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  • Peanits changed the profile picture for Carpemortum.
    May 15
    • Carpemortum
      Wait, what? From what? It was already kate as far as I knew?
  • Kilmeran

    A lot of stuff we see in video games today actually draws its roots from table-top games. The most obvious is D&D and how MMOs drew most of their mechanics from it.

    But even when it comes down to games where you have talents or perks or skills, or whatever name a video game calls them, where you level-up and spend points on building a character (what we now call a loadout). All of that is drawn from table-top RPGs, which started doing it way back in the 1980s in a variety of non-D&D RPGs.

    So, I have a lot of experience working with those systems, analyzing how the talent/perks/skill play with one another, looking at combinations that are OP, et cetera.

    I just don't ever make posts about it for two reasons:

    1) I'm not doing a video game developer's work for them for free. I'm way past that point in my career.

    2) I have zero interest in arguing about it with arm-chair developers on forums that have zero experience with game design or balance.

    April 16
    • Carpemortum
      Haha I don't blame you on EITHER points. especially on this forum.
      But yeah I knew they were basically built on the old tabletop systems. I played a lot of D&D as a kid so when I got my hands on Morrowind, and my buddies couldnt figure out why they didnt hit enemies even though they were standing in front of them, I knew it was the same as the rough AC/Hit Bonus D20 system. When I got into Wow I LOVED being able to see the numbers and stats, and all the tabletop based elements. Seeing how things could be absolutely broken OP if put together the right way and whatnot.
      That's why I HATED oblivion. Less tabletop system more casual gamer catering IMO.

      I wont act like im super knowledgeable about how video games are programmed and whatnot, but I can absolutely see how they work on the same systems. When I posted that I honestly forgot you had VG contacts and whatnot, and jsut went on the tabletop points i'd seen you make. Which is why I put the (doesn't matter which in terms of handling a business) part. Tabletop or MMO, balancing and feedback has to be done correctly. And you're not wrong in saying that it seems like a LOT of these changes and developers lack the true insight needed to do the job 100% correctly. I'm not gonna knock them for trying. They do a decent job, but lately it has definitely seemed like a lot of "well what if we try this out" decisions.
  • Davy_Jones

    It is this match. Watch and tell me if the killer did something bannable.

    I'm noob on forum and I dont know how to send this inbox. :s

    April 9
    • Carpemortum
      At first I didnt think it would be, but after looking at the rules maybe?

      It was obviously delaying/extending the game with the intent to troll or just waste time by slugging and picking you up to hook you anyway, but I'm not sure if that itself is bannable.

      But these are both listed as bannable:

      -Targeting specific users repeatedly in order to ruin their game experience
      -Holding the game hostage

      And it could be easily argued she was using the first to create the second.

      So while technically she was just slugging (which isn't bannable) until she hooked you, it was with the intent to ruin your game. it wasn't a slug to secure a 4k, but to try to force you to DC.

      While I would say yes it would be considered bannable, given the list of bannable offenses and whatnot here:

      Without a mod or dev to confirm it I can't say 100%.
    • Carpemortum
      So yeah, I can see what you mean now. I thought you meant only slugging.
      That definitely seemed bannable based on what the rules say. It wasnt the slugging, It was the using it to intentionally mess with them/try to get them to DC.
  • Kilmeran

    Just wanted to say farewell. No, not quitting DbD, it'll still be in my game play rotation, but quitting the forums. Outside of a couple of you, I simply do not enjoy this segment of the community in the slightest.

    Just wanted to say it's been nice talking with you in various threads. Once I send this, the DbD forums are being added to my blocked site list in Chrome. I keep getting tempted to come here, and once I block a site I rarely ever unblock it, and it prevents habit from having me visit.

    Anyway, take care. You're one of the good ones at the forums.

    April 14
  • Peasant

    @Carpemortum If you would like to observe even more hypocrisy it would seem that now a growing number of killer mains and people who play both sides are switching to playing survivor only just to be toxic with the very perk they complained about. It's been corrupted to the very core.

    April 3
    • Carpemortum
      Carpemortum the entire community has flip flopped to the other well maybe it will work itself out when both sides realize its not as bad as they make it seem. This is getting ridiculous...