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Spine Chill is my life saver, nothing compared to it.


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  • No_Mither_No_Problem

    Press jeff to pay respects

    August 10
  • BeanieBoyBob

    Why has Ember been banned? Wasn't even jailed or warned as far as I am aware. This little ban wave for popular users is starting to concern me now.

    August 13
  • Chaddad2169

    Bruh, what is this? First Miaasma now Ember? R.I.P

    August 12
  • Acesthetiic

    Wow. You seem like a really chill person. This ban has got to be BS right?

    August 10
  • invira_zero

    Ember contacted with me, he said that he dont know the reason, why he got banned

    August 10
  • My_Farewell

    RIP dude. I didnt know u well but as far as i know you were pretty chill.

    I wonder what ..... reason mods had to ban you this time.

    August 10
  • invira_zero

    Still aint get the reason, why did he got banned. Btw, if you see this, reply me on "[email protected]" mail. GL

    August 9
  • VolantConch1719

    I have no words...

    No jail. No warning.

    Please tell me this is some horrible nightmare.

    August 9
  • invira_zero

    WTH? Again, people got banned without warn. I hope this one isnt perma

    August 9
  • Boosted_Dwight

    Oh my god no! Out of all the people!

    Mods explain please so I can be less mad at you guys right now! >:v

    August 9
  • KillermainBTWm8

    To everything I know Ember wasn't warned or Jailed mods explain?

    August 9
  • ASAPTurtle

    This guy was super nice and civil. I'm actually furious that they are banned.

    August 9
  • Masantonio

    Everyone is getting banned.

    Wouldn't be surprised if the sky fell right now.

    August 9
  • PhantomMask20763

    R.I.P you poor unfortunate soul

    August 9


    August 9
  • Pulsar

    WHAT? Ember, my guy! I have no idea how you were banned, you were so respectful!!!

    August 9
  • GrootDude

    What?!? You were sooo innocent!!! :( What happened?

    August 8
    • Shaped
      I am baffled myself. People get banned so easily on these forums smh.
  • GrootDude

    I wanted to avoid continuing to go off topic in the nurse thread so here I am. :D

    Silent Wraith is fun, although Wraith has tons of fun builds. :P I wish you good luck in your Wraith games with those tips. Although it isn’t a full proof strategy, it’ll definitely help you win. :)

    July 22
    • Ember_Hunter
      Spirit tips too? I know to listen to footsteps, and am saving for sloppy butcher and bloodhound. Predator seems nice too. Would take spirit fury, but at tier 1 rn XD
      And Legion? I play most successfully when I can land my hits. Discordance is my gen rush life saver, I use it sometimes with all my killers. :)
    • GrootDude
      For spirit I’d say watch grass also, most survivors run to pallets (not a good play), if you have headphones then you’re pretty much set once you learn how to properly measure footsteps and injured noises. For legion, I haven’t played him much recently so I can’t really help you. :P
    • ShrekIsHot
      How to counter Legion? Make sure he misses his Frenzy, ruins his chance to injure everyone and you, use his or her stun as an advantage to get to a loop location and just counter them like any other M1 115% speed Killer.
    • Ember_Hunter
      It's easy to counter Legion, I was asking how to play him right XD
    • ShrekIsHot
      OH I SEE.
      Utilize your Frenzy at the beginning of the game, get everyone injured for beginning game pressure. Use Frenzy to get intel to where other people are, it can help you find the last person and have an idea to where they are when using Frenzy to hit someone and down them, use Frenzy to catch up in chases where you are far way, they got Lithe or Sprint Burse? Balanced? Catch up with that and hit them with M1, good perks with him are Barbecue, Bamboozle, any on hit perks like STBFL, Sloppy, Franklin's, Nurse's Calling works, Pop Goes the Weasel. Use Frenzy to patrol gens faster, his good add ons are duration add ons, Frenzy cool down add ons and his Pink destroy pallets when vaulting add on.
    • ShrekIsHot
      Since that is what you have, run:
      Sloppy Butcher, Discordance, and any two other perks.
      I recommend you work on Leatherface next.
  • Ember_Hunter earned the 1000 Comments badge.
    You’re practically family.
    July 23