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  • Nickenzie
    Hey, do you main the Pig?
    September 8
    • Aari_Piggy66
      Yep I've been maining her from she was released.

      In fact she was my first p3 (actually my first prestige in general) and my first character to have all the perks.
    • Nickenzie
      Awesome, she was my first P3 and David Tapp was my first survivor P3! However I wanted to ask you something since poor Amanda isn't in a great spot, what do you think about the Pig? What does she needs to become a better killer? I'll tell you my opinion!

      She needs "Combat Straps", "Annotated Plan", and "Rules Set NO.2" be baseline in her kit! They can rework Combat Straps to increase the successful ambush CD and maybe they can do something with Shattered Syringes since I never use them!

      Additionally the first searched Jigsaw Box should never free a survivor from a RBT and increase Amanda's dash movement speed to 175%. Her crouch movement speed should be increased to 100%. What do think as a Pig main?
    • Aari_Piggy66
      Really nice suggestions.

      I don't mind her current ambush movement speed. 160% is pretty good but I wouldn't mind increase it.

      I would love the crouch movement speed to be 100% it would make spending time crouch viable without losing a large amount of map pressure.

      I made suggestions on a piggy post in general.
    • Nickenzie
      Wait one second, let me clarify something real quick just in case you're confused! Crouch movement speed is your movement speed when you're just crouching around and dash movement is your movement speed after you charged your ambush meter to 100%! Sorry if you already knew this, just wanted to make sure that you know the difference! Okay lol, back on topic, I think her ambush is too easily countered in some situations such as having Sprint Burst! I wanna change her dash movement to 175% since it'll now be faster than Sprint Burst movement speed! If this was changed, survivor's would need to pay more attention to their surroundings instead of having something to get them out of jail at the last second! Hey, you should make me a list on here about the QoL changes Amanda needs so later, I can make a thread with all of the Pig mains so we can make Amanda just a little more threatening! :)
  • ChesterTheMolester
    Of course i can, name me a time and place, i'll be counting the days.
    July 29
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    Your willingness to share knowledge has definitely been noticed.
    July 24
  • PinkEricka
    Just as I was typing my response to @HeroLives, they closed the discussion. Did you happen to get a warning from a mod?
    July 24
    • Aari_Piggy66
      Nah I got nothing.
      They won't even give me the sweet jail I want.
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    July 23