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  • Deadeye

    Thanks for response to the Freddy bug.

    And thanks to closing the thread XD that got pretty much out of control

    I hope I send this correctly, is it a PM? Didn't find another spot to send one

    January 22
  • GrandpaBill24

    @MandyTalk Is there any way that I can get rid of the edited status and the small red text under my reply that says "Post edited by GrandpaBill24 on January 9"?

    January 17
    • MandyTalk
      There's not I'm afraid @GrandpaBill24, those are automatic when a post is edited - and it's not something we can even manually remove.
  • SpaceCoconut


    Can anything be done to remove the restricted status and the associated warning if the post did not warrant that punishment?

    I figured I'd ask before sharing the details.

    January 11
    • MandyTalk
      Warnings do not get appealed to Co-Ordinators, this is between you and the moderator who gave you your warning. Please respect our forum rules that we do not discuss moderation publicly!
  • NurseMainBTW

    Hey Mandy sorry to bother you. Mind giving a bit of attention to this thread? https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/968164#Comment_968164 Some people really don't know how to behave. Can I get a bit of assistance? It's getting way to hot in here

    January 6
  • BorpSneep

    Hi MandyTalk! I don’t know if recording people farming and sandbagging me and my boyfriend so they can farm is still a punishable thing? but it’s not fun when the killer and the other two survivor teamed up against us.

    January 5
    • MandyTalk
      Working with the killer is something that can be punished yes, please make sure to make an in game report and then send additional evidence to Support (video is perfect!) https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us . Sorry that you had such a bad experience, I hope the rest of your games go better.
  • MrsGhostface

    Hi! I would like my new username to be MrsGhostface if that’s fine. Thank you

    January 4
    • MandyTalk
      I've done that for you now :)
  • ilumi

    how to fix error 8014 i installed dead by daylight today and already reinstalled and is giving the same error i installed by microsoft store

    January 2
  • MiktheSpik

    How do i report this user

    December 2019
    • MandyTalk
      If you mean in game use the in game report system and then send additional evidence to support - https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us . And if you mean on the forum - just click the Flag under their post.
  • KeepDCPenalties

    I'm not quite sure how you can say that I had no intent on discussing anything when I literally just got done writing a paragraph defending my point not more than 3 comments above yours.

    December 2019
  • niemniemnieeem

    hello, Mandy, how can i reach out to you privately? i want to report a false warning

    December 2019
    • niemniemnieeem
      no, nevermind, texted Luzi on discord
    • niemniemnieeem
      ugh, no, i still need your help. figured how to do dm in discord =/ sorry, i'm old
  • Cornpopers_Evan

    Hi @MandyTalk, sorry to do this but could you change my name from Cornpopers to Cornpopers(Evan) please and thank you.

    December 2019
  • megaweenieman

    I know you’re doing your job but it might be useful for you to include a link to the forum rules when you warn someone 👍

    December 2019
  • mmain

    I would like some clarification on a warning message I received. Someone commented on a thread by basically saying anyone that disagreed with them was.... and proceeded to use a couple of different names.

    I commented to them and let them know that using ad hominem attacks by calling people #[email protected]!$ and #@# was not an effective debate strategy.

    Despite the fact neither of the words were curse words I was told I bypassed the profanity filter. I don't know how I bypassed using profanity when none of the words I used were profanity plus I wouldn't know how to bypass the filter. I'm not that tech savvy.

    I was also told I called people names. I literally called the other person out for calling names. I didn't call him a name in return. Yes, I copied and pasted the names he used as reference for what he said but I didn't direct those names at him.

    Anyway, I was accused of using profanity, which I didn't. I was accused of bypassing the profanity filter, which I didn't and wouldn't begin to know how if I even wanted to do so. I was accused of calling people names when I was literally calling someone else out for calling names.

    The warning seems to be a completely misguided take on the situation and unjustified from beginning to end.

    December 2019
    • MandyTalk
      What you did was alter the word - you don't need to be tech savy to do that, and that's the very definition of bypassing our profanity filter.
    • mmain
      I didn't alter any words. I copied and pasted the things the person I was responding to said. But at least I understand what that is referring to now. I assume you mean the word that starts with R. I don't consider that profanity, but at least I know it is considered that here now. I would never use it on my own, and I know now not to use it here even to call someone else out for it.

      I still find it ridiculous I was accused of calling people names when I didn't and that I was warned for literally telling someone that calling names isn't acceptable. But if I've learned anything about participating in forums it's that rules are always way over zealously applied.
    • FearedbytheGods
      Oh wow, came here to ask a similar question but looks like I already have my answer -.-
  • ninjun


    You locked my thread about an issue for "discussing the ban". I was not discussing anything, just trying to find out if I'm banned and if a chargeback is a viable option.

    December 2019
  • yikers

    Why did you lock the thread ?

    These guys obviously lied and anyone can check the threads and timestamps on the comments, then you dont give others a way to shine a light on the truth ?

    December 2019
    • MandyTalk
      Because there was absolutely no discussion happening there, it was purely going to turn argumentative due to your initial post.
  • thesuicidefox

    Thank you. I'm trying very hard here 😇

    December 2019
    • MandyTalk
      I can see that, and I appreciate it...and your calmness in dealing with it. I agree with your idea - I really do think this needs to be made clearer, we get a lot of threads about it, so to me that shows there's a problem.