Who is NMCKE: Hello, my name is Nicholas McKenzie, but my online footprint (AKA online identity) is NMCKE. I been playing Dead by Daylight for almost 2 whole years on XB1, and I absolutely adore the game. Why do I like Dead by Daylight? Dead by Daylight has a special place in my heart, it's the only game that I literally can't stop playing. Everything about DBD makes it so enjoyable for me such as, but is NOT limited to the survivor/killer interactions, teamwork, and pressure! Killer (Favorite Role): My favorite role is the killer, I like how they have multiple powers and perks to change their gameplay. However, with that said, my favorite killer is the Nurse because she is the most rewarding for your skill. Amanda Young is always my runner up because her playstyle is just phenomenal: She's basically an assassin. My favorite moments as the killer is when I give mercy to the survivors, especially the last survivor by giving them the hatch or exit gates (I'm just too nice). Another moment is when this happens because I sit back and watch the fireworks: 2 Sacrifices with EGC: https://xboxclips.com/NMCKE/eefb936d-2057-4145-b9aa-817e9bcc197a 3 Sacrifices with EGC: https://xboxclips.com/NMCKE/39d9d954-f63d-4033-80bb-415421220f30 Survivor (Least Favorite Role): Survivor is my least favorite role because there are just so many things that can make your experience just, awful. However, that doesn't mean I never play survivor; I play just as much survivor as I do killer. In fact, my favorite survivor character is Detective David Tapp because he fits my personality. My favorite build: Decisive Strike Sprint Burst or Opened Handed Urban Evasion or Bond Kindred My favorite noments include things like, "Wow, how did (s)he not see me?!" or in other words, close calls. This is what makes me play survivor, it's because of the close calls and fear factor. Here's a few moments that really had my butt clenched: 1v1 Hatch Standoff: https://xboxclips.com/NMCKE/9092b0e7-2224-47f1-a7ed-3c1070086504 "How did (s)he NOT see me?!" Part 1: https://xboxclips.com/NMCKE/19159bd9-f302-49e6-8eb1-674ff5901f95 "How did (s)he NOT see me?!" Part 2: https://xboxclips.com/NMCKE/8c1ad1fe-9fe6-44d9-96bc-17d60641c8c7 How am I like in person? I'm a nice person overall, in fact, I'm often too nice to others around me. However, I'm not perfect either, I do make mistakes in my life, and some are bigger than others. With that said, mistakes aren't all about the punishment, I do try to learn from my mistakes and improve myself overall.


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