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  • Orionbash

    Deletes posts that disagree with his political beliefs even if they're members of the same minority group being discussed. Does BHVR share the same stance to silence minorities when they don't follow a specific political belief?

    March 1
  • HollowsGrief

    You deleted my post that didn't say anything crude, hateful or insulting to anyone. I'm just going to assume it's because you disagree with me, which is in itself extremely distasteful but hey you're the mod you can do what you want I guess, sucks to have the wrong opinion I guess?

    February 26
    • Orionbash
      This happened to me too. As Gay Myers is part of the BHVR team it seems that BHVR has taken a stance to side with only certain members of the LGBT community that share a certain political belief.
  • Dingo88

    Why close my discussion it was an opinion from personnel experiences that Iv had.

    are we not aloud an opinion on this now.

    I thot that was what forums were for

    February 20
    • Gay Myers (Luzi)
      Gay Myers (Luzi)
      Again, how people behave is not really platform dependant. It's explained in the reason why it's closed
  • Akedya
    Hello, I have been sending a message to the ticket for 12-13 days recently they started to ban my emails.I opened family sharing to a friend a long time ago, I was banned in a way when I was not there, so I was banned automatically, all I want is a chance please help me.
    January 26
    • Gay Myers (Luzi)
      Gay Myers (Luzi)
      General tip: Don't spam supports with tickets. Send one and be patient, this goes for every support.
      There is nothing I can do for you, Support is the only source you can contact. Have a nice day!
    • Akedya
      Thank you for your attention
      I had a little trouble with the shock of the incident on the first day. They banned my e-mail. In the days after that, even though I sent only 1 message, they started directly banning them without being answered.
    • Gay Myers (Luzi)
      Gay Myers (Luzi)
      There is nothing we can do for you. It's an issue between you and support. Have a nice day.
  • Gay Myers (Luzi)
    Gay Myers (Luzi) changed their profile picture.
    January 14
  • semihoereten

    Hi so this bug with the disconnect happend to me again and its pissing me off bc i now got a ban for 2 days and this is unbeliveable its just so at a certain point (most on actions) my game freezes and then im being kicked out of the Game and it says Disconnected from the Host but i can still talk with my friends in the PS4 Party so if you could help me with this it would be great ( Problem on Ps4)

    January 4
    • Gay Myers (Luzi)
      Gay Myers (Luzi)
      Hey, you can create a thread in the tech forum to see if they can help you there: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/technical-issues
  • Ink_Eyes

    Thank you for the quick answer.

    January 8
    • Gay Myers (Luzi)
      Gay Myers (Luzi)
      And sorry it wasn't correct! MandyTalk caught it though :) Sorry for this again. Am just human after all. (maybe)