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Make DBD more "interesting" with new Lobbys! here is how:

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i find that the lobbies that we have are a bit boring after a while ... its only to wait and nothing more, i would recommend creating a complete new lobby!

!! For the ones that like the old lobby there should be an option to switch between the new and the old one.!!


the new one should be an open camp for survivors with the campfire in the middle and the log benches on the side where you can actually sit on them to get something more in the lobby to interact with.

Add to the lobby the "Ritual Stone" in which the bloodweb exists (i think it would be a lot cooler to look at ancient stone that is withered and glows a bit red at the top because of the blood filling the web [which doesnt have to show the real progress] and make the overlay of the bloodweb appear then)

Add a board in which you can get daily missions (daily rituals) so you can even add complete new ones with it. (it could also be used as a news board)

Add an strange looking old tree that is covered by the entity's dark fog that serves as the Shop!

Add a Gate that if you interact with it, it will get you to the archives

You would automaticly be searching for a lobby if you are playing alone or with friends so it would ask you if you are ready then you would have to sit on the log benches in the middle of the lobby on the campfire.

Add an option to the campfire that lets you ~invite~ summon your friends.

Add a Tent that is used for changing your charackter and for changing your perks, items and offerings (also only for the looking, just add another overlay for the changing screen then)


It should be the dark forest with the entity in the middle (dark fog with some of its tentacles) its use would be like the campfire

the starting (ready) point would be some bushes that are placed in the direction of the survivors camp you would have to interact with the bushes to be ready. (the killer would just stare at them until the game begins or something like that) (the killers could stalk some npc survivors which are just walking around in their camp for example)

the lobby for the killer could be the same as for the survivors but only in withered and much darker then that from the survivors.

the strange tree with the dark fog of the entity would also be in the killer lobby of course.

{i brought every lobby idea for the survivors so the killer lobby could be the same or even completely different, but thats up to you devs!}

@Peanits @not_Queen @PatBrutal

EDIT: sorry for marking you Devs and community managers! but i hope to get your attention with that, im curious what you think about this idea and if you even would give this idea a chance (it would enhance the experience new players will get for having such a thing in the game and maybe even for us old loyal dbd gamers)

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