For its year 3 anniversary, Dead by Daylight will be hosting its biggest livestream on May 31st at 3PM EST
Major reveals, drama, laughs, cries, surprises. It’s a date!

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  • Poweas

    Well this is just disgusting, they nerfed Wraith. Now he makes a noise at the start of his animation like he used to. He's gonna be trash again since you can just listen.

    April 23
    • Boss
      "We made it so you ring the bell later in the animation, to allow him to really make a surprise attack."
      "Okay, cool. His potential still isn't as high as some other Killers, but you can definitely do more with him now."
      *months later*
      "What? Why?"
      *complete silence*

      Attacking immediately from a fake cloak is still pretty cool though.
      Just not cool enough, since you practically only do fake-cloaks to make them drop the pallet.

      And FINALLY they remove the god-awful vertical lines from his first-person view.
      I swear, sometimes i turn my camera, and my brain picks up those lines.
      I know what they are, but i have to quickly check since it could be anything.
      Then a split-second later, i realize it is the lines and i feel trolled by the bug.
    • Boss
      Hmm, Peanits said that the bone rattle noise is ONLY for cloaking, NOT for uncloaking.
      And upon re-checking the notes, it does indeed only say when cloaking.
      That's good.
    • Poweas
      Yeah thank god. I was Tucking Friggered ;)
    • Boss
      I'm sad i can't awesome people in profile conversations.
      I'll awesome you in your tier list.
    • Poweas
      Thanks, did you like the tierlist btw? Nobody seemed to respond, but probably because I went into too much detail...
    • Boss
      I saw it, but didn't read it as i didn't feel like it.
      Now that you ask me though, i feel cornered and will read it.

      Just kidding btw, was just watching a long video.
    • Poweas
      It's good
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    April 25
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    April 22
  • MysticRaven

    Really isnt ur business who theses others are, specially w how aggressive u are about my rant. U must be a killer main, so u may not see it from my point of view. Wish u the best. I just want to enjoy the game. 😁

    April 18
    • Boss
      Good job finding an excuse so you don't have to make up names!
      If you think my comment was aggressive, I get now why you're leaving: You can't handle change.
      I am indeed a Killer main, but I was playing both sides for a long time, as you can see here:
      Oh look, unlike you, I actually provide something to back up my claims.
      And now, just like you, I will also try to look good by ending with a friendly comment: I sure hope you find an other fantastic game! :D
  • ShrekIsHot

    I respect you, Boss.

    Best of luck and I hope for a good Easter, pal.

    April 18
    • Boss
      Oh cool, i don't get positive comments often from the DbD community! :P
      You too!