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  • Aven_Fallen

    Thank you! :)

    September 14
  • Opex

    Hey Almo!

    I don't know why but for some reason my comment got deleted.

    I wanted to ask you something about the Nurse.

    Since her rework she got a lot of bugs that have not been fixed. I think the last 10 months only one single deadzone bug got fixed.

    Her pickrate is really really low and almost no one plays her. That's because she is no fun at all. And that is because of following things:

    As I already mentioned she is really buggy. You have multiple bugs almost every game and it can even ruin your entire game and it is really frustrating.

    80% - 90% of her add-ons are meme add-ons or add-ons that make her worse than without add-ons which is not what a add-on should do. It's no fun to play the same add-ons every single game. (Recharge add-ons, Range add-ons)

    She has a really annoying cooldown. The thing that made her too OP before the rework were her add-ons. Additional blink add-ons made her insanely strong and the killer didn't get punished for messing up. And Omega Blink was really strong. These add-ons needed a nerf and that was mostly it. A rework of her basekit totally wasn't needed. The cooldown doesn't help balancing a chase takes about 4 seconds longer now. the only thing it does is causing a lot of bugs and making it unfun to play.

    I've been maining Nurse for 3 years now and I got a lot of experience. I think the way she is in the game right now is totally not okay. Don't understand me wrong she is still the strongest killer in the game. But she is still way to buggy and is no fun to play anymore. And you can make a lot of changes without making her too strong. What I wanted to ask is are you guys currently looking into the Nurse right now? Or are you guys not planing any changes at all?

    July 31
    • Almo
      We're aware of bugs in Nurse gameplay. They're on the list, we're working through it and fixing stuff as we can. The base kit rework is something we're happy with at the moment. When I play Nurse and miss a double blink and then can't again for a bit to get the second charge, it feels like the Survivor deserves that extra space. This doesn't mean it won't get further tuning, but it's unlikely we'd remove the charge system.
  • Cheers

    I missed your second birthday by a bit 😓

    Despire this, here's to many more on the forums with the best pig main 🐷

    August 3
    • GoodBoyKaru
      Okay this just hit so much [BAD WORD] harder oh my god.
  • Observia

    Greetings! I have a proposition for one of my favorite killers:

    I love Clown, as a character. I enjoy his lore and his design, especially. However, I believe that Clown should get a power rework for the following reasons:

    1. I find him somewhat dull to play as, his power, in my opinion, is not one that holds a common players interest when compared to Spirit, Freddy, etc.
    2. Many survivors, including myself, find him rather tedious to play against, when he is being used. His power often feels like a nuisance rather than something enjoyable and threatening to play against.
    3. In addition, some of his add-ons I find questionable. For example, The Tattoo's Middle Finger, in my opinion, pales in comparison to his other Ultra Rare add-on, The Redhead's Pinky Finger. For those who are unaware, the Tattoo's Middle Finger simply reveals Intoxicated survivors auras for 6 seconds. I find this not very useful, as typically, when one throws a bottle of The Afterpiece Tonic, it is during a chase, ideally with a clear view of the target, so they can intoxicate and catch up to the survivor. When compared to his alternate Ultra Rare add-on, The Redhead's Pinky Finger, which allows The Clown to instantly put a survivor into the dying state after landing a direct hit with a bottle throw for a few seconds, it is clear which of his Ultra Rare Add-ons is more commonly used to great effect.

    A personal idea of mine is to make the Tattoo's Middle Finger a Rare (Green) Add-on. The Cigar Box, I believe, should take it's place. This is due to it's prominent part in The Clowns lore. My idea is:

    Cigar Box: Ultra Rare Offering. Description: Contains a single, glossy red feather, a few fingers, and a dog's paw. Faint memories of a previous, more innocent life fill the Clown with ideas of vicious and fascinating anesthetic concoctions. Effect: Affects the intoxicated survivor with dulled senses. When intoxicated, suffer from the following effects for 25 seconds: Oblivious, Exhausted, Blindness, and near deafened hearing.

    In conclusion, that is why I believe clown should get a power, and perhaps an add-on rework. I appreciate any and all feedback!

    July 26
    • Almo
      I recommend the fan-creation subforum for this. You'll get more visibility there, and staff do read those and we peridoically take suggestions from it! :)
    • Observia
      Thanks, very much! I'll be happy to do that!
  • Maperson

    Hey Almo, i posted this on feedback but no Is answering, i worked really hard on this Idea, can you tell me what do you think about it?

