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  • Captain_Spaulding

    Tell me your wraith build, almighty wraith god, so I might destroy these mortals.

    November 2019
    • Boss
      Can't believe i missed this all this time!
      Considering how you asked me for my Wraith build, i imagine you want my "Serious" build and not my "Fun" build.
      So here goes...

      Add-on 1: "Windstorm" - Blood
      Add-on 2: Either "Windstorm" - White or "Swift Hunt" - Blood
      Offering: Doesn't really matter, but in terms of maximizing your chances, any Oak's great.
      Perk 1: Barbecue & Chili
      Perk 2: Make Your Choice
      Perk 3: Enduring
      Perk 4: Spirit Fury

      Reason for "Windstorm" - Blood: To help you fight the current speed at which trials goes, this Add-on will allow you to be where you need to be quicker. Also, any Windstorm Add-on does actually help in chases, especially after the first hit, so don't be afraid to re-cloak.
      Reason for "Windstorm" - White: Same as "Windstorm" - Blood, but it stacks on even more.
      Reason for "Swift Hunt" - Blood: As generic an Add-on can be, but being generic doesn't decrease its value in any way, you can't ever really go wrong with uncloaking faster.
      Reason for Oak Offerings: It'll spawn some more Hooks, decreasing the chances that you'll create deadzones, deadzones being a part of the map where, if they go down there, you can't get them to a hook anymore.
      Reason for Barbecue & Chili: I despise camping. I'll hit anyone nearby if i see them, but my plan is not to stick around. So i'll have this Perk tell me which Generator's being worked on. And to me, only a surprisingly small amount of people take the time to counter this Aura reveal.
      Reason for Make Your Choice: The real meat of this build. Also synergises well with Barbecue & Chili. I go away and chase someone else. Then i either continue the chase or go to whoever just triggered Make Your Choice. Here's also where "Windstorm" Add-ons come in handy: The faster you get there, the bigger the chance of getting them.
      Reason for Enduring: Combined with Spirit Fury, it makes that infamous combo to destroy a Pallet instantly, ignore half of the stun and land a hit. But people often misuse this combo, wasting it on the very next Pallet. What you need to do is keep the charge for important locations, such as the Killer Shack. Take the first 2 stuns, and the Survivors will think you never respect a Pallet, making them practically never risk a mind-game. Don't take the next stuns until you think it's a good location to use the charge or if you think it'll get you a hit. Using the charge in a loop with a vault location usually doesn't result in the hit you need unless you're at a good angle.
      Reason for Spirit Fury: See Enduring.
      My playstyle: I'm a hardcore tunneler...until they're on the Hook. 😋
      If i find someone, they're going on the Hook.
      Once on the Hook, i'm out, going for someone else.
      I mostly go back though if they Make Your Choice and hit the unhooker with that pretty easy first hit, then hook them.
      It's actually pretty important that you at least land a hit on 1 or more repairing Survivors after hooking someone, or they'll never feel pressure and thus can repair to their heart's content.
      Hatch is always fun: Once it's open, just stand still on it.
      You'll go invisible and the Hatch noises mask the noises you make.
      Then look around for any clue of their position, don't just stand there until they're right there. (Though it is pretty funny.)
      Once they reveal their location, you pretty much won: Stomp the Hatch and go for them.
      Even if you don't know their exact location, if you know their general location, then just watch wherever they can go to from that general location, and you'll spot them.
      If they get to the Hatch first, oh well, every Killer has that.
  • Masantonio

    My new Spirit build is nasty:

    Infectious Fright

    Devour Hope



    November 2019
    • Boss
      I can imagine the perfect situation.

      Hex Totem is in an okay spot, not seen just like that.
      You hook one for the others to unhook and grant you the 3rd Token.
      You went for faraway Auras everytime, so they can guess by now you have B&C.
      You hooked them near where the others were repairing.
      You go back with phasing once your Token arrived.
      Smack, goes down, others scream, you recovered quick from the smack.
      Smack, goes down, others scream, you recovered quick from the smack.
      Smack, goes down, last one screams, you recovered quick from the smack.
      Smack Obsession, goes down.

      Emphasis on "perfect". 😋
    • Masantonio
      I have issues with keeping a snowball, so I just use perks to patch up my weaknesses.
      You basically described how this build is supposed to work.