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Exit Gate Regression...

CalabrumCalabrum Member Posts: 100

I think the title speaks for itself. However, I am curious as to the communities opinion on the current state of the exit gates.

In my opinion, I think the gates currently favor survivors too much in high ranks in that they can be 99% and left at that state for as long as the survivors desire. Granted I'm aware the killer can open the gate, but that's not the point. In high ranks this is a common occurrence when survivors will wait to open the gate and just leave it at 99%.

I would like to see some regression on the gates if more than 1 survivor is still alive after the generators are completed. If there's only 1 left then it should not regress as it would then be skewed too far in the killers favor.

This survivor tactic makes bloodwarden nearly unusable at high ranks unless survivors are overly altruistic or the killer manages to get a down and open the gate before hooking.

I am aware gates can spawn on the same side. And yes, I'm aware someone's going to say, "but you think Moris are fine" and/or "killer main" (I am killer main btw) so I'll just steal your thunder in advance. And yes, until SWF, hatch, and keys are addressed/balanced moris and exit gates spawning on the same side are fine. Thoughts? Preferably constructive and not just a 1 word response btw.



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