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  • RelentlessShadows009

    We got off on the wrong foot,and know this is not about whatever you might be thinking. More of an olive branch really.

    I bare no grudge against you. As far as my "insult" goes, truce is the best I can offer. I value the opinions of others, but not when they twist my words or mis quote me. I view that as childish, not calling you a child btw. If it's not word for word what I said then it is wrong.

    Earlier yesterday I read a post about the topic of toxic behavior, except it was survivors blaming killers.

    Doing objectives is not an issue and wasn't even the issue. Sure I mentioned the gen rush but not in a negative way. It was just something that happened.

    When it comes to the survivor in question, I was taught and encouraged to always try and put myself in someone else's shoes, which is what I did. How would I like not to get the chance to play my game?

    I also didn't mention that the didnt bring a flashlight or have one wheni chased him to the door, someone dropped it for him.

    I can understand getting points at the exit, I even understand challenges can cause some aggressive behavior. I just didn't see the full point of it.

    Couple examples of what I try to do. As survivor, (I play both, just prefer killer) if everyone but me disconnects, I try to give the killer at least one kill. Same applies when I'm killer. Had a match where I was the doctor and it was the saw map. 3 d/c's instantly. I just opened the door for them.

    As survivor, if I can clearly tell the killer is new and doesn't know what to do, I go easy on them. But that's me.

    This might just be me, but this is a game that I play for fun, not to prove anything. I try to make it a fun experience for all involved.

    Hopefully we can't go on to not be enemies here.

    PS. Please to assume this is me cowering because you flagged my post. It's not that serious for me. We just got off on the wrong foot is all.

    August 13