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  • TheHoodiedOne

    Question about Save Resets

    Does it still tell you guys down in BHVR that I participated in events?

    December 9
  • GamingLord431

    Hello im an having trouble conneting to host in my game by an error i tried everything in my pover to fix it but it wont work it says check your nat type an i did and it working but the game is still not connecting to anyone with out the nat typ error happening

    December 7
    • Fibijean
      I would recommend posting about your issue in the Technical Issues section of the forum. You're much more likely to get an answer there than by contacting Peanits directly.
  • Perelie

    Why can no one see my posts, what have you guys done to my account?

    December 3
    • Boosted_Dwight
      You're jailed which means you cannot post until your time is done.
    • Perelie
      Nah that happened after, turns out my account was bugged but they fixed it. I had to make an alt to alert the mods but they still decided to ban me punish lol
    • Boosted_Dwight
      Ah well I'm glad everything worked out! :)
  • lawhita

    perdi mi partida y fui el primero en morir

    apareci bien me colgo el asesino y paso esto

    de bajaron del gancho y asi se quedo

    alguna solucion ???

    December 5
  • Squoose

    Could you explain why it says you changed my profile picture earlier today?

    November 15
    • GrootDude
      Your old one wasn’t the right size so he changed it to the correct size. :)
    • Squoose
      Thank you!
  • GeminiCrow

    Sacrifice 13 Survivor(s) to the Entity.

    Well, how the hell do I do that when everyone keeps disconnecting?

    So, please, inform me, why are their disconnects keeping me from completing challenges? This is ridiculous. I've had 10 disconnects over the last 8 matches and I'm really getting fed up.

    December 1
  • evor10

    So will this update also address the progress issue with iridescent age? Its currently giving you credit for only on iridescent emblem even of you score multiple in a single match?.

    November 30
  • sheldon426

    Dead by Daylight is my fav game, I play survivor and killer, and most discussion in the threads is comments on nerf nerf and buff buff, how about just balance and focus on getting the servers up and running properly!

    November 27
  • Brunofb3

    Hi! Where can I find the others stats that BHVR/DBD published? We wanna do some analysis and need this numbers for other months/ past numbers. Thank you.

    November 26
  • TheHourMan

    A huge thanks to the team for releasing more stats! ❤❤❤❤

    November 25
  • NeaMainNON_TOXIC3

    I need help. My Switch version of DBD will not load after downloading the most recent (November 2019) updates. It will show the survivor cutscene but will stop at the tally marks. Plus it used to show "LOADING GAME SCREEN" and a bunch of other things. Now the tallies wont count and i can sit and wait for over and hour with no progress. Plz help me. I really want to play DBD

    November 24
  • lootboxing

    Will the host unreachable/no network connection errors that make playing on console nearly impossible be fixed in the near future?

    November 21
  • TheHoodiedOne

    Can I talk to you over the inbox system on forums about something?

    I don't wanna use the wall system to talk about this

    November 20
  • Echorion

    Why have I been muted? As far as I know I have done nothing wrong.

    November 14
    • Echorion
      I wasn't, the forums just have so many technical issues lol.
  • StrodeWins

    i saw my discussion on a perk idea has been closed.. did i violate guidelines? i read them and didn’t see that i met criteria.

    November 18
    • StrodeWins
      sorry peanits, i saw that i posted under wrong section. excuse my error! :)
    • Peanits
      All good, no worries!
  • Liruliniel

    Peanits where do I request base out, prestige outfit and dlc out to be included in the outfit selector?

    November 6
    • Liruliniel
      I was wondering if you would look at this when you get a chance. I wrote it all out and included screenshots.
  • Snow_Lep

    I am serious about my question with valid disconnects. If you don't want to discuss the idea and what would be considered a valid vs invalid disconnect on the forum or in public I can give my Discord or other means of contact

    November 15
  • reneiser

    And when you will add some feedback for ranking up? Like gradually more percent of bloodpoints earned at matches. Nowdays the only you get of ranking up is only ugly killers.

    And when you will fix the bloodpoints system for the tunnelers and campers? Because they still getting 32k playing that ugly

    And for last, don’t you think you should nerf the reach of the corruption plague, it is very OP

    November 14
    • reneiser
      Also you can buff the perk of David that gives more bloodpoints and make it more usable, like BBQ
  • BooBooBadJuJu

    I would like the new chapter to be the NUN

    November 11
  • TheHoodiedOne

    Do you have all the numbers for demogorgon?

    I wanna do a post called "Demogorgon: Behind the numbers" and make a tutorial

    November 7
  • Loey

    Infinite Loading Screen after matches still not fixed.

    November 6
  • Boosted_Dwight

    (つ ・▽・)つ Have

    a ⊂(・▽・⊂)

    nice ⊂(・▽・)⊃ day!

    November 4
  • Cancan71

    Hey Peanits, the shrine on Switch is not the same as the other platforms due to not having the update. Is the dev team going to change the shrine on Switch to match the others? This is our only chance to get BBQ as we don't have Leatherface.

    October 30
    • Ksoni
      Bruh, you guys on switch have BBQ unlocked for all killers alredy. Its in base perks pool like noed or sloppy buther.
    • Cancan71
      No we don't, they did say that but then they changed their mind and told us we can get them in the shrine of secrets. If it was a base perk I would have it on my Wraith who has all base perks.
    • Cancan71
      Check the 3.2.2 hotfix patch notes.
  • Spannungsstoß

    Why did the "elevens soda" add-on for demogorgon name and icon got changed this update?

    Its now called "elevens lemonade"

    October 31
  • KateDensonOneLove

    @Peanits I lost an award from Kate Denson's top flight event,with the release of patch 3.3.1 what to do? Help please!

    October 30
  • steve_the_SatOnBaby

    Hi friendly Steve here, so besides the mostly bad input on my perks, I do wanna ask if we can get babysitter to show on the saved survivors screen like we'll make it so they know it exists? Maybe increase the time of it so they can realize and run idk. But I do think it would be helpful to show your affected by it

    October 30
  • TheHoodiedOne

    Alright Peanits, I wanna know your opinion on this picture as I couldn't submit it in the contest as I was too late

    October 26
    • RikaBr
      It’s look like great picture and map
    • Peanits
      I'd definitely give you points for creativity, haven't seen something like that before. I didn't even know you could get up there.
    • TheHoodiedOne
      Now I wish I could put it in :(
  • UlvenDagoth

    I sent you a friend request on Discord. I need to speak to you about something in DMs or something. Thank you for your time and I hope you are doing well.

    October 22
  • UlvenDagoth

    Can i add you on Discord when I wake up please?

    October 22
  • FireHazard

    Excuse me Peanits, do you mind if we chat over PMs about something I wanted to discuss with you about.

    October 18
    • Peanits
      Sure. I'll be busy for a little bit (meeting, then stream), but I'll be free to talk after that. If you prefer to do it over Discord, you can add me: Peanits#0001
    • FireHazard
      I didn't catch this response until like... 6 hours after lol... I added you and whenever you get the chance to accept it we can chat there.