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  • DrHermanCarter

    Hello Patricia. Thanks for showing my Tattoo on yesterdays Stream. :) Was great that you liked it. But i have a question about the Forum. Everyone knows me as HermanTheDoctor. But on the Forum i'm DoctorHermanCarter. Is there any Chance to Change the Name on the Forum? maybe it's a bit confusing for some users.

    Thank you and kind regards


    November 16
  • Nickenzie
    Comment allez-vous ma amis? Je déja vu tu parler en Français dans la vidèo Q&A et je veux sais si vous pouvoir parler en Français avec moi!

    Merci beaucoup! :)
    November 14
    • Patricia
      Salut Nickenzie!

      Je vais très bien et toi?
      Oui, je parle français. C'est ma première langue.
      Ça me ferait plaisir de parler avec toi en français hehe!

      Bonne journée!
    • Nickenzie
      D'abord, pardon pour mon mal Français! Je suis pas très bien donc excusez-moi!

      Qui, ça va très bien Patricia!
      Français est mon deuxème langue et c'est mon langue préféré parse que Français est très interestant et j'adore
      langue nouveau!

      Qu'est-ce que tu pense Dr Dead by Daylight?
    • Nickenzie
      de* (mdr)
  • landjea

    If I sent in a vials issue ticket that was insta-closed with the "go check the forums" response, do I need to open another one to get someone to look at my vials issue as well?

    November 5
    • Patricia
      Please, yes open another ticket.
      have a great day
  • EnzoCoronel

    I know that the event lasted more than 2 weeks and that I was unresponsive but I went to play the games in the last moments, when it was 5 minutes to finish I went into a match and filled my bottle, but when I returned to the lobby after the event is over, I did not get the putrid serum. I have 59, could i or you do anything or i just cry?
    Platform: PS4
    Player ID: d8fb060a-e832-4a5f-8921-11d5cdf781c5

    November 2
    • Patricia
      Send a ticket support with what you just said to me, including the information (player ID, profile etc)
      Have a great day!
  • daniel_b_demented

    Hi Patricia,

    I've asked not_Queen about this twice, but have yet to receive a response, so I'm hoping you can shed some light on my question.
    Have the iridescent shard prizes for the 2 year anniversary contest winners been awarded yet?
    I ask because I won the art contest and haven't received the iridescent shard prize, nor have I been contacted by anyone at Behavior about the contest or the prize.

    October 19
    • Patricia
      Sorry for the late response, I don't know why but there is some messages that I don't even know it was there !
      I didn't organize the 2 years anniversary but I can ask.
      Have a great day!
  • AokiiSenpaii

    You already read my message but I want to write something more official since I didnt get to do it yet!

    Welcome to the fog, may the entity be with you and support you with your own personal Perks and Powers!
    I hope you have a pleasant stay and will never leave this community! (Because we need a little more happiness here!)
    Don't ever feel insulted by anyone because they just think it makes them cool! I can already tell that you are a wonderful person and hope that you blossom out of your shy shell!


    September 13
    • Patricia
      Aaaaw why I never seen this message before !?! Thank you so much. Reading this makes my monday morning a lot better! Thank you again for you kind words <3
  • gamingtiltheend

    So I was playing as Meg Thomas For a Daily Ritual that told me to "Escape And Survive As Meg Thomas" So I did that...but it didn't go away I also didn't get the Bloodpoints either. Is that a BUG or is it just my bad luck? please respond. It Annoyed and frustrated me because I had such an AMAZING game and my Meg is only Prestige 1 so yeah...kinda of upset me to say the least. PLEASE look into this. Also, I was playing on PS4 and my name is "gamingtiltheend"

    November 3
  • SH1FTY423
    You are doing a great job with the forum. Thanks for your help getting info to us about submitting tickets and feedback for the event.
    November 1
    • Patricia
      Thank you ! doing my best <3
  • SH1FTY423
    November 1
    • SH1FTY423
    • SH1FTY423
      Patch Helped Will you ask Consideration to extend the event for those who lost harvest time seems to be mostly console players In literally writing this as I'm loading in tryin to make up for lost time....5+ says worth
    • Patricia
      Hello! Please post your information in the right thread
      Thank you!
  • EnzoCoronel

    I would play today dead by daylight all day long to earn the rest of the vial, but the game like "crashed" and i don't earn more Putrid Serum, my vials are full and still the same. During the matchs don't appear the vial on the screen, what happened?

    October 31
  • SH1FTY423
    Hey Pat for some reason Players Are not getting all the syrum they harvest its gotten to the point where ppl are getting robed of the syrum so much they stop playing. IDK if it's a glitch or bug. I buy lots of Cells for this game with Cash so when I get the chance to grind for Items I do so. But I keep loosing syrum  progress. I should have 50 Viles by now.because of this.glitch I have 11. Heeeelp.
    October 28
  • thesuicidefox

    I just missed the game mechanics Q&A thread so I hope you see this in time!
    My question is... there are 'normal speed' and 'slow' killers in the game, will we ever see a 'fast' killer? By this I mean pure movement speed, not through use of some power.
    Thank you!

    October 23
  • Elcylle
  • Elcylle

    Hi, can you tell me what you think about that?

    October 17
  • Speedycooldave

    How do i report a killer when he has 3 friends playing ov game clip this is getting worse

    October 13
  • laotamst
    How old is Vigo? , She is female right
    October 10
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    October 4
  • Maelstrom1313
    I can't find where to ask my question for next q&a but everyday anywhere between 2am/3am this game disconnects me it's been like that a while is there anyway to fix this? (i have checked an went to play different games when this happens an it lets me play but not DBD I have to do a connection test)
    October 3
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    October 2
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