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  • Masantonio

    I just wanted to quickly follow up on the badge glitch I had by saying @TheHoodedOne also experienced the glitch by getting the 8th upvote badge before the 5th.

    I hope this doesn't sound annoying 😅

    October 18
    • MandyTalk
      The forums have new "features" - lol
  • Mister_xD

    hey there,

    i have a question regarding one of my older discussions and since i didnt really know where to ask, i though it'd do it this way, as its a little more private here.

    so basically, a couple of days ago i received the notification that someone has commented on one of my old discussions (referring to this one: and when i went there to check it out, the comment had been removed and the discussion was closed.

    i would just like to know why the whole thing got closed, as i have not received any information on that matter up until now.

    also, a bug i noticed aswell was, that the responses of Peanits do not count towards my "BHVR Read" count and the discussions are also missing the "Dev / Communitymanager" tag they usually get. instead they have the "Mod" tag, as Peanits was labeled as "Mod" at the time he answered it, instead of "Dev".

    again, i apologize if this way of messaging you is incorrect. if so, please tell me how i should do it next time so i can do it properly then! :)

    thank you in advance!

    October 19
  • Masantonio

    Can you tell me what the maximum character length is for usernames? I'd like to know because I'm considering a username change.

    Also, can it include commas?

    October 10
  • UlvenDagoth

    Thank you for that. That whole topic was very... well you saw it.

    October 9
  • Queen_

    How do you report someone for lag switching

    October 8
    • MandyTalk
      Hi, you need to have made an in game report, then send any additional evidence (video for example) to support:
  • Masantonio

    Wanted to let you know that this is a thing. I just got these and I have 2k upvotes currently.

    October 7
    • MandyTalk
      Well that's a bit strange! I'll get it looked into, something has definitely gone wrong - we've not made changes as far as I can see - but there's white quote boxes as well, so it seems a few things have happened Vanilla's end in the last day or so. We'll check it out. Thanks for bringing this to my attention <3
  • MonsterInMyMind

    Hi Could you DM me i was wondering if its possible to change my forums name

    October 7
  • StupidPallets

    Mandy, if you have the power, send over some info to the Dev team regarding colorblindness. What does this mean? A new perk that highlights survivors similar to how Michael brightens his victims when he stalks them. Something simple like that. It'll be one of the easiest perks to make and it'll actually be balanced because colorblind people are now using a whole perk slot.

    Also, enough with the Gen tapping on your second hook:

    People with arthritis and bone disease suffer, not to mention it's just an unnecessary general annoyance.

    These are two accessibility and QoL issues regarding disabled people who like your game. You should show some proper reasoning as to why they don't deserve to enjoy DBD on the same terms as others who are not afflicted with these disorders.

    Thank you very much.

    October 2
  • TheDeadBody

    I tryed already support and I still dont get any Answer from them

    Thats my Ticket Number..


    September 30
  • EnviouSLAY

    Hai; just wanted to say the purpose of my forum post was for the mods/devs to see why people DC from matches so there can be some insight into possible things to change to make the game more enjoyable for killers/survivors to play the match 100% through. Changes need to happen and this is the place for people to voice what their concerns really.

    September 30


    July 15
  • BBQnDemogorgon

    I have an in-game rules question i don't know where else to ask.

    Someone got angry with me for doing a no hook/battle bong (meme build name) wraith match.

    You go in spam the bell ring so everyone hears it while attempting to slug all survivors until they bleed out. Is this against the rules? I was doing it because i know slugging itself isn't but i want to make sure before ever doing it again.

    September 16
  • Naruto

    Hi I have a question what are the best ways to obtain auric cells without buying them.

    September 12
    • MandyTalk
      There's occasionally competition on the forums or the official Discord where the prizes can sometimes be Auric Cells - this is the only other way, other than buying them that you can get them.
  • MissBehavingX

    Hello, sorry to bother you. I was wondering why my submission for the beginners guide was pulled. I assume i can't make a post of it in the forums, so here I am. Did i mention anything that cant be said? I was very proud of my submission, and it took quite a few days for me to do it, so i'd love to know what was wrong with it.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    September 8
  • MandyTalk earned the 50 Answers badge.
    Why use Google when we could just ask you?
    August 28
  • Sasori_puppet

    @MandyTalk I verified my game files but it did not work , so I am going to contact the support , thank you for helping me ❤️

    August 22
  • Sasori_puppet

    hi sorry if I bother you , I don't have the ornate mask for the trapper I see it in store but I can't equip it so is it a bug or I can't get is anymore?

    August 21