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This is what the devs cater to

So with the Ruin changes I'm going to adapt now. I'm removing ruin from all of my killers to practice without relying on it but this is a problem...

Got 2 hooks that game only from the survivors that remained in the game.The other two DCed when I downed them so I never hooked them. Luckily the other two never took their anger out on me and thanked me for prolonging the game as much as I can by refusing to go for the same survivor twice and actually making chases fun.

If survivors are actually DCing due to Corrupt Intervention then what do we do? I know it isn't everyone but when I queue up for 7 minutes (only long due to the morning) I don't want a game to last 3 minutes because it's unfun and a waste of time.


  • megdonaldsmegdonalds Member Posts: 742

    Actually this thread makes no sense and it has nothing to do with Ruin or Corrupt Intervention, just random DCs of salty survivors.

  • BrendanLeeTBrendanLeeT Member Posts: 272

    I mean when they specifically say to me that I played like a try hard for running that build it kind of means that they DCed due to that reason. You know it's bad when the other 2 survivors were defending me about that BS that they came out with.

  • Thanatos_xThanatos_x Member Posts: 201

    Better hope that BHVR doesn't see that pic or goodbye Corrupt. "We noticed survivors are not having fun with Corrupt Intervention so we cut the time in half" lol

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    Guess (insert killer side things) is "unfun" to play against now. Time to revisit it.


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