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Who's your NEMESIS?

CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,948
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Which killer has the highest kill ratio on you? Not who do you think is the best, but who do you ALWAYS or ALMOST ALWAYS die against?

For me... Myers... God damn Myers...

Most of the times 3 escape but I died for them to do so...



  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    I’ve been dying to Oni a lot lately 😅

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536


    He will have my "team" slugged in about 60 seconds. It's very rare I will get put with players good enough to win against a Hillbilly.

  • RetroliarRetroliar Member Posts: 9

    Spirit, not cause of her ability but her ######### passive spasm ######### she's always having. I'll mistime everything when in a chase because of it

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 3,041


    My favorite build is Head On + Q&Q + Inner Strength + Ds. Guess who completely deletes 3/4 of that build?

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 2,186

    Wraith. Always has been the most annoying to go against and i dont see that changing anytime soon

  • goat10emgoat10em Member Posts: 750

    Probably trapper. I don't know why I seem to find every damn trap he sets but I do.

  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388

    Year 3 of Dead by Daylight

  • mouse0270mouse0270 Member Posts: 762

    Easy, Trapper... Always walk into fraking traps

  • TaigaTaiga Member Posts: 365


  • NEVELEVEN11NEVELEVEN11 Member Posts: 141

    Myers, Hillbilly, and the invisible guy.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 5,867


    I'm like a magnet to hatchets

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,948

    Stand still next to a window as he's invisible when you're on a chase, as soon as he starts appearing vault the window, he won't be able to hit you and you'll force him to chase you without being invisible.

  • lasombra1979lasombra1979 Member Posts: 1,142

    For the longest time i just always had the eorse luck against the Wraith. He has recently been replaced by GF. I just suck against GF and no clue why. I know how to counter him, I just have the worse luck.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,682

    I always have the killer/survivor nemesis combo like Clown/Kate, Doc/Feng etc.

  • HealsBadManHealsBadMan Member Posts: 1,119

    Ehhh, depends on how good the Killer is and their build. Generally though, its Clown. He's not the strongest killer, and I rarely face him, but all the Clowns I face wreck me at pallets and loops. I have better chances of beating Spirit or Nurse than a Clown 😅

  • EmpireWinnerEmpireWinner Member Posts: 1,054

    Clown. I feel vulnerable when going against him.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 3,940

    GF and the chainsaw brothers. For some reason the 1 hit downs always get me. And that Damn GF always gets close before I get into chase.

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,505

    Trapper and freddy

  • AcculllaAccullla Member Posts: 984

    Surprisingly, mine is clown..

  • Creepingcam1070Creepingcam1070 Member Posts: 330

    Trapper because I am small brain with traps.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,069

    Ghostface, thanks to his broken reveal mechanic.

  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 763


  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 4,078

    Trapper. I like to go fast and zoom around from place to place. Sidestepping that patch of grass would be a waste of .2 seconds that I just can't spare.

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968

    Freddy and Trapper Probably. All of them tunnel a lot, the tunneling doesn't kill me but it's always their unexpected noed.

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 1,077

    Bubba and Spirit always. I suck at looping so Bubba insta downs me all the time and with Spirit I always seem to be the first one she finds and that usually makes me always the first dead in the match.

  • ZenroZenro Member Posts: 319

    Honestly probably Hag. I dont face her often at all. Maybe twice a month but when i do my team and I get destroyed. God forbid she gets someone in basement and has traps everywhere and patrols within teleport. Rough.

  • luka2211luka2211 Member Posts: 1,433

    Hag,Clown. Hag i rarely face,and clown wrecks loops. Problem is i greed alot so i get hit alot of times and go down like that

  • PapiQuentin_PapiQuentin_ Member Posts: 889


    Both the killer and the players

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,536

    The one that always kill me is Freddy, so it's him alright. After his buff I can't remember having escaped even once going up against him and how many times have I faced him since then? Perhaps 40-50 times or so. He is a true nightmare.

    Before playing Spirit myself and understanding how to play against her she was my nemesis. Would have been fun to find killrates against myself but I say Myers and Hag is also killers I have problems with.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,801

    Lately Freddy has killed me the most.

    All round I’d say I’ve died to Spirit or Billy the most.

    I’ve definitely been moried by Myers the most though.

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