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  • ReviloDBD

    Hi, I'm kind of new on the Forums, but yes I play on PC! Using Steam, I believe my Steam name is Bacardibat16.. thanks for offering to help with Freddy!

    September 20
    • LordGlint
      I sent ya a friend request on steam. Look for Bruce.
  • FireHazard

    I like how 2 months ago (or was it 3) that you only had like 300 posts...

    Time flys when you take a break from here huh.

    September 12

    Dude, you will get banned if the moderators find out about your alternative account.

    Forum Guidelines:

    I didn't flag you because I don't think you deserved to be banned, but you should definitely edit out your comment or just be flat out honest to the moderators. I know the moderators very well, and your story will end very soon if you don't act accordingly. ☹

    Is there anything you want me to do? I can contact one of the moderators, and help you out, but I can't promise anything because you did break a forum rule.

    September 10
    • LordGlint
      I think you misunderstood something, lol. Someone accused me of having an alt account because he couldn't believe someone else agreed with me on a thread, so the joke was made that EVERY account on this forum was secretly just my alt accounts. I don't REALLY have an alt, lol.
    • NMCKE
      Oh, I'm sorry, I was just watching over you because you're a cool dude! :)
    • LordGlint
      Your good man. Read the thread on "INSTA DOWNS DO NOT MAKE YOU "GOOD", KILLERS." for the full joke.
    • FireHazard
      I'm also Lord Glints alt, we all are.

      @NMCKE is also Lords alt, he just doesnt know it yet. He will be assimilated soon enough...
  • GrootDude

    This is your pfp, they all are. We’re all your alts. :D

    Thanks man

    September 11
  • KillermainBTWm8

    How does it feel to be exposed for having an alt account?!

    September 9
  • LordGlint earned the 5 Answers badge.
    Your willingness to share knowledge has definitely been noticed.
    September 9