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  • Veermat001

    Hi Patricia,

    You were awesome yesterday, you fit in great with the team.
    wanted to send some positivity your way cause there is way to many toxic survivors and killers here :p

    September 14
  • AokiiSenpaii

    You already read my message but I want to write something more official since I didnt get to do it yet!

    Welcome to the fog, may the entity be with you and support you with your own personal Perks and Powers!
    I hope you have a pleasant stay and will never leave this community! (Because we need a little more happiness here!)
    Don't ever feel insulted by anyone because they just think it makes them cool! I can already tell that you are a wonderful person and hope that you blossom out of your shy shell!


    September 13
    Welcome to the fog! Its always nice to meet some nice new people. :3

    We're a pretty crazy community, sometimes there are those who are hard to handle... but hopefully you enjoy being one of us! Glad to have you on board :)
    September 4
  • DepravedKiller

    Hey Patricia, Welcome to the DBD team!
    Hope to see you on more dbd streams! so Hawt, that is why Michael Myers stalks you first :blush:

    September 4
  • Schulz_The_Ugly

    Welcome!! Hope your stay is and mantains as a joyful one!!!

    September 2
  • SpitfireOrMichina

    Hey, welcome Patricia! Hope you'r gonna feel really good in the BHVR team! You can feel that the team bring much good vibes! ;)

    August 27
    • Patricia
      Hello hello ^^
      Really appreciate you took the time to write a little something <3
      see you in the fog
  • JammyJewels

    Welcome to the fog, Patricia. I hope the community treats you with the respect you deserve. And I hope you enjoy working with Behaviour and being able to share in the enjoyment/stress that comes from being a part of this community. :)

    August 25
    • Patricia
      Sorry for the late reply, I'm really happy to be part of this community. A bit stressful but I can't wait to work with you guys <3 have a great day or night XD
  • Thatbrownmonster

    Hi Patricia welcome to the fog :D

    August 25
  • Dwight_Confusion

    Hello. During the twitch stream today, myself and several others made a couple inappropriate comments about your physical appearance.

    I've been permanently banned from the DbD twitch chat. Which really sucks. I love this game, and support it. I simply said you were busty, which was intended as a compliment. I'm very sorry if this offended you, and I'm very sorry for this poor choice of action on my part. Welcome to the team and game! I'm sure you'll do great.

    Again, very sorry. I hope my ban can be reversed as I didn't mean any harm. Have a great day!

    August 23
    • Detective_Jonathan
      Lul. Next time think before you say something. Hope to never see your name pop up again
  • fcc2014

    You all played well under a microscope. That was some intense pressure.

    August 24
  • Ihatelife

    We love you Patricia <3

    August 24
    • Patricia
      <3 so much love, feels good
  • Skairipa

    Hi Patricia :) welcome to the team! you were doing great during the stream!

    August 24
    • Patricia
      Aaaaw Thank you so much <3 I was really nervous, I didn't win but like I said who cares I was having fun <3
    • Skairipa
      that's the spirit, many forget how to enjoy in this game :)
  • fcc2014

    Myself and Chemical came up with and idea and an event. Not sure if it would work but may slow the game down without an overhaul. The idea was an April Fools type event to introduce new game mechanics. So the idea is the entity thinks both sides have had it too easy. Everything now has a consequence if you break a totem you would receive a punishment(exposed, mangled, third seal blind, exhausted it could be random and make people think about breaking the totem making it viable for the killer to use and not have to worry about totem placement. The consequence could last 60-90 seconds.

    The second is 7 generators per map one is bad. When you fix it all the way up it explodes and is no good and can't be repaired. Survivors will have wasted time and because it is random you never know which one it is. The killer or survivor can not tell until it explodes. The killer won't know either which is bad.

    August 20
    • Patricia
      Hey @fcc2014 :)
      Have you shared this on the wishlist ?
      Because you would also get feedback from the community, which I think could be nice !
      here's the link

      Thanks for your feedback !
    • fcc2014
      I hadn't thank you i will put the idea together and put it on the wishlist. Thanks for the response.
  • Patricia changed their profile picture.
    August 21
  • fcc2014

    Chests where only 1 is good, the rest are trapped and injure or put the player in a dying state. Certain perks together could counter this plunders and ace in the hole combined would make it give a different aura and help break the meta perks.
    Hooks 2 hooks per match break when the killer puts a survivor on them. Survivors are getting some grief killers need a little also.
    Play an event see the changes and maybe add some of these in the game either as a permanent or maybe an ultra rare offering of the killer. This would also eliminate the 75% chance the secret is a mori.

    August 20
  • IsmaelWTD
    Hi dear patricia, i was curious about something. What is the aim you have for the game? An ESport like game, very balanced and that, or a game aiming to make the game funny for the majority of the player base? (aka survivors, killers RIP in spaghetti never forgetti in this case)
    August 15
  • powerbats

    Can you email me the address you want the info sent to?

    July 26