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  • GrootDude

    R.I.P for a month

    October 23
  • Kilmeran

    So, was watching some PTB Streaming today from different folks. None of the obvious Big Guys, because I avoid them like the plague.

    Challenges. Oh boy. If they're any indication then my concerns on that one were right on. Solo survivor is going to suck even more.

    I watched Streamers have challenges like X-number of flashlight saves, or X-number of health state healing, or X-number of safe unhooks (one of them was 5 safe unhooks). I then watched them stealth around the killer waiting for a fellow Survivor to go down so they could pounce with a flashlight save. Or when they see a Survivor being chased, hang around out of sight waiting for the hook so they could go for a safe unhook.

    And so forth.

    Going to be good for Killers because Gens sure as hell weren't getting done. Going to be okay for SWF teams who can layer and coordinate getting challenges done along with Gens. Going to absolutely suck for Solos, as everyone goes for the challenges and gens don't get done, which is precisely what I saw happen over and over today.

    I mean, yeah, we kind of had it with Dailies to a small degree. But Dailies only gave extra BP and could be re-rolled. Challenges are a different beast since they are now a form of game progression.

    I feel sorry for solo survivors once this goes Live. It's the same issues I saw with Challenges in other Battlepass games, and something I will give credit to Jeff Kaplan of Overwatch about. He has stated repeatedly when people have asked about daily quests or challenges in Overwatch that he will never implement them, because it overall hinders normal gameplay as people just start worrying about completing them instead of playing proper matches.

    October 8
    • Carpemortum
      Jeeeeesus. So basically pustula farming but daily. That's going to be....nightmarish for survivors not in a full squad...

      Hopefully changes will be made, although we both know they wont.
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