For its year 3 anniversary, Dead by Daylight will be hosting its biggest livestream on May 31st at 3PM EST
Major reveals, drama, laughs, cries, surprises. It’s a date!

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  • FireHazard

    Did you sign up for that 500 man experiment? And if you did, did you get a email yet? Cause I did but its not really being said if its done or not.

    May 22
    • FireHazard
      If you're interested, no I didn't get one. And they said on one of the posts that its over (sending out invitations is over)
      Apparently over 19500 people signed up, so the odds were stacked against us all anyways.
  • TreemanXD

    Me and all the other wall creepers would. :D

    May 16
  • TreemanXD

    As a wall creeper myself I don’t mind, the search feature is fixed btw.

    May 16
  • Peanits changed the profile picture for Kiskashi.
    May 13
    • Kiskashi
      I've been hit, what a cruel fate. I was honestly wondering how long it would be...goodbye old giant mikey icon...I knew thee for a short but sweet time.
  • Theluckyboi

    good luck with nurse! she is really fun in my opinion, ignoring literally every mechanic that makes the survivors feel safe is really interesting IMO

    May 13
  • Theluckyboi

    Yes, the new FPS change of 2.7.0 made nurse into less of a pain in the ass to learn, she is a bit easier to learn now but some bugs like the bugged blink charge animation are still really annoying

    she is hard to git gud with but here are my tips if you want to start learning how to play her

    • Set sensibility to 80
    • if you are using add-ons try to balance them out, avoid using add-ons that increase charge speed unless you are combining them with another ones that decrease it (bad man keepsake+anxious grasp, pocket watch+metal spoon)
    • DONT BREAK THE PALLETS! they are your best friend, if a survivor vaults one he is easy prey for you
    • Dont be afraid to blink, M1 only if they arent aware you have seen them or are doing weird movements
    • Extra blinks are OP, not a tip but a reminder, 5 blinks is the equivalent of instasaw billy for nurse.
    May 13
  • xmenfanatic

    I am a PS4 player! Haha, I haven’t had internet for the last month but I just got it back two days ago ^_^

    your name looks familiar too, I’m sure I’ve played with or against you before, if not both

    May 4

    Ah, you figured it out! :)

    I used to be Nickenzie but a mod changed it to NMCKE because it helps synchronize both my XB1 username and forum username.

    April 24
    • NMCKE
      It's okay, one day we will be able to play together with cross platform capability!

      About the username, it feels cool because it's like I'm under cover!
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