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  • Nickenzie
    Hey @MandyTalk, my thread "The Decisive Strike Problem" has been randomly deleted. Is there anyway for you to recover my thread?
    December 9
    • Nickenzie
      Nvm, it was at the very bottom :(
  • Ultimatehunter1

    Ive been thinking maybe you have not aeen the update on my post so I just wanted to ask if you could please veiw it? Thank you for your time

    December 5
  • DocOctober

    A warning for what exactly, hm?

    I did not insult him, he did that all by himself after I made the suggestion to look up the numbers before complaining.

    December 3
    • harry14141414
      when they want to fix it but make it worst lmao
      it's ok man no hard feelings <3
  • harry14141414

    why would you give me a warning when I didn't say anything wrong to any one
    in fact I got insulted in my thread?
    and why would my thread get closed when people come in and insult me and call me a kid ???

    December 3
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    December 2
  • Hexyl

    Thank you in regards to my post earlier still have not heard anything from them but thank you for reaching out as well <3

    November 23
    • MandyTalk
      Not sure if you get a notification on this or not, I've not received a response from them - I will escalate it this week to try to get an answer for you.
  • Danix

    Hi Mandy! Just wanted to know: Why does my thread disappear when I make just a few edits to the original post? I edited it like 7 hours ago and it still hasn't come back... I didn't even change anything major! Thanks for reading.

    November 30
    • MandyTalk
      It was probably caught in the filter, it happens sometimes and then gets manually released.
  • crazychickenYT

    Hey dude,** i know with bans and stuff i should go to the support, i already did and it didnt work** the tickets are unavailable (Zendesk doesnt work) and i get a copy and paste, so after nothing helpful i went to to steam forums then i was banned trying to seek for help! and i dont wont to lose everything you know? ive bought DBD and i got every DLC bought besides clown and spirit ($56-$63) and i want to talk! please! dont just block me, help me please maybe u can get me to someone who can help? i was perm banned for DCing (even tho no other game bans for that, plus, i didnt get a warning and because its so secretive on bans** i didnt know it was a ban-able offence!) please email me @ **[email protected] i need someone to help me please

    December 2
  • Watery
    keep up the good work! it’s nice to have someone close arguments up before they start.
    November 20
  • Nickenzie
    Congrats on becoming an ACM! :)
    November 18
    • MandyTalk
      Thanks for the congratulations, but I'm not an ACM. :)
  • xmenfanatic

    If I were to open another thread to discuss queerness in the game, would you close it or would you help moderate the thread? I know I still have an interest in discussing the topic, and I was really disappointed to see that it was closed and no true moderation was applied to keep people on topic. In the end it felt like you removed the thread that would give access to discussing the topic.

    October 25
    • xmenfanatic
      I just would like to let you know that if I don’t hear from you in a week I’m going to submit a formal complaint about you not actually moderating the thread, and instead choosing to eliminate the ability to safely discuss LGBTQ concepts in a forum made explicitly to discuss things about the game. I do hope to hear from you, because this is incredibly disappointing
    • Benjaliman
      I'm just wondering how to fix the crashes in my game mate. sorry.
  • Radiant

    Killer or survivor sided choices can be made in good will - which is even worse since you're speaking about professionals.
    Nothing wrong with trial and error approach, but is obvious as the sun that what had been done has gone too far and is working against the game and against the community: surv not having fun and killers unable to play.

    And closing any argument that disturbs the more loud killerbase present in the forum is not really the way to solve things: is called "hiding dust under the carpet".

    Hugs :)

    October 26
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    October 25
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    October 24
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    October 24
  • MichaelAMyers

    Thank you for closing that thread. :)

    October 23
  • nullptr

    Maybe a solution to the long killer lobby times is to force players to play survivor every third game in a row they have as killer? This would minimize the queue times a fair bit, and I don't think the community would mind it either, if it results in overall better queue times.

    Thanks for feedback.

    October 23
  • Wahara

    Regarding your recent closure, I do not necessarily disagree with your assessment that the topic should have been closed given the current state of where things were going, but the presence of moderation before disaster occurred would have been appreciated. A warning to stay on topic, identifying which members needed to be more constructive, etc. You have the power to steer conversations, not simply extinguish them once they've gone bad.


    October 22
    • xmenfanatic
      Absolutely, I was disappointed to see the end result was that the thread discussing potential LGBTQ characters has been not encouraged to stay on topic, but been removed as an option to discuss entirely
  • Usui

    Why does it say my jail ends october 10th it's still the same and it's now october 16th

    October 17
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    October 11