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Doctor rework thoughts

After playing several matches as Doctor with various add-ons, I feel I've gotten a good general idea of how he functions in his new form.

-His Static Blast is fantastic. While the field gave him early-game locational advantages, it had diminishing returns as the survivors' Madness tiers increased. Cooldown feels much too steep for what is essentially a 1.6x AOE Shock Therapy, especially with no way of diminishing that massive charge time; perhaps a cooldown boost for each Survivor in Tier 3? Since the shock effectively would be doing little to them at that point, and you'd have access to it more. I do like the animation, but it could be improved upon. Feels a little... weak, for what he's doing as compared to Shock Therapy.

-His Shock Therapy on the other hand... feels kinda wonky. The transition from attacking to sending out a blast does not feel smooth at all, animation or gameplay-wise, and the massive cooldown period where he cannot attack actually prevents him from countering loops he used to be able to manage with little issue. This may be in my head, but it also feels narrower, particularly with range add-ons. The range boost is also much too low; survivors travel at 4 meters per second and can outrun the base range just as easily, or position themselves accordingly to evade on larger loops. Base range should at minimum be 11m.

Madness build-up feels a lot faster than before, but feels a lot less impactful. Particularly with Snap Out Of It allowing a Survivor to go all the way back down to Tier 1, and no longer losing progress on the interaction meter. There should be some kind of penalty to this to prevent abuse; something along the lines of the Wake Up interaction for The Nightmare, perhaps (whether it be an interaction length penalty, a Madness build-up boost for the Doctor against Survivors who Snap Out, etc).

-His add-ons are mostly unchanged, which is a bit frustrating, as I was hoping to see a little more variety; particularly to see what would be added to reflect his Static Blast and its monstrous cooldown, or alter Maple Knight from its currently-useless state. That said, I love Iridescent Queen and the effect it brings. Chain lightning, you feel like a Sith Lord.

All in all, I'm having a riotous time with his changes, but feel a few tweaks would be necessary. And don't nerf Ruin, damn it! Ruin has its problems for beginner survivors, but that's why they're beginners; you have more than skillchecks to improve upon at that point. You need to fix the problem that Ruin was a duct-tape job for at Red ranks: the generators being completed too fast. That said, I do like the new effect as a perk concept, and think it should absolutely be added to the game as a standalone. Not as a Hex, though. It's too weak for that.


  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,852

    I also hardly dislike the changes to snap out of it. You can tap out of it now, avoiding skillchecks. This is stupid. Stopping the progress should regress the bar by 5% in my opinion.

    Regarding the addons: read this thread. His addons have not changed much and that is a huge problem.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,852

    Addition to snap out of it: Also regressing to Tier 1 is bad. Most addons want survivors at least in Tier 2 to have effect. That actually makes you want to not push survivors to Tier 3 as they lose this Tier within seconds. On Tier 2 they at least have to stay out of TR for some time to go down. Especially The longer doctor illusions being visible by aura already in Tier 2. You see them by default in Tier 3. With this addon, putting a survivor to Tier 3 would just allow him to get rid of that way faster, so it would be a fault to do so.

    Just thought about the option to bring great skillchecks to Snap out of it, so that every great would also take a bit away from Tier 2, to have a compromise. But that wouldn't help newer survivors and make doctor weaker in red ranks, so not a good idea at all.

  • ChunChunMaruChunChunMaru Member Posts: 52

    I think his tracking is better. But his add-ons are probably the worst add-ons in the game? Moldy Electrode should just be how his default shock works. But I feel like most of the add-ons need a rework. And the Snap Out changes were unnecessary. What's the point of it being a mechanic? To be mildly inconvenient? But Doc is probably... better than before? With a few adjustments that they already mentioned.

  • SquidFacedManSquidFacedMan Member Posts: 148

    Can we discuss the music? I'm not a fan of the chase music for the Doctor.(actual chase sequence) I think it's great the dev's are going back and doing this but the theme seems a little repetitive. It actually reminds me more a chainsaw idling and a modification for this theme could fit Billy quite well. I think the strings are a little too heavy in the chase sequence and it causes it to sound a lot more repetitive than it probably should.I could be completely wrong here but the theme might be defibrillator inspired. I definitely think this should element should be strengthened instead of the strings in the chase. That droning, building "woo" should be at the forefront. Not a major change really.

  • RattmanRattman Member Posts: 1,121

    You got some interesting points there. And yeah, as @SquidFacedMan said, music could use some change.But, well, it's just my personal preferences.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 3,650

    I really like the Static Blast. It sucked being able to walk past a Survivor and miss them because of how little Madness the Static Field gave you. Now they'll immediately tier up when your Static Blast goes off. However, I'm not a big fan of the cooldown. 60 seconds is a long time in DbD, and it's too long for an ability that doesn't deal any real damage. I think it should be reduced to 30 seconds, maybe 20 seconds if it wouldn't be too powerful with Iridescent Queen. Maybe it could be reduced to 40 seconds and the cooldown is reduced for every Survivor in tier 3.

    The Snap Out of It changes are all horrible ideas. It's looking like another Deep Wound situation where something important for that specific Killer becomes a minor inconvenience. All of the changes need to be reverted before the patch makes to the live build. If a Survivor cannot hit the big skill checks that pop up, then that's their problem and they just need to get good. This handholding needs to stop.

    The Shock Therapy range is still too short. It needs to be buffed by 25%, not 10%. I'm hoping that the devs are going to reduce the cooldown to one second (the same time it takes to switch modes with the current Doctor).

    The Obedience add-ons need to get their Exhaustion effect back. Survivors will eventually get used to the counterclockwise skill checks. If the devs really want to keep them, then they should be added to Doctor's base kit.

  • Write_By_DaylightWrite_By_Daylight Member Posts: 126

    His addons suck


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