    Childs play.

    Hey guys, ive been thinking about this for a long time, this Is just an Idea. Chucky Is iconic horror movie killer and he should be in the game.

    He has standard movement speed of 115% his height might be an issue, he could be like Hag or little smaller, but i know devs said they won't be making smaller than that, but just maybe.

    Chucky is a sadistic, egotistical, temperamental and foul-mouthed individual. He also holds strong grudges against his foes and never forgets when someone has crossed him. He is a relentless hunter of victims, but if the hunting of a certain victim is slow going, he will divert his attention and kill others, sometimes if they threaten to expose him, or sometimes just for fun.

    Normal ability:

    Cult of Chucky, he gains the ability to possess multiple bodies, including multiple Chucky dolls. As a doll, Chucky has the natural ability to pose as a regular Doll. There are 3-4 Chucky Dolls on the map, you can move them where you want to, Doll has smaller terror radius, when survivors get in the terror radius of the Doll you get the notification, after 2-3 second you can get in that Doll leaving you body behind but ofc the rules remain the same. Survivors can disable the Doll if they see it in time, but you can't teleport untill you fix it. ( You will need to be smart where you put the Dolls)


    Despite being a doll, he has spent so long in his doll body that he has turned anatomically human.

    Every 3-4 minutes you must change your body, you must get in the body of another Doll on the map. If you don't do it the Doll you control will be disabled or he will get his movement speed cut down to 100%, both can happen in mid of the chase. (i can't choose between those two). Ofcorse you can get back in that Doll when it recharge.

    I couldn't choose between these 3 second powers, so i'll let you choose.

    1 .Chucky breaks the leg and arm of a voodoo doll John was bound to. He then stabs it, leaving John to bleed to death. Maybe after downing survivor, he gets survivors voodoo doll that Is bounding that survivor, survivor Is slowed for 105% to 100-95% movement speed untill he disables 2 Chucky dolls.

    2 Chucky's most dangerous power of all is his ability to cheat at death, seemingly nothing can actually stop Chucky. Chucky losses terror radius for 10 seconds. Cooldown Is 30 seconds.

    3. Despite his small size and structure, Chucky has the strength and speed of a full grown human adult. Chucky charges at your with 125% movement speed, if successful you will jump on survivor, control their movement for 5 seconds and damagin, putting them in dying state. You don't need to be on survivor for 5 seconds, but if you stay longer survivor can slam you to the ground leaving you with 3 seconds stun. While riding the survivor you will see world in third view. Cooldown 10 seconds.

    Destroying the pallets: Chucky can slide under the pallet, destroying it with his knife.

    Hooking (this was very hard)

    1.Chucky can drag you and stab you to the hook.

    2. Chucky can posses survivors body, making survivors hang themself. You can wiggle, for possesion if survivor wiggle out you return to your body.

    3. Chucky can suck you into a handheld toy-box

    Vault: Chucky can grab window or opening and jump through.


    Wanna play?

    For every survivor you lose in chase you get totems. For every totem you gain you get 3/5/6% increase to vault and destruction speed, you lose 2 totems when you hit a survivor.

    I always come back.

    When you choose not to hit your obsession you see highest repairing generator highlighted in yellow for 5/6/7 seconds.

    Hex: We're friends 'til the end.

    Each hit on a survivor with you basic attack disables one of the inflicted survivor perks up to a maximum 2/3/4. This effect lasts as long as correspondig totem still stands. Upon cleansing this totem, all disabled perks will return the survivors.

    MAP: Toy factory.

    Survivors: Karen Barclay or Andy Barclay.

    Thanks for answering :)

    June 30
    • Todgeweiht
      You should post this on the fan creations subforum
    • Almo
      This is really hard to read... can you reformat it with paragraph breaks?
    • Maperson
      Hey I just saw this now.. Do your still want to see it? I can send you the link..
    • Almo
      It looks like it's a Killer design; Todgeweiht is right that it should go in the fan creation sub-forum. We do read those!
  • RuthlessRational

    Hi Almo, I posted a thread of feedback on The Hillbilly's addons for the PTB. I hope it may be of use to you guys. I also do plan on posting another thread with the same level of detail and impartiality on his power. You can find the thread here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/170440/ptb-hillbilly-addons-feedback#latest

    July 9
    • Almo
      I wasn't able to comment on this, and you can see why now as we've done some updates to Billy since PTB. :)