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Developers don't play well the game they made.I think always so when I see new UPDATE.

First you should play DBD 20 hours a week at least. That is the reason you can not make it right.

Decisive Strike is too strong. In this situation to nerf RUIN is wrong clearly.

As a survivor I can say same thing. HEX skill check is good thing to practice.

Your change is always so. You eliminate things to practice such as window-vault-change.

You are eliminating the difference between good and poor players. Game will be unexciting.

Please reconsider.


  • Ni7rogenNi7rogen Member Posts: 51

    No, it's okay they nerfed ruin, but now we need a better pressure tools, we need buff to perks to slow down gens now, Huntress Lullaby should be a good start to have a buff

  • DWolfAlphaDWolfAlpha Member Posts: 823

    First, as an ex killer main (been playing both sides since Ash), I have no problem with DS other than people jumping into a locker daring you to grab them.

    Second, yeah, I think they were too harsh on ruin. It needed to be nerfed at least a bit, but this is too much. Although, if they make it so that it also eliminates great skill checks, I think it would still be pretty good.

  • niemniemnieeemniemniemnieeem Member Posts: 80

    no idea about Ruin, have not been using it for over a year on any of my killers(except for tier 1 Myers). i sincerely think it was not a must-have perk. i've been on red ranks every season since early 2018 and after Clown and all big survivor nerfs i slowly got off Ruin. at first i thought it will be hard without it because kind of used to having it but then with time i realized it's a damn placebo.

    what should be looked at and properly fixed is maps. they're really bad at it, though. the Bedham change was disgusting. OG map was perfect. people say new Lery's is good? can't check, can't play cause they can't fix Host Unreachable/infinite loading screen for 4 months lol.

  • matt6996matt6996 Member Posts: 82

    Keep in mind bhvr RUIN IS A HEX PERK, HEX PERKS CAN BE DESTROYED!! They need to understand that if you can't deal with hex skill checks just find the totem which is usually in a bad spot anyways and to stop babying survivors since gens are there only objective.

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