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Solution to the ruin nerf

I'm a hillbilly main sooo...

  1. Deerstalker
  2. Infectious Fright
  3. Knockout
  4. Thanatophobia

We need something if the devs only give what survivors want.


  • kinderjazenkinderjazen Member Posts: 81

    I quit being killer main lol

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,893






  • Thanatos_xThanatos_x Member Posts: 201


    -Iron Grasp



    -Monstrous Shrine

    -Ebony mori

  • ruler33ruler33 Member Posts: 244


    -monitor and abuse

    -infectious fright


    -pop goes weasel

    or you can trade out monitor and abuse with infectious fright for



  • jg513jg513 Member Posts: 5

    Exactly what I plan on doing as well, although i'll probably switch becoming a survivor main for a new game all together. I like playing survivor but the replayability isn't as high for me as the killer due to how easy it is imo. Gets boring pretty fast. First im using all my moris though and plan on being as toxic as possible. So strap in motha fukkas ;)

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