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  • Poweas

    Hey Peanits, I just changed my keybind to activate my power to shift, and I am back to normal. I had one game where I dominated them, and another where I crushed them, but got genrushed, still got a 2k though. I'm saving up for a new mouse, just thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to ☺

    Thanks for informing me of a way to test my mouse (the desktop way) and I tested it as survivor to make sure it wasn't a bug on the games end. It isn't btw. Thanks a lot for your help.

    March 19
  • Aven_Fallen


    sorry to disturb you. I just had a game where the Killer was taking the game hostage. I might be wrong, but didnt you write anything about logfiles of past games in some thread? If so, where can I find it, to have an evidence? According to the Killer, he did it a lot already, so there should be some reports...

    If I am mistaken, then sorry to disturb you :)

    Kind regards

    March 16
  • Drago

    Hey peanits would you mind messaging me sometime.

    March 12
  • Poweas


    as you can see, Orion sent the message at 2:03 PM but I didn't get it on my notifications.

    March 4
    • Poweas
      But when Wolf wrote @poweas, I got it. It's really strange.
  • Poweas

    Hey peanits, with the new typing thing, everytime I get quoted I don't recieve a notification can you sort this out for me?

    March 4
    • Peanits
      That's strange. Could you give me a couple examples of messages that you didn't get a notification for? I'll take a look and see if I can figure out what's going.
  • thundermaniac19

    Hey Peanits, your job is in jeopardy. I sent this to everyone above your head via LinkedIn. "My name is Erik Estavillo and I'm famous in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley) for filing lawsuits against gaming companies. I subpoena key people in charge of managing these companies to show up in US District Court. Google me, Erik Estavillo, for more information. I've recently been banned by your (ACM) team, more specifically Ryuti, and please note being banned is the reason I sued before; which cost them thousands of dollars in legal fees. I will explain in court documents how your ACM team biasedly bans those with mexican ancestry. This fact is helped by the glaring proof that DBD has not included any survivors with mexican ancestry. All of your games' survivors are either white, black, asian, or european. To avoid this lawsuit, I'm requesting that my ban be reversed immediately. My banned account is (freddysaltyface) via Steam account (thundermaniac19) - [email protected]"

    December 2018
    • Morfedel
      I'm curious if Erik Estavillo has ever heard of the term blackmail.
    • Cardgrey
      I think he got his degree(assuming he is who he claims to be) from one of those Chinese post lol
    • NoxiousOnnyyxx
      Oh bullsh!t. You ain't nothing. Get your lying having ass out of this group....
  • ElecMX

    Hi, I would like to know if a streamer can be sanctioned by asking in its stream to report Dead by