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Camera movement in chases

Hi! New player here with about 100 hours so far on PC.

Chases and looping is my biggest weakness when playing Survivor by far. A lot of videos, guide or comments when they discuss looping never really touch on my biggest problem, keeping the Killer in sight, moving your camera around while making decision of where to go.

Either my camera and view of the Killer is on point and I get stuck on corners, trees, obstacles or I can run well, not get stuck and run tightly but I can't see the Killer unless there is a red light on my feet and I'm already done :)

Does anyone have specific tips, or know of guides or videos that specifically discuss how to manage camera movement and physical movement? Unfortunately the advice of "practice!" Is a bit self defeating when a chase ends in under 10 seconds of starting a loop :( not every time obviously but I can run a loop maybe max 3 times. Hard to practice when failure means no more practicing.


  • WTBaconWTBacon Member Posts: 122

    Map tiles like LT walls, are always the exact same 100% of the time, independent of the map. I know you don't want to hear it, but "practice!" really is the answer. Eventually you will get to the point where you don't need to see where you are going.

  • Evelyn208Evelyn208 Member Posts: 3

    So do you mean you aren't ever rotating your camera to where you are running and moving purely on memory?

    Aren't there small changes like trees, oil drums, wood stacks on the floor etc?

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,411


    some tips on what you'll see in-game

    Your issue is that you're looking for the Killers presence themselves, rather than subtle hints to where they're looking and where they'll go.

    Most Killers known how to loop around the basic loops, since they're on every map and they've done so many many times before. Since you only have 100 hours though, you're most likely not in a rank like Red Ranks or Purple, i'm guessing you're either in Yellow or Green by now.

    But, back to the point. You need to focus more on the Killers "Red Stain" (aka their Red Light) when looking around corners and facing their way, you'll get an idea of where they're facing because of this AND where they're most likely walking to.

    The issue about this though is that some Killers can use the Red Light against you by facing towards the corner and moonwalking around the other side to meet you at the other end AND down/hit you.

    Usually with mind-games like that, you DO need to practice and anticipate this through repetition, anticipation, and luck. Sometimes a Killer will eventually hit you, it's either in 10 seconds or in 5 minutes, you'll eventually get hit and go down (depends on the Survivors skill vs the Killers skill).

    First, i'm going to link you a video that'll help you get a basic understanding of the basic tiles (aka loops) of almost every DBD map, this will give you an idea of where to look in a chase and what to anticipate when going INTO said chase.

    Here's that video:

    an idea of what to expect afterwards

    With all that being said, some Killers don't mind-game as much or at all in certain ranks. Some Killers will naturally mind-game due to a lot of practice at these loops, or some Killers don't or can't mind-game at these loops due to in-experience OR their own reasoning behind it.

    For you, you need to get used to these loops and understand how a Killer thinks, it's not about seeing them 100% of the time, its about knowing what they'll do and when to anticipate their next move.

    Loops with no walls or mid-walls are not the issue for you I assume, since you can see them most of the time. But for loops with long walls and almost 0 view of the Killer, it turns into less of a "guessing game" and more of a battle of knowledge vs knowledge. Will this Killer moonwalk to the other side while facing where i'm looking? Or will they moonwalking to my side while facing the other way to hide their red-stain?

    If you have a decent amount of room, you can anticipate this after a few seconds of viewing that area, if they don't immediately come around that corner facing forward or moonwalking, than it's best to assume they're going around the other-side to meet you at the other end of the window/pallet. Depending on the structure of the loop, you need to understand what they'll try to do. Some loops are stronger than others and offer more room for error or looping potential, so you need to figure that out and learn their tricks and motives when in a chase.

    in a sense, there are two types of killer mains

    There are experienced Killer mains that know the loop and understand what to do and not do to gain a hit or down, and there are Killers that're in-experienced and go straight forward in a chase but sometimes mind-game... depending on where they're at in hours and skill/knowledge with that loop.

    In a sense, you need to think like a Killer and less like a Survivor, knowing how a Killer acts and plays will make you understand where to look and what to avoid.

    in conclusion...

    Look into how each Killer functions and how each basic tile works, it'll give you an idea of how they function and where they'll go in a chase, some Killers will cut chases down with their powers and some Killers will just manage the best they can as a basic M1 Killer that doesn't have a power that can make the loops easier...

    It all depends on skill vs skill and knowledge vs knowledge. Educate yourself on these things and you'll start to see the bigger picture... This is the best I can tell you, some Survivors with thousands of hours can't face certain Killers still, some Survivors can't beat Killers like Spirit or Trapper in a chase, it all depends on what that Survivor knows and how used to the tricks they are.

    If that Survivor faces a certain Killer more and more OR they face a certain type of Killer like M1 Killers that have powers that can't help in a basic chase, than they'll see opportunity that come from these shortcomings EVENTUALLY.

    Remember, this won't come instantly, a guide is just a guide... it all depends on practice, dedication, and willingness to learn.

