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  • Poweas

    I've started using her base now, and I've got super good with Spirit. Thanks for u telling me to use it.

    April 8
    • MegMain98
      You are very welcome! I P3 my Spirit during the winter event and I didn’t have much but the brown add-ons to work with. It’s nice to use the purple ones but all she really needs is the brown ones. I usually stick with the Zori and Shiwase Amulet. I’m happy you love Spirit as much as I do!
    • Poweas
      I do, her bugs rn make her kinda crappy compared to before and I play Hag equally to Spirit. I found that Spirits brown addons are basically all the needs. Btw, you use the exact same addons as me, they feel better than the purple ones strangely 😂😂😂.

      Btw, Spirit is 100% the most fun killer. Even with those bugs.
    • MegMain98
      Hag is great. She’ll be the next killer I get to P3 for sure, probably during the next bloodhunt event. Hag is similar to Spirit where she doesn’t need add-ons to be great. I just don’t have very great perks on her so I don’t play her often.

      I haven’t noticed a drastic difference in any Spirit bugs besides the glass breaking when she is phasing letting survivors know when she is phasing toward them. She is still very playable to me at least. I still wanna learn Nurse but I am on PS4 so I’m waiting for the optimization patch whenever that might be.
    • Poweas
      She's definitely playable, I got 3 consistent 4ks with her yesterday at rank 8 (ranking up is hard af, and also, I play about 6 games on Saturday only).

      Her snowball is still godly in comparison to most killers except Hag. Like seriously insane. I found out that playing without BBQ as Spirit is better than playing with it, since Spirit is better at pressuring hooks than gens which I find strange. But I run Thanatophobia and Sloppy butcher instead so I can have pressure on gens and healing which either forces survivors to heal, or suffer slow gens and an instadown from a Spirit which is never a good thing.

      But she's not unplayable, but just not as strong as she should be.

      Btw, my tierlist with bugged Spirit and pre bugged Spirit is here

      Read it if you got the time, I clearly stated my opinions. 😊
    • MegMain98
      I am at Rank 7 and I hate ranking up. I find ranking up to be very easy unless I have complete potatoes. I am a decent killer but I can get crushed if I’m playing badly and making bad calls which is why I like Spirit because even when I’m playing bad I have a chance of getting kills because she is THAT good. If I’m playing bad with a killer like Myers then I’ll get completely demolished.

      I will always run BBQ simply for the bloodpoints. I like it more for the bloodpoints than the aura reading.

      Spirit is really good at pressuring hooks and gens but I typically don’t linger around hooks, I go to whatever survivor I find on BBQ and if I don’t find a survivor then I start a search around the hook area.

      My build is always BBQ, Ruin, Nurses Calling, and Deerstalker. I am awful at tracking survivors once I down them and I tend to slug with Spirit quite often just to pressure survivors off of generators.

      I read your list and I just so happen to agree with mainly everything. Personally I think Spirit is still all-round better than Hag but if somebody thinks the opposite then I understand why. Both are amazing at what they do.

      Also I hate that Plague was nerfed from the PTB, she was fine how was in the PTB.
    • Poweas
      She truly is amazing.
      I don't really protect hooks, but I more so just destroy gens around 30-40m distance away. I normally tend to find someone loitering around my hooks which is a blessing. But if there's seriously nobody around, I just go around the map and kill people. Btw about slugging, I'm pretty sure Spirit is the best slugger in the game. I tried it once, but failed miserably. But back then, I had no directional hearing (which I got now and I dominate chases with), I was used to OP addons, I used to suck at chasing fast (I'd say now, I can end them really quick) and I didn't understand her as in depth as I do now.

      I'm definitely going to try Knock out, BBQ, Deerstalker and A Nurses calling again. Plan is, slug one, pick up next downed guy, and play it as if it were a 3v1 XD. Patrol my slug too. 😂😂😂 It's a disgusting build but it would work now that I chase fast, and understand Spirit.

      But I recommend trying Thanatophobia on Spirit, it's insanely powerful.

      But my reason listing Hag above her rn, is literally cause of the bugs. Although I'm proud to say I think Nurse= non bugged Spirit=Hag.

      It's an absurd opinion which I've only told you since you won't flame me, but I don't consider Nurse better than Hag or Spirit. Them 3 are good at EVERYTHING equally. Billy is left in the dust 😂😂😂.

      But yeah btw, if you ever want to main Hag for a bit, here's my thread offering basic tips

      I love discussing stuff with you, it's actually awesome. Honestly.
    • MegMain98
      So I played a few games as Hag. She is VERY strong. I always knew she was a great killer, but she can easily snowball a team in a minute. I’m still learning on where to place my traps and how to properly play Hag. I am working on getting her to P3 currently.

      Only downside is that she has to set up her traps in the beginning of the map so she has very little map pressure until on of her traps are set and you go after survivors. Thinking of putting on Corrupt Intervention

      Mint Rag/Rusty Shackles and Make Your Choice is such a deadly combo. Every time I play that build I 4K. I still think Prayer Beads Spirit is a bit stronger but Hag is easily right under Spirit. I still think Nurse at her best is the strongest but I can see the argument for Spirit or Hag being stronger.

      I also love discussing with you as well :)
    • Poweas
      Yeah she has a serious snowball. Stronger than any other killer lol. I actually never beat Hag because she's too strong. But yeah, Hag/Spirit/Nurse are 3 killers to never be underestimated lol.
      Here's a Hag guide I made, it's a little blunt, but it might help you a bit.

      Also, I run Thanatophobia, Sloppy butcher, A Nurses calling and STBFL to generate pressure after her slow start, at 3 gens (2 pop by the time I get my first hook, rip), I tend to bring the game to a crawl lol.

      Btw, you should try her without addons, pretty much no difference lol.

      But Hag is a LOT of fun lol. So is Spirit. They're both my favourites. Hag and Spirit, queens of the Fog :P
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