Prologue: Who's NMCKE? I don't mind to give me actual name, I go by Nicholas or Nick for short. Hello, if you do not know me, I been playing Dead by Daylight for two years and I enjoyed the game ever since I first played! 😁🤗 I like the basic concept of the game, and no other game had what Dead by Daylight has today. It's different, you feel like you're in a different universe with no escape, no way out from this endless cycle (this went kinda dark). 😕 Other information about me Since I became a fan of Dead by Daylight, I ended up making a forum account as soon as they were available to the player base. I was a great addition to the forums, with a few bumps here and there, but now, as of today, I'm very happy to be apart of this community. If you need to reach me, you have a few options: XB1: NMCKE I can give you more options to contact me once you chat with me for a while! Discord: NMCKE I don't feel comfortable giving more information to contact me on Discord yet, but this can change! Leaving a message on my wall. Please remember that our conversation is public, so don't spill the beans if something is personal or important. My future goals I want to become a game programmer, and make games for everyone else! I been raised by video games ever since I was a little guy, so it makes sense that I wanna create the very thing that gave me joy in life. "Don't let your past define the rest of your life"


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  • Acesthetiic

    Hey, how’ve you been my dude? Still enjoying entering the fog?

    May 10
  • Orion

    For now, yes. We'll see how it goes.

    May 8
  • GrootDude

    Nicky Kinzy!!! 😍

    May 6
    • NMCKE
      Grooty Wooty! 😍
  • Poweas

    Looking permanent so far, since I did get Oni and Demogorgon and am currently loving them, plus on the survivor side, I suck now, so I have a motivation to stay!

    May 5
  • Poweas

    Yep, nice to see you as a trusted member now! How's life been?

    May 3
  • Awakey

    This reset should put me at rank 20 survivor. I'm gonna do a power run to rank 1 starting then.

    May 2
  • Awakey

    An event and a massive patch on Apex just released.

    Lifeline just got another passive:

    Blue loot bins will spawn in place of regular bins around the map. To everyone but Lifeline, they're the same. But when a Lifeline opens it, another compartment opens and has guaranteed equipment or healing items.

    April 9