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  • BlueFang
    October 7
  • FireHazard

    It's good to know you didn't end up going through with quitting the community.

    I do hope you'll overall have a good experience in the future, and can come to enjoy it again. Or, if you're tired of the game, it's just nice to see you around ;)

    September 30
    • DudeDelicious
      It’s currently been a crappy experience during the blood hunt. Glad that’s over with.
    • FireHazard
      Same here.
  • Marcus

    So I saw in your posts that you main Plague and Freddy. So I wanted to ask you who do you think is stronger between these 2 ? Because I want to post a tier list soon, but I can't decide who to place higher between Plague and Freddy, so I wanted to know your advice.

    September 26
    • DudeDelicious
      The more I play Plague, the tougher that call gets as the stronger she seems, especially with the new DL+Thana combo.
      Freddy is damn good. I personally rarely lose with him. He’s just so versatile, and he becomes even stronger when someone learns proper mid chase teleport or teleport mind games.
      Plague in a lot of ways feels like old Freddy in some regards, and dominates hard when she is more focused on the gens than the chase. You want to get every survivor sick ASAP, so it’s ok to Run’n’Gun with Vile Purge and allow them to passively reach broken stage whilst searching out the other survivors to get sick. This is especially true for me against good loopers/long chases. As long as I can get them sick either directly or via a pallet or vault I’ve infected, then I feel good abandoning that chase.
      Plague can’t really mind game well, but she doesn’t need to. It’s best not to let chases go too long, and rather either see how foolishly bold survivors will be trying to return to gens you’re staying close to whilst they’re in the broken state, or they realise it’s far too dangerous to resume repairs once they’re aware you’re not going to be baited too far away and so the cleansing starts happening. Plague is weak when baited into long chases and loops (like most killers), but ridiculously strong at gen defence, almost as good as Doc, either directly with infecting gens or the danger she poses while survivors are broken OR you do get Corrupt Purge and it becomes easy to down those remaining on gens, or you control gens passively when you have Corrupt Purge active and the survivors become too damn scared and just hide away for awhile
  • Kiskashi

    Hey I haven’t been on here much but I remembered we talked a while ago about actually playing together/against each other since we share a region. I noticed I played against you the other day, I was going to say something but you had your dms blocked (understandably with dbd) sorry it was such poor matchmaking though and on one of the largest maps (I feel like I didn’t see you much at all, was a strange match) but maybe it means we will play again one day hopefully under better circumstances 👍😊

    September 23
  • JawsIsTheNextKiller

    I'm glad you are still with us!

    September 19
    • DudeDelicious
      Thanks mate. Still here with my reasoned points of view and the opposite extreme of absurd suggestions lol
  • Marcus

    You didn't want to delete your account ? What happened ?

    September 19
    • DudeDelicious
      Hehe, I calmed down and thought I’ll give it 24 hours and at least give Stranger Things a chance.
  • TheGorgon

    Stick around. You don't need to play DBD or whatever is happening to you, you'll feel better. Don't let anyone or anything get to you.

    September 17
  • Masantonio

    I saw your post about leaving.

    I wanted to drop by and say that you've been a positive addition to this forum for a longer time. I'm sad to see you go, and I wish you the best of luck.

    With regards,


    September 16
  • yobuddd

    I’m sorry to see that you want to leave this game. Believe, I know how all this negativity can affect a person.

    You mentioned you have a PS4, so I want to suggest you look into Monster Hunter World. It is based entirely on cooperation between players with a very positive community. (You can go solo too, for when you’re done with people).

    Hope to see you around at some point! Take care!

    September 16
  • FireHazard

    Sad to see you go, I wish you the best of luck in the future.

    September 16
  • KillermainBTWm8
    September 8
  • DudeDelicious earned the 2500 Comments badge.
    Another day, another comment, another badge.
    September 6
  • edgarpoop

    Fellow Clown masochist! I figured out a really good build tonight. It looks meh, but trust me. Make Your Choice, STBFL, Ruin, M+A. Starling Feather/Flask of Bleach, and Solvent Jug. I had one game where I 3k'd with no gens done (hatch escape). It has a high amount of variance though because you'll have to play every loop without Enduring/Spirit Fury, so there is outplay potential on the survivor side. I also played around with Thrilling Tremors and BBQ instead of Make Your Choice, but Clown seems to benefit from the lethality more than the tracking.

    August 23
    • DudeDelicious
      Thanks matey.
      STBFL is definitely one of the best perks for Clown to use.
      And I agree it’s better to forego tracking perks on Clown in favour of perks that increase lethality or assist in the chase.
  • Mushwin

    @DudeDelicious i have always been curious to the delicious in your name, what makes you delicious? o.O

    August 19
    • DudeDelicious
      It’s just been my gaming persona for almost 2 decades.
      I just thought it was a little cheeky and the name rolled off the tongue nicely.
      Presumably I’m easy on the eye though according to many.