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    Another day, another comment, another badge.
    August 16
  • GrootDude

    I’m on rn if you wanna see my nurse. :)

    August 5
    • GrootDude
      Kk cya whenever you’re available. :)

    How's forum life? Just checking up on you!

    August 2
    • NMCKE
      That's great, I been checking on a lot of my friends recently to make sure they are doing okay! 🙂

      Hey, I know I ask a lot from you, but... can you give me feedback on this thread? I made sure it wasn't as long as the one I previously suggested you!

    Hey, can you check out my fan made patch notes? I wanna hear your opinion about them!

    July 26
    • NMCKE
      Nooooooooooooooooooo D:

      It's okay, long threads are such a turnoff! 😂
  • Bbbrian2013

    Groot no eat the gems pls

    July 22
  • GrootDude

    :O can I eat them???

    July 22
  • Andreyu44

    My PSN username --> KingDogoran26 ^^

    July 15
  • Andreyu44

    We could do random survivor builds ,lol.

    July 13
  • GrootDude

    That’s fine with me, I’m in the U.S.A but I don’t sleep. (Literally 4:06 A.M my time.l.)

    July 13
  • GrootDude

    Wanna add me? I main No mither so you already know I’m not that serious. :P

    July 13
  • Andreyu44

    Wanna play surv together sometimes? I swear,Im a fairly decent surv xD

    July 11
  • Aven_Fallen

    Haha, yeah :)

    This time with Meg, because I am prestiging all of my characters. But this game made me question Bond, seeing 3 people not on Gens was...frustrating :D We should not have lost this with 4 people alive and 1 Gen to go. Also quite sad that NOED activated (have seen the VOD afterwards), did 4 Totems (including Ruin). But well, Solo survivor I guess... :D

    Was a fun game, even though I got grabbed like an idiot because I was too greedy with this one Gen.

    July 6
    • Aven_Fallen
      I mean, I pipped in this game anyway, this is fine for me. I dont care that much about Surviving, just about pipping. Especially because I lost 1 1/2 Ranks the day before (from almost 2 down to 4), and got tunneled almost every game. And when I put on DS, I did not get tunneled at all or simply got slugged for 60 seconds... :D

      True that there is no reward for Ranking up, but I would like to reach Rank 1 at least once with the new Pipping System. Before it was way to easy, I almost reached it with No Mither before (then they changed it MId-Season), but right now I really need to think about using Items when I cannot achieve it without using anything. ^^
  • Elk

    I got it by being very active in the fourms, especially during the contests time. I was just being nice and they gave it for me. I wasn't like aiming for it or anything. It was just happened. I wanted to be nice to people during the contest and appreciate all the work they were doing and all the effort they put in. So really it was (idk the word) 'doing something nice for someone and getting something back by surprise, even though you didn't know you were going to get said surprise'

    I'm sorry if this doesn't help but this is what happened.

    June 25

    Hey, can you give me some feedback on this thread? I appreciate how people liked it, but I would like at least some telling me their thoughts! :)

    June 24