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  • vag

    Sorry I don’t know who I contact

    Hello , the last 5 days I couldn’t find any game as killer or survivor.

    I playing from Thailand with ps4 keep kicking me out and having this messages 

    no network connect 

    errors : 8,007 

    Any idea why ?

  • Veks

    Hello Patricia!

    Thank you for your response on the Audio: "Music barely there or missing?" thread and communicating it to the appropriate departments. However, the community has not yet been updated on any official progress or workarounds from Behaviour Interactive to resolve the issue. It would be greatly appreciated if we, as the community, could have some transparency in this being a priority, even if the solution has yet to be determined.


    June 21
  • queen_shannon23

    i dont want to be a complainer but i was wondering if you can change decisive strike back to how it originally was. i used to use it all the time but since it doesnt activate until after wards it becomes worthless and a waste of a perk. i hope you guys can fix this or me im a huge fan of this game and play it everyday. litterally my most favorite game.

    June 15
  • criss

    rank bug dead by daylight solution

    i need help :'(

    June 15
  • AStupidMonkeyy

    I just want to say thank you for trying to fix the entity blockers and lowering the chase music for killers. I went on a rant before and I apologise for being a bit of an [BAD WORD]. I was just really mad, like madder than I've been in a long time so thank you for addressing my issues and thank you for being a great community manager. Much Love.

    June 6
  • FangerBoy

    I was wondering if there is a chance that we could get the legion masks as cosmetics for the survivors. I know that meg already has a runner mask from Death garden, but I would really love to be able to run around surviving with any survivor of my choosing with a legion mask equipped as a cosmetic to my character. Please look into this

    May 16
    • Watery
      Make a forum post about it! : ) it’s one of the best ways to communicate your ideas to the devs.