than no help at all.

  • thbpe86thbpe86 Member Posts: 2

    The amount of times i've experienced being up on the hook about to hit phase 2, with 5 gens still to go and 3 of my team mates, in each their corner, on the opposite side of the map is a strong argument to why self-care is a perk too many survivors rely on. Even outside this specific scenario i often experience a 4k wipe, and i feel the reason is i have 3 team mates constantly self caring.

    Like others have said, Bond is a way stronger perk, because it not only gives you the ability to get healed, but also heal others, work on gens together faster and even locate people getting chased and so on. With experienced players, there is even the added benefit of the person healing you being able to take a hit if you are found during heals.

    Self-care is rarely useful even when you are on your own. If you are the last person alive you have to find the hatch before the killer. If not you'll want to get the gate, so self-caring should be fine. But usually the killer will find the hatch, close it, setup traps/tunnels at the gates or just start patrolling the gates and you wont get out anyway.

    In my first 300 hours i used self-care religously, but after that i found out it was holding me back. It's a good beginners perk to learn skill checks and rise the ranks, but after rank 10 you shouldn't bring it.

  • thbpe86thbpe86 Member Posts: 2

    Also, stacking perks to improve self-care is just stupid. Bring a medkit instead.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 4,090


    Make sense but in that case I would just go for a chest and search for a medkit. I dont see a reason to use selfcare if you have teammates or medkits from chests and I get alot of medkits in chests honestly. But healing overall is not that important. I stay injured for over the half of the match and I rarely get punished for that. I can understand if you aren't that good in loops but if you are well enough and trained well you will see that healing is not the most important thing^^

  • aurum_exeaurum_exe Member Posts: 178
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    Go for a chest and search for a medkit, isn't a waste of time? You can find a toolbox or a flashlight instead of a medkit. :D As i said some posts above, in comparison, is the search for Ruin totem a waste of time? It is, at least for me because i can relay on my skills, but can i say the same for the rest of my teammates, that constantly regress generators performing wrong skillchecks? But if you find the totem, you give the chance to everybody to genrush. I think that "time" is important but also very relative in DbD, because the game strongly depend on "different scenarios". I'm rank 1 so i don't feel any pressure about "ranking", but i never took SC off my builds since i started playing DbD, because those i use are the only perks that a really suitable for all type of scenarios, while other meta perks are only scenario dependant.

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  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,740

    If you are hit by sloppy butcher and you use selfcare, thats gonna be a LONG time off generators

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