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    Backstabber actually made a thread about it because I was about to comment on his thread, but a moderator wiped the thread before I was able to comment (I don't blame them since it was that bad tbh).

    Here are my drafts, tell me if you see something odd: (Hint - It's on the 4th row, and notice how it doesn't have a name like the other drafts because the thread was deleted)

    When I clicked on it, this is what happens:

    I'm not sure if he was joking or not, but I definitely think he was getting carried away with his wild fantasies. His ban is definitely justified in my opinion, he knew better.

  • DudeDelicious

    Lol, hehe, i totally, genuinely swear i’m not full of crap.

    So i’ve truly climbed from 15 into red ranks almost exclusively with freddy after every single reset (i like clown too, but freddy is my man). And almost exclusively with a “make gen repair almost impossible” strategy.

    it’s just that after the most recent reset i relaxed a bit in how often i was using him, and trying to rank up for these reasons:

    • the new pipping requirements
    • i was genuinely upset about the rework announcement
    • wanting to explore plague and taking a LOT of losses.
    • Being casual messing around with other killers and experimental perk builds.
    • AND generally playing survivor much more often lately.

    I know how it looks circumstantially at the moment. Just wanted to clear that up.

    Best of luck in the fog

    June 13
  • RatDBD

    Snooping through your posts cause I'm nosy. But this pony right here, let me tell you, this pony right here. Has some great posts and threads, with interesting suggestions and ideas. I respect someone who puts the amount of effort and thought into a game their passionate about in their own way about. You deserve a thicc +rep, and many more to come.

    I strongly appreciate this person as a member of the dead by daylight community. Thanks for contributing so much!

    PS: Have this picture of a rat to decorate your profile with.

    June 9
  • TreemanXD

    That is awesome! XD

    June 9
  • TreemanXD

    I like discussing with you, you’re probably one of the most unbiased people on the forums imo. :)

    May 20
    • TreemanXD
      You’re welcome and thanks. :)

    I will try to rank up and try at higher levels too~~ yup funny game mode invented lol

    May 19

    look how crazy "taxi challenge" I invented

    I cant start a thread cuz jail lol so I will wait til monday to see if ppl got the balls to make it too :P took me many attempts~~

    May 17

    oh lol sorry didnt know about the wall thingy

    so far need to find a girl cuz going alone is too sad~~ and I am not that much wealthy to pay you the 2 way flight tickets + hotel (I would host u free in officetel~~) if wanna follow my TWICE pics on fb or just add me as friend here:

    May 15
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    Your willingness to share knowledge has definitely been noticed.
    May 12

    Hello my old friend, do you recognize me? :)

    May 2
    • NMCKE
      I thought everyone forgot about me to be honest, glad that you remembered! :)
    • NMCKE
      Well, thanks but anyways, can you give me some feedback on this thread? I made some perk changes and I'll like your constructive feedback! :)

    TWICE tickets open this friday at 20hrs Seoul time~~

    April 30
    • NoShinyPony
      Hopefully you'll get your tickets! I wish you luck! :)
  • fcc2014

    For now but who knows.

    April 29
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    April 24