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Here is a suggestion for you BHVR if you want to prevent player loss.

Take a look at generator speeds.

Take a look at toolboxes.

Take a look at Deceisive Strike and Borrowed Time.

We know you have the data, stop balancing for 4 people while leaving the 1 person which is required to play in the mud. :)


  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,768
    edited January 11

    I mean, to be fair, all five players are required for the match... there are times when the killer queue is longer than the survivor queue...

    However, I'm finding my survivor queues longer and longer. My killer queues are always instant at night, but I'm finding them becoming fast at times of day when they used to be slow.

    Kinda weird to think that, in a way, playing survivor needs to be 4x as appealing as playing killer. Maybe they should just make playing killer a paid job.

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 80

    are you in EU? same for me.

    to OP, no idea what's wrong with BT or DS. toolboxes can be a pain, surely, but it's not THE problem. generators also not THE issue. the actual problem is maps. some are just too big and some have way too many good tiles in a row. on, let's say Coal Tower, Billy is as good as Legion(given both are experienced players who know their killers). because the map is pretty small, Billy loses his OP for large maps mobility and becomes just a good killer. the gens are close to each other therefore not an issue to maintain the control. perks and items/add-ons are really not an issue.

    though i literally hate bhvr, have to say you're not correct. i've been in a game long enough (3.5k hours) to see survivor nerfs worse than any killer nerf. the Clownpocalypse made games for killers exceptionally easy when double pallets, vacuum, 99% of infinites, old bnp, instant flashlights, exhaustion mechanics were removed/changed. i actually am not happy how easy it is to play killer nowadays lol. been Freddy main before Clown, glorious days.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,768

    Central USA (playing on PS4). Daytime, when there are fewer players, killer queues are normally longer and survivor queues shorter, while at peak times killer queues are usually shorter and survivor queues longer.

  • UnapippaUnapippa Member Posts: 30

    Generally, nerf is considered as term with a negative meaning, So, I will consider most of the survivor "nerfs" a balancing thing more than an actual nerf, due to their overpowered nature.

  • SquidFacedManSquidFacedMan Member Posts: 148

    I don't think single survivor gen speeds should increase, but multiple people on gens should increase.

    Gens need to regress when people aren't working on them as a passive regression that still allows the killer to kick it putting it into active (aggressive) regression.

    A flat reduction to gen progress when in the killer's terror radius.

    A more significant unique gen penalty while a survivor is on the hook.

    Skillcheck mandatory for survivors after a gen has been kicked or has been left. Basically if you touch a gen you get a skillcheck.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 871

    Tell me you're being sarcastic. BT and DS were meant to be anti-tunnel but are crazy broken in reality because they allow unsafe saves and pushing gens while injured. I still don't think making maps smaller is enough. The gens will have to be slower, because survivors complete them in the killer's face all the time. And you're literally acting like pallet vacuums and infinites were balanced, because if you didn't think that, you'd stop calling them nerfs. They were unsustainable, broken features that gave survivors way to much edge for doing basically nothing. "Killer is easy to play" sums up how survivor biased you are.

  • Schmiddy21Schmiddy21 Member Posts: 49

    Just remove ranks and queue times are solved. Plus the randomness factor of being paired with new and old players makes it interesting. Also there is no incentive for being at a higher rank.

  • Its_Vigo_HereIts_Vigo_Here Member Posts: 118

    The problem with ranks is that they don't actually represent player skill, people are manipulating the system so lower skill players can get higher and that higher skilled players can get lower for easier games. Its not fun going against a team as a killer that can just dunk on you and are clearly 10 times better than you. At the same time as a survivor its not fun being the only person working on gens or playing the game well. Making the game more random will just increase these frustrations and entirely remove the competitive atmosphere this game has fostered over the past several years.

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 307

    They have already looked at those things, some many times. Are you just wanting to 4k as killer every match or what?

  • Its_Vigo_HereIts_Vigo_Here Member Posts: 118

    No I just wanna play against people my own skill level. I don't get satisfaction going up against people who literally do not understand looping. Nor do I have fun going up against who make me question why do I even play this game. There is a sweet spot here, and if most games I am getting a brutal-Ruthless killer then I am in a good spot. However on average I tend to get Entity Displeased or Merciless Killer which tells me that my skill is too low ooor... its too high. I want good chases, good fun games. Not every game should feel like either rolling a boulder up a hill, or getting into a brutal fist fight with a dandelion.

  • SkywcluSkywclu Member Posts: 43

    First off if we do gens by ourselves, with no toolboxes, it will take 80 seconds. Would you wanna sit longer than 80 seconds just sitting in place doing skill checks? I didn't think so. And what's wrong with borrowed time? If you were trying to hit the person that was just unhooked that's already jerky, so I don't see anything wrong with it. And when I play killer I'm totally fine with getting DSed I just continue on like normal. I really don't care, it's a perk that's supposed to HeLP you.

