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Fellow Legion mains how would you buff Legion

We all know he needs a buff but what do you think would be best for the game


  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,416

    I am not sure if the bugs forum is the right forum for it.

    But just because I am already here:

    Balance reason

    -Let m1 attacks not impact the frenzy ability.

    How often we come in situation were we would need frenzy, buuut... We can't because of this very reason. Since dw is weak, I also don't understand why frenzy got nerfed at all.

    Fun reason

    -Not really necessary because every killer develops over time a high hit rate imo, but for sure it would rise the fun of Legion players if the stun after a missing hit would go away.

    Who would not like to have that stabby feeling back?... From the people that can still remember.

    And again no real balance isssuses would appear imo, because I bet you already guess it:

    Dw is crap if we compared it to the former dw.

    While that sounds like a rant, -don't take it wrong. I see a weak dw as a good reason to buff everything other.

  • wladimiiirwladimiiir Member Posts: 137

    1. Decrease Deep wound timer to 15 seconds.

    2. Missed hits should not cancel your ability, instead maybe reduce some amount of timer (25%?)

    3. Killer instinct enabled as soon as you enter Frenzy mode (not after you hit someone)

    4. You can enter Frenzy mode as soon as 50% of gauge is refilled.

    5. Deep wound effect makes you Oblivious

    I'm not saying all of these suggestions should go through, but any of them would be nice.

  • My nickname speaks for me

  • Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member Posts: 1,358

    at this rate legion dosent need a buff but a rework

  • CrazyJantzCrazyJantz Member Posts: 3

    It is no shocker that legion is the worst killer out there. But I propose a solution. Health Bars. It will all be the same. 2 hits go down. But feral frenzy isn't that good unless they add health bars. If legion stabs you with feral frenzy, their health bar will go down. If u stab them twice then it will go down faster. The bleed out will stop if in a Chase or if legion is near you. Within a 20 meter range. Your bleed out will stop. Oblivious status effect won't work. Undetectable will work. If mended the health will go back to half and then survivors can start the process of healing. This will give legion more time in the game and keep him balanced.

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