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  • My killers tier list :

    August 17
  • Nuff said.

    August 16
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    August 10
  • GrootDude

    Thank you :)

    August 10
  • GrootDude

    As per your request, here it is.

    Nurse is in S tier obviously because she ignores game mechanics however at base can be juked to an extent it still depends heavily on the nurse so she will obviously be put in S tier.

    Spirit is at the top of A tier because without spine chill you’ll pretty much be left guessing where she is and the guessing game is in her favor.

    Billy is next in the A tier because he has map pressure due to his chainsaw and a potential insta-down however he also isn’t hard to counter if the survivors are experienced.

    Next up is Huntress, a good Huntress will always keep survivors on edge do to sniper hatchets if used right however in a chase she is a bit dependent on mistakes that survivors make.

    Next of A tier we have Hag. If the hag is good at placing traps then she will be getting quick downs, however if the survivors know where your traps are then they can run away from your trapped area easily.

    The end of A tier is Freddy, his dream projection is a good power, especially if you know projection mind games. His snares can shut down loops pretty well and his pallets will work if survivors don’t pay attention/ haven’t been in the area. At the end of the day though, he is an m1 killer.

    The beginning of B tier is Myers, although good survivors likely won’t get gen grabbed, the ability to turn your m1 attack into an insta down is pretty decent but he lacks map pressure, you can do things to create map pressure but it isn’t always guaranteed to work, especially if survivors aren’t over altruistic.

    Next is Trapper, if you know where to put his traps then you can do really well but if survivors pay close attention you probably won’t trap anyone unless you put your traps is grass but those can still be seen.

    For C tier, we have Wraith, although the hit and run strategy can work if you know when to commit, his map pressure isn’t too good since you waste time with pathing.

    The Pig is a mind game killer with a potential slowdown but she is easier to spot than Wraith and her traps are rng.

    The Doctor, he has chase potential but at base his shock is too small to be effective, all he really has is being annoying.

    F tier: Clown is weak due to his long reload and his bottles aren’t that great, Freddy outclasses him majorly.

    Leatherface is one of my mains and although not bad with add ons and a good perk build, at base he is worthless.

    Legion, he hardly has a power, he has a minor stall that doesn’t matter if survivors are in your TR.

    This is based on my opinions due to experience and this is based on their default potential.

    August 8
    • Marcus
      Interesting tier list, I would put Hag over Huntress and Trapper much lower, but otherwise, pretty good list. Thanks for sharing this with me. And I think it's kinda odd how you say Leatherface is underrated, but yet you still put him as the second worst killer.
    • GrootDude
      I put him there because without add ons his power Isn’t useful at loops, with add ons he has decent anti-loop but without them he is bad.
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