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can the devs just... rework boil over.

hysteriahysteria Member Posts: 62
edited January 2020 in General Discussions

title. it's so annoying that a perk i really like is complete garbage because its concept is actually really good but the values are downright bad. besides its supposed to give kate a "fierce" girl vibe (imo at least) and it's not doing that very well. i'm not making sense and i'm getting off topic so i'll get back on track.

and yeah, with all the doctor news going around this wouldn't make sense as why it is a concern. but i'm tired of seeing another useless perk in my inventory. it's so situational ++ you really have to get like into a corner of a building to try to get any use of it but most of the time the killer is gonna hook you regardless of where you get downed.

and a simple answer such as "just buff the numbers" or something along those lines aren't good. 9/10 a killer knows where the hook is and can get you there without a problem.

just rework the perk entirely. please. :(



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