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    November 6
  • anarchy753

    GG, didn't realise you were oceanic too.

    October 30
    • Fibijean
      I am indeed. Did I get you in a game today? Sorry mate, didn't even realise! Hope to see you around more though, if that's the case :)
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    October 22
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    October 16
  • MKenny

    Hi there. I just read your survivor guide and it's really amazing. I'm coming by to ask if I can translate your guide into Chinese and repost(of course with your original link and name and credits to you)? As you might know, many sites are banned in China and also we use a different language so it is hard for Chinese players to see and understand your guide. If there's any trust issue, I'm one of the Fog Whisperers(You can check from official FW list) and I can add you on Steam if you're willing to. Would be so appreciated if you reply. Thanks anyway. XD

    My Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/mousekenny

    September 23
    • Fibijean
      Hi! Just saw your comment. I'm so glad you liked my guide. If you think it would be helpful for Chinese players, I would be more than happy for you to translate it, with the appropriate credits you mentioned. Please send me a link to the post when you're done! If you need any of the resources like the InDesign file just let me know, otherwise you could send me the translations to put into the guide and we can work on it together.
  • You received 500 Up Votes. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    September 19
  • nan1234

    Man, I just read your guide and it’s amazing. Easy to understand but covers a lot of the aspects in the game. New players are in safe hands. Great work!

    Could you make another guide for the new killers? No pressure of course, but I’m sure they will be glad to have one 😉

    Anyway, thanks again, your work is appreciated.

    September 18
    • Fibijean
      Thank you! I'm glad you thought it was helpful. I wouldn't mind making a killer guide, but I am a heavy survivor main. My major concern is that I just don't know enough about playing killer to give an informed guide on the topic. For example, I could cover the basics of hooking and locating survivors and such things, but I wouldn't be able to give advice on other important things like how to counter looping or catch up to survivors in chases.