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  • Sasori_puppet

    @MandyTalk I verified my game files but it did not work , so I am going to contact the support , thank you for helping me ❤️

    August 22
  • Sasori_puppet

    hi sorry if I bother you , I don't have the ornate mask for the trapper I see it in store but I can't equip it so is it a bug or I can't get is anymore?

    August 21


    July 15
  • JJEatsDirt

    Hello, I know it's probably too late, but I messed up my cosmetic contest entry and forgot to add my name, and it won't let me edit. Is there any way I can edit it, or is it too late now? Either way, thank you <3

    July 13
    • MandyTalk
      Sorry but it's too late to add any edits to the contests.
    • JJEatsDirt
      That's what I thought ;;; Thank you!
  • DaS_only

    Hey, can you help me out? For some reason my discussion disappeared. It seems like it got deleted but I did not got any message from a mod. Can you find it and "activate" again? The topic was about cosmetics.

    July 14
  • TheNeo

    Hi, I have the error code 107 and I don't haven't idea where to report it

    July 13
    • MandyTalk
      Please start a thread in the Technical Issues sub category, giving full information please (computer specifications etc).
  • Theluckyboi

    Understood, thanks for the answer

    July 7
  • Poweas


    July 5
  • MandyTalk changed their profile picture.
    July 5
  • Brunofb3

    Hi. I'm not sure about where I ask this but... Where I find how do BHVR treats racists injuries that occur in post-match game chat?

    July 4
    • MandyTalk
      @Brunofb3 - please make an in game report about the player and it helps to send a support ticket to . Reports are dealt with and these things are taken seriously.
  • Volfawott

    Is there a way to change your name on here?

    July 3
  • Nopepad

    You close my thread and tell me to contact a moderate directly but the forums don't even have a PM feature, what do you expect me to do? Regardless I moved the thread to bug reports a few days ago, might want to delete that thread I guess.

    June 27
  • DeltaTMD

    I have a question. For the Dead By Daylight Vanilla experiment. I was in the original candidate listing then it was cancelled... Am I still a part of the experiment for the one thats coming up? I haven't gotten any email saying anything about the 2nd vanilla experiment, and just wanna be sure. Thanks in advance!

    June 27
  • Poweas

    Hey I'm leaving Dead by Daylight, I might come back to the forums like once a week to see how the game is, but these killer ques have drove me away. Wanted to say bye <3

    June 25