  • SnakeskiSnakeski Member Posts: 2

    Post the killers player name for survivors in lobby. Have seen several killers that drop the instant they get a bad map they don't like. If their player name was posted survivors could drop before match starts and avoid wasting time

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 80

    you kidding, right? you must be really bad if current BT and DS in any way seem unfair to you. i never even notice them.

    survivors used to be OP. call it balancing or nerfing, it happened. imo what they did to exhaustion is a nerf. to balance would be to let it recover all the time outside of chase. during Clown update the maps also got tons of weird changes, for several months Chapel was a killer heaven cause it had like 9-11 pallets for whole map. disgusting. and how dare you saying i am survivor-biased, i hate them. i just like challenge and it pisses me off how easy it is to play killer on red ranks after Clown.

    killer IS easy to play. survivor IS easy to play too. killer might be a little bit more stressful but survivor is more frustrating cause less control. no idea about you but i at best get REAL GOOD TEAMS maybe once or twice a week(when i used to play every day for 5-10 hours) on PC EU region and i know all of them lol. most of my matches on rank 1 resolve in 4k whatever killer i play given that i do not use meta or strong add-ons and my strategy is hook and go, apply pressure.

    no killer is bad. some are better because of MOBILITY. mobility allows them not care about map size. when it takes you nearly two gens of time(given all 4 survivors spawned on other side of a huge map from you and immediately started working on two different gens) with 115 speed to get to see your first survivor - this is bad map design. this happened to me multiple times. recent was Yamaoka Estate and i was playing Plague. i quickly checked closest corner cause it's where survivors spawn sometimes but i guessed wrong... by the time i got to main building, gen inside popped in my face. i was not wasting time, btw. i just got real unlucky with spawn rng. when i got the two people infected(not even broken) second gen popped. the map is so big that sometimes literally at start you can't get control. it's a situation where no one playing this killer on this map could do anything. and the whole blame is on how huge the map is and how stupid the bamboo hitboxes are that you can't make people broken. survivors were not even good. they were going down pretty fast with my m1, but the fact that the map is huge i had no chance to be in control and protect gens. i did hook everyone at least once though. but all escaped cause camping is boring, i don't need a win by camping or tunneling. this would have never happened on a good map like Coal Tower. i'm always consistent on it, easily get 4k against a decent red ranks team with add-onless Legion. cause map is smol, gens are sitting pretty tight to each other, easy to apply and maintain pressure. it has okay amount of loops when survivors know what they're doing, the main building can be abused especially with old Balanced Landing but given how small the map is and how close gens are, you really can afford drop the chase in main building.

    most maps are survivor-sided - Ormond, Yamaoka, Red Forest, Bedham, Haddonfield, all Coldwind, Ironworks of Misery, Suffocation Pit, Lab, Swamp, some Autohaven maps given you're not playing Billy, Nurse, Freddy, Oni or Spirit. and this must be changed. maps must be made smaller and less useful tiles spawned in a row. Ironworks/Rancid Abattoir/Disturbed Ward/Grim Pantry/Wretched Shop infinites MUST be removed or shortened.

    lack of killer-survivor interaction on big maps is the reason of most problems. because those are not skill-experience based. they all based on rng for tiles and spawns.

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 307

    I honestly think that's the whole idea behind Rank. A Rank 15 could be a really good player. A Rank 1 could be terrible. I'm sure if you play enough, you will notice some survivors are better than others. Actually, I don't really understand what you are saying. It seems like you hate hard games and you hate easy games and only accept those you deem in the middle. That's a bit... um, left to fate isn't it?

    Can you explain in just one sentence what it is you want?

  • Its_Vigo_HereIts_Vigo_Here Member Posts: 118

    I want ranks that represent players skill level. Currently rank is only a indicator of how much you play since it's easy to maintain and easy to increase. I want to be challenged.

  • hahaspiencehahaspience Member Posts: 7


    I want to be challenged.

    Nor do I have fun going up against who make me question why do I even play this game

    Can you choose one please?

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    How about stopping to imagine issues?

    - gen speeds are fine

    - DS and BT are fine

    So the only thing may be tool boxes, but there are just some other Real issues thats need to be of much higher priority.

  • YuyukoyayYuyukoyay Member Posts: 50

    Naw these are some pretty monsterously huge issues. Ones that if not looked at will kill the game. Borrowed Time is counterable by some killers though, but DS isn't. You don't even have to tunnel to get DS'd. Losing games that you 4k is also a huge problem.

    It's also pretty obvious when survivor mains claim to play killer and yet understand absolutely nothing about being killer. So you should stop that it makes you look stupid.

    Ya I agree with gen speeds being a huge issue. Specifically, how toolboxes and addons stack with perks to have effects the game is definitely not balanced for. it's 80 seconds when you by yourself, with no perks, and no toolbox. When does that happen? Never. The actual time it takes to do a gen by yourself is closer to about 40 seconds. When you stack this stuff with multiple players it can be from 8 seconds to 20.

    Facing this stuff can make a player completely quit the game. As it is this isn't a competitive game. It's just a casual game you don't care about. So changes should be made so the competitive nature of the game matters. The matchmaking needs to reflect skill level for this to be possible. Removing matchmaking as the game is currently going will probably kill the game. The skill ceiling is too high for complete noobs to be in the same lobby as a good red rank. This isn't enjoyable for any side either. Good survivors don't like playing with potatoes against a potato. Killers don't like being destroyed by 20 second gen times without brand new part.

  • Its_Vigo_HereIts_Vigo_Here Member Posts: 118

    I did, I wanna be challenged. When I am fighting people my rank I wanna be challenged, I don't want to fight people who outclass everything I do to the point where playing the game becomes a frustrating exercise of trying to prevent survivors from holding the game hostage.

    Being challenged, and out classed is two different things, and just goes to show how badly the ranking system fails to see who should and who should not be ranked up.

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