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Hi, welcome to my profile, you may call me Doc. I am a veteran DbD player, started playing on 17 June 2016 and clocked in well over 2k hours on both sides. In regards to the Game, I consider myself unbiased to either side. I play both Killer and Survivor on a regular basis and you can rest assured that whenever I propose a balance chance pro Killer, I keep in mind that if it goes through, I'd have to play against it as Survivor. The same goes the other way round. I maintained the official Dead by Daylight Wiki hosted on Gamepedia for the past 2 years, but I am currently taking a sabbatical from Wiki-work outside of keeping vandals at bay and light maintenance. This partially to protest recent changes in the Game and with BHVR themselves that I do not endorse, but also because it would currently take up too much of my free time, that I do not get compensated for. Wiki-work is voluntary and some people would do good to keep that in mind. I am temporarily back from a week-long break on the forum, I will see if I remain.


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  • Lonefox64

    Hey doc love the work but im curious, i know your taking a break on the wiki but where did those cool(i assume benidict baker) quotes come from at the top of every killer page excluding the new ones did BHVR just stop putting them out?

    May 22
  • Poweas

    You're back!

    May 12
  • Peanits changed the profile picture for DocOctober.
    May 7
  • Ihatelife

    April 18
  • TimeMonster

    I know that sometimes might be look like an lightheaded person, but this is not good.

    I wish you luck doc!

    Probably stings like hell, but it ain't gonna kill ya. Up and at 'em soldier. Time to move

    April 16
  • Peasant

    I've seen a lot of good forum people jailed in my time but this is ridiculous.

    With all of the work you put in on the Dead by Daylight wiki I honestly thought they might've given you diplomatic immunity.

    Whoever banned you must not realize that they're swinging at a pillar of the community. If what HavelmomDaS1 said is true and you do eventually get banned I wouldn't be surprised if the ceiling buckles after the support is removed.

    I wish you the best of luck with things, friend.

    April 16

    What happened here? Why are you on all people jailed up?

    April 16
    • DocOctober
      Mods don't like people calling out Survivor bias.
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    You received 500 Awesomes. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    April 15
  • Poweas

    Wow O_o I didn't expect that....

    You're one of the most dedicated people in this community, you manage the dbd wiki and you are unbelievably informative, how did you get jailed?

    April 13
    • DocOctober
      I'm quoting what the mod in question told me (not difficult to guess which one though):
      "This post is incredibly aggressive and you really are insulting a whole group of players who disagree with your points of view."

      An objective assessment of Survivor hypocrisy is apparently worthy of a jail-time.

      At this point, I'm starting to become really fed up with Dead by Daylight and the devs better remind the mods that if I go, they'll be in trouble. I'm the only guy maintaining the Wiki to its current level of dedication and accuracy, there's no one going to replace me.

      Their in-game "Wiki" and their website are out-of-date: old descriptions that have changed a lot due to Patches, no documented Patch Notes since August 2018, no news besides the Switch release, Chapter XI is missing completely, as well as Ash, the manual is outdated and the list goes on.

      It's obvious they didn't see any need to update them, if I basically did all that on the Wiki, and for free, but it'll bite them in their backsides should I stop doing that.
    • Poweas
      Don't go from the wiki, please. I swear, your Spirit page helps me understand Rin to a whole new degree.
    • DocOctober
      Believe me, I don't want to either. But to maintain a Wiki detailed to the degree I got it to in the past almost 2 years requires a LOT of time, my spare time that I'm not being reimbursed. I only do it because I feel passionate about the game. But if DbD fails to keep me as a loyal player, I'll stop working on the Wiki as well. That would simply be the logical consequence.
    • Poweas
      I understand. If you choose to leave it, I will think no less of you.
  • VolantConch1719

    I log on and this is what I see. For calling out things that need calling out?

    And yet, all those who say Legion is complete trash and don't listen to the other side go free?

    Tell me I'm dreaming.

    April 15
  • Raccoon

    Wow O_O

    April 12
  • Detective_Jonathan

    Wait what? this is getting out of hand. You mean to tell me, that the guy that put all his heart and soul into the wiki for the game just got jailed simply because he called someone out on their hypocrisy on NOED?

    The guy that gathered all the information necessary to make the wiki what it is today?

    Are we even allowed to have a debate anymore?

    April 11
  • HavelmomDaS1

    The moderation on this forum is absolutely insane. I can imagine which mod jailed you. It's just a matter of time till you are completely banned like some others who are talking directly the truth.

    Sad that certain mods are still holding their position.

    April 10
  • Hoodedfengm1n

    You got jailed for the NoEd post?

    The forums is getting easier in bans and jails

    April 10
  • Carpemortum

    Wait, how did YOU get put in jail?

    April 9
    • DocOctober
      Mods don't like calling Survivors out on their hypocrisy regarding NOED
    • Carpemortum
      Ahhh. I looked through and all I could find was opposing views and being blunt with people.

      Dark days.
  • Shad03

    Oh Entity damn it all.

    April 9
  • DocOctober changed their profile picture.
    April 3