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What is the obsession with saying Killers only want 4K?



  • BananaBlooD95BananaBlooD95 Member Posts: 528

    It's funny how survivor think they are entitle to escape and a balanced game should be a 2k... Yeah but no. To down a survivor you have to outplay him and yet there are still many perks to help a survivor when he make a mistake. I'm not saying a balanced game should be a 4k, but it's BS to only have a 2k when you outplay survivor just because of combined BT/DH/DS/Adrenaline or keys.

  • terumisanterumisan Member Posts: 1,285

    If those stats include console then it's wrong already not to mention those stats are pretty old

  • Karl_ChildersKarl_Childers Member Posts: 669

    How is 2K balance funny?! Really don’t think you should be calling others entitled. Many players view 2K as a draw, and anything above or below a win/loss. So you believe, under those conditions, the killer should win most of the time? Yeah but no...that’s entitlement.

  • kid187emkid187em Member Posts: 102

    You must be one of the lucky ones, I've been stuck around rank 11-12 this month on PlayStation and every match is mostly red rank survivors. I can hold my own against people my rank or slightly above me but i get smashed almost every game because of the red rank swf groups they have me going against. I've more or less given up on killer for this reason even though i was a killer main now I'm a survivor main rank 3 atm. Survivor side is sooo much easier and i always play solo. Killers need buffs not nerfs to mediocre perks like ruin.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    Ask for 4man swf in red ranks, all survivors have to be red ranked before the match.

    Ask for red rank stats that show only red ranked killers vs red ranked survivors.

    But why care when you are not interested in healthy gameplay in the first place.

  • ReviloDBDReviloDBD Member Posts: 466

    Personally, win or lose, frustrating or not, I still always play the match because I like the practice and the challenge. Facing against good players, even players far better than me, is in my opinion a great way to get better at the game, regardless of how terrible of an experience it is. And I am a bit of a masochist in that regard, improving my skill in the game is more important to me than my own "Fun" haha. So therefore I have never DC'd once in any game I have ever played.

    But regardless, it doesn't change the fact that what I said seems to be true for most players, and the problem ends up being that Red Rank Survivors (especially in SWF) are just simply too challenging to face for a Killer, almost any Killer, unless the Killer is INSANELY good and/or gets very lucky.

    I do think that in reverse though, playing Killer against all other Survivors like Green Rank or worse is far too easy and requires almost no skill at all. This is why it is so difficult to balance this game.

  • ReviloDBDReviloDBD Member Posts: 466

    Ah, I cannot speak for Playstation as I have only played DBD on PC.

    I apologize, my references in my Post are all directly related to the PC version.

    I guess Playstation probably has even less higher ranked killers than PC and that is why you are experiencing the issues you are stating at that Rank.

  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 763

    Most do. I always would prefer a 4K when I play killer. I’m competitive and like to do my best, and I don’t see the issue with it. As survivor I want to escape, as killer I want to wipe the board. I don’t get mad if I don’t get a 4K but it is my usual goal starting game.

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