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  • KillermainBTWm8

    After stalking them walls I found you said this on someone's wall:

    "I made my account during the Clown chapter which was well before Spirit was released and I can’t change my name now :/"

    Actually you can if you contact a mod idk which one does it though.

    October 15
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    October 8
  • Boosted_Dwight

    Feel free to add me on Ps4 :)

    October 1
    • MegMain98
      Will do! By the way I love the Iron Maiden pun on your PSN wall XD
    • Boosted_Dwight
      Thanks :)
  • Poweas

    Yeah I finally understand what you mean with Spirit. She needs addon nerfs, not her base though. She also shouldn't move grass, make her footsteps a bit louder, and Prayer beads should be removed :P.

    Does that work?

    September 8
    • MegMain98
      I like her strong...I like strong killer, I just don’t like how easy that matches are for good Spirit players. I rarely have to work for a 4K even against good survivors in red ranks. There is no challenge for me. If I can hear, I win.

      Yes her footsteps should be louder.

      Prayer Beads need to GO.

      She needs to move corn and grass.

      Her lunge should should be capped at the Katana Suba. The Saya is uber powerful especially paired with the purple amulet. All my games using those two add-ons about one gen gets done at the most. Can’t accurately track the survivor? That’s okay because the Saya will lunge you about 50 feet toward the survivor anyways.

      I love Spirit but it’s all down to how good she is, not you as a survivor. You’re just going to die if she is good, almost as if the match is predetermined already.
    • Poweas
      Yeah. What about other nerfs?
  • Poweas

    What happened XD? I never imagined you'd hate Spirit.

    September 3
    • MegMain98
      I don’t hate playing her, I still like playing her. I just REALLY hate going against her. There isn’t much to do except die, if they know how to track. I run Iron Will but still you can’t really counter a Spirit. She’s boring to face and very predictable on how the round is going to go. I would rather go against a Nurse because at least I know what I did wrong, with Spirit you just lose a dice roll :/

      I don’t play her as much because I feel bad for survivors. Their games are boring and predictable and my games are super easy. There is no challenge in playing Spirit. It’s like playing Nurse, but with a cooldown.

      I still love playing Spirit but I have empathy for survivors going against her. It’s not fun.
    • Poweas
      Why don't you try Iron will AND Spine chill, it literally becomes completely in the survivors favour. I mean if you're at a pallet, if she phases slow vault over. If you hop through a window while she's phasing, then hop back when spine chills light goes. If you know what you're doing which I know you do, you can avoid her every time. And if you die, that's on the survivor, not on the dice roll.

      I'm saying this in a legitimate way, I enjoy facing Spirit because of how the game tips in my favour, a whole team with those 2 perks makes her basically Leatherface in terms of how useful her power is (but I play solo mostly .-. so I do the carrying).

      I can't believe everyones forgot about the combo to kill her ability. Fun fact, it also negates Nurse too.

      In terms of playing her, I have no remorse. Because I know the survivors I face (not saying all are like this), they always want to teabag me if I lose. Even if I play nicely. I used to have months of torture when I was learning Spirit but when I figured out the tactics, I went brutal on them.

      The easy win thing, understandable. It's why I run a hit or miss build with BBQ, A Nurses calling, STBFL and Surveillance. If I lose, I was up against better survivors. Most my games are challenges at R1.

      But try the combo to bully Spirits and tell me how it goes. If you use it correctly, you shouldn't lose.
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    August 29