  • WTBaconWTBacon Member Posts: 122

    When you have the major parts of the maps memorized, small changes like trees and rocks are all you really need to think about. It gets easier with time.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,411
    edited January 13

    Depends on the loop, most loops that're in almost every map are basically the same at it's core. Some loops will throw in a tree or rock, but both you and the Killer has to go around it... so if you have a decent amount of room than you'll still have the same amount of room AS IF it wasn't there at all.

    an example

    Think of it like this, you have a two walls that make up a narrow path. This path has 1 pallet and nothing else. You can go around the corners of that path and keep looping until you use that pallet to block their advance, that's it. But, if you throw a rock or tree around that corner, you and the Killer have the loop around the rock... so unless they're right on top of you (which they would hit you anyways if they were), than the Killer ALSO has to go around that rock and waste time to catch up to you...

    here's the thing about basic tiles/loops

    Most loops are the same (aka the basic tiles structures are the same on almost every map), so you won't get any drastic changes or even ANY changes at all for most of these loops on different maps... loops that offer amazing looping potential like Coal Tower also never change, they're the same.

    So in a sense, every re-iteration of a loop will be the same for the most part, and any loops that're a part of a main building of that map will mostly be the same WITH some different paths that're added in depending on RNG, some of these paths are almost the same, while others are different and beneficial for the Killer or Survivor.

    more about "main buildings" for maps

    Basically a main building is the building that the map has AS it's main structure to loop in. Buildings like Crotus Prenns Asylum is that main structure to that map, all that changes in those main buildings is the windows and pallet placements depending on RNG. Their position however NEVER changes, they're always in the same place.

    On maps like Lery's or Hawkins, unique spots in that map will always be in the same place, they lack a "main building" because the map takes place in a building itself, so these in turn are called "main rooms" as an alternative for maps that take place INSIDE a building itself. These main rooms never change position, but some rooms that do look unique will sometimes change, it depends on how the map mixes up its room places. But for most "main rooms" or unique rooms, they'll be in the same place every time you enter that map that takes place in a building.

    As for other maps that don't, the main structure is always in the same place.

    If you want to know more about alternate paths on maps like Cold Wind farms main buildings or other maps like Mother's Dwelling for example, than look into videos or google searches that explain the alternate paths that those main buildings can have.

    Everything mixes up in a map, not every tile will spawn in the same place, but the thing is... most of these tiles ARE the same in those maps, they're just in different spawn locations. The only thing that never moves is the main buildings, but their looping paths CAN change.

    in a less confusing way (tl;dr)

    You'll mostly use loops that're all the same, most maps have some exceptions to different maps like Lery's or Hawkins... but in a sense you'll always face the same loop as a Killer or Survivor, and the main building loops will change depending on RNG OR if they even have alternate paths, some don't like Cow-Tree (which is in that video) or Coal Towers loop.

    So you'll sometimes get less loops, some windows that're blocked off, or alternate paths with different windows open. As for the basic tiles outside of these buildings though, they're always the same for the most part, they might look different or have some additions for the look, but they're always structurally the same.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member, Trusted Posts: 4,960
    edited January 13

    Experienced players can do that, because they know the loops well enough that they know where everything is and don't need to look where they're going. Yes, even down to the last rock or barrel.

    When you're still new, I would recommend concentrating on learning the tiles, which means most of the time you'll need to see where you're going. Try to glance behind you occasionally to see which direction the killer is heading in, but generally the time lost by not paying attention to the killer's position, as a new player, will be less than the time lost by running into a rock for two seconds and allowing the killer to catch up to you completely. Or worse, bodyblock you against that rock and down you in one hit (depending on the killer).

  • CamxingCamxing Member Posts: 20

    Play the game more. You'll get used more used to when it comes to when looking behind you and camera angles. It's not that hard to loop you'll be a master or a pro at it if you keep on practicing and doing it. But keep doing it. Don't get immersed buddy.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,411

    I don't think being immersed is why he's having issues with this, its more-so the lack of knowledge and in-experience with these loops that's giving him trouble.

  • CamxingCamxing Member Posts: 20

    I didn't say that he was immeresed I said don't be immeresed. I was giving him a tip. And yes I also realize that he was saying he was new and needed help with camera angles and that looping was his biggest weakness. Why do you think I said practice looping?

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,411

    Saying "don't play immersed" could mean anything, usually when people say that they're implying that the OP themselves is immersed.

    With enough practice though he'll understand how this will all work in due time, you're right in that regard. That's why I left such a massive list above to explain how it's so second-handed to some Survivors that face it all the time.

    They don't directly look for the body, they look for signs and tells to where they'll go next, and just common sense to how the loop works.

  • CamxingCamxing Member Posts: 20

    Immeresed in the atmosphere aka crouching around and being a little baby using urban evasion. Don't be like those type of survivors y'all be a good survivor 😁

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,411

    Immersed could mean many things, but that's the most common thing it's linked to yes. My argument was that by saying "Don't play immersed buddy' sounded like you were insinuating that he was by default playing immersed.

    That's why it sounded that way, since on text it could mean anything.

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