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So, because of Hex: Ruin changes are you gonna stop playing or switch to survivor?

KillerMonkey236KillerMonkey236 Member Posts: 35

So, because of Hex: Ruin changes are you gonna stop playing or switch to survivor? 98 votes

Stop playing
FabyoulustDarqPhoenixMegaWafflelewfairbrotheryakiudonMegHasCuteFeetalordisha2010kurgan8282Dinasypizzamess 10 votes
Play as survivor now
RuneStarrGibberishBrendanLeeTNurseVSWeepingAngelsSpacingLlamasYandereKunCyberianFauxmusstang62SylorknagUistreelKycerMacmillanMrsGhostface[Deleted User]TroJokerPToastyyBigTimeGamertherikoSegu 24 votes
Play through it
aGoodOldRubPuggyMohawkBossLithuanianBardAdelooFrozenMelonFibijeanCrtKazzGalklifeAcesthetiicTapeKnotGrandkuramaElkad19970Fog_KingCremox69HoodiedTAGAzurlynx 49 votes
Other: Comment
JesyaPardon_My_DwightRWoodrowTheLegendDyl4n1TragicSolitudesmappdoodayobudddxEaRipleHHH89CarlosyluManíaco_da_garrafaDeKillerKillerLordRegalLofepramineASadGaymer 15 votes


  • DarqPhoenixDarqPhoenix Member Posts: 34
    edited January 7
    Stop playing

    I've always played both sides and I will continue to, ruin might be good but you can play without it being as it is. this change will not have a huge impact on how I play. I clicked other but it says I chose "stop playing" not sure what's up with that lol

  • LordRegalLordRegal Member Posts: 1,136
    Other: Comment

    I'm not gonna be playing, but it's not due to the changes. Just have another game that's gonna snag my attention coming out in a couple days here...

  • DeKillerKillerDeKillerKiller Member Posts: 547
    Other: Comment

    I have other games to play first over DBD right now. As fun as it is to slice and dice survivors in this game, admittedly it has a lot of technical flaws that prevents me from enjoying it as much has I could right now.

  • BlackRainbowBlackRainbow Member Posts: 40
    Play through it

    I only play killer when I have to do some Challanges. Not often, but sometimes I do it for fun Cus I'm bored of playing surv.

    But mostly I play as survivor. I think it's not the right way how they wanna nerf ruin. Also I don't think they will do it, look how many ppl are against it, look in every forum. They would lose profit. So I bet they won't do that change or at least make it a little better.

    I will still continue playing also killer bcs why should I stop only bcs of a perk change. It always depends on the situation. I only want points, don't need kills.

  • alordisha2010alordisha2010 Member Posts: 9
    Stop playing

    I will stop play this game for unfair match making system....I wrote about it many times but no action was taken.so its better to stop playing this game as there are so many games like this.

  • ASadGaymerASadGaymer Member Posts: 14
    Other: Comment

    I have never used Hex: Ruin so this doesn't affect me

  • MegHasCuteFeetMegHasCuteFeet Member Posts: 369
    Stop playing

    I won't go through 30 mins queue in red ranks next patch lmao

  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 459
    Play as survivor now

    Have fun finding lobbies. I’ll still play both but mostly survivor

  • LofepramineLofepramine Member Posts: 157
    edited January 11
    Other: Comment

    I wasn't using ruin on all my killers, so I'll still play just prolly focus on Spirit and other killers with high mobility. Tho' seeing 4 toolboxes in the lobby isn't exciting in this situation.

    Also I noticed survivor lobbies take much more time while killer is instant - used to be the other way around before they announced the change - whether is a coincidence or not, I don't know.

    As someone mentioned above, matchmaking (and constant screen freezing!) has been a bigger issue for a while now.

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,349
    Other: Comment

    I would vote mine as “Extend my leave of absence”.

    After I completed the rift, I was burnt out. Haven’t played one match since, though I still haunt the forums from time to time.

    Okay, so I play both roles pretty evenly. With these changes coming out, I won’t see much difference as killer since I don’t use Ruin that much anyway (I never progress past purple rank FYI.) As survivor though, I expect to see exorbitant queue times and I’m not down for that. This will likely lead to survivors being rather salty and more inclined toward toxic behavior, simply because they’re frustrated with waiting, and I’m not really down for that.

    So in the end, I’m going to wait for this to work itself out. PS4 has plenty to occupy my time. I’ll keep mining void crystals on Elite:Dangerous, slaying Barioths on Monster Hunter, and stepping on those teeny tiny lil humans on Titanfall. I’ll be fine! 😎

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,569
    Other: Comment

    I play whatever has the shorter lobbies, basically. I rarely use Ruin, so this doesn't affect my normal gameplay. However, I expect survivor will be less fun due to an increase in NOED, moris, tunneling, and camping, but at least killers queues will hopefully be instant. Killer queues are already the shorter queues during peak hours on PS4.

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,349
    Other: Comment

    Might I ask which one has your attention?

  • LordRegalLordRegal Member Posts: 1,136
    Other: Comment

    MHW: Iceborne. Been playing it more or less nonstop all weekend since it finally came out on PC. Been waiting for almost half a year for it since it launched on consoles, so being able to experience it is consuming my free time.

  • bluberryjamminbluberryjammin Member Posts: 4
    Play through it

    working thru it is what ruins all about plus there is still stuff like popgoes and dying light so i think that dbd is still going to be a fun game

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,349
    Other: Comment

    Ah yes! I’ve got it on PS4 and it’s a blast! The original “World” version (pre-Iceborne) is actually the reason I ever bought a PS4 to begin with, and I couldn’t be more pleased it’s my purchase!

    Sounds like you’re having a good time too! Lemme guess, it was Friday night just a couple hours ago, huh? Yup, the MHW time-vortex hard is at work... 😏

  • EliteBoy06EliteBoy06 Member Posts: 32

    Ruin was the one perk that sometimes slowed the game down, but now im just gonna stop playing, they basically turned it into pop goes the weasle but with out kicking the gens.

  • Maníaco_da_garrafaManíaco_da_garrafa Member Posts: 135
    edited January 13
    Other: Comment

    Now i'll have to use broken stuff against +3 toolboxes, yay.

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,823
    Other: Comment

    I've never had to use RUIN, this specific change does not affect me as a killer

  • TheLegendDyl4n1TheLegendDyl4n1 Member Posts: 1,493
    Other: Comment

    never ran ruin when playing killer so....

  • RWoodrowRWoodrow Member Posts: 263
    Other: Comment

    When I played Killer, I rarely used Ruin.

    Recently I was playing more survivor than killer but the change to ruin will more than likely make me stop playing all together.

    I find it insulting that, rather then give me a chance to improve, the devs deemed it too hard for me.

    I will spend my time (and $$$) elsewhere.

  • smappdoodasmappdooda Member Posts: 284
    Other: Comment

    I have only been playing once a week lately to do dailies (did play everyday for a long time) and the majority of matches lately has been VERY un-fun. It's mostly matchmaking causing the issues, but the abundance of SWF just sucks all of the joy from this game as a killer.

    So if the ruin change is as bad as all that PLUS bad matchmaking PLUS other factors, I will likely stop altogether but I wanna be fair and give it a chance.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,140
    Play through it

    Its childish if you are just gonna quit because ruin is kil

    Just learn how to play without it, I am gonna start trying now

  • RipleHHH89RipleHHH89 Member Posts: 86
    Other: Comment

    I will personally play about 10%killer and 90%survivor now. It used to be the other way around.

  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 1,795

    Ruin was never got-tier in the first place. I'm a survivor main anyways so

  • pizzamesspizzamess Member Posts: 209
    Stop playing

    As a killer main the ruin perk wont even hit me that hard as I've gotten used to corrupt but reasoning behind nerfing it pissed me off and I've got games I'd rather play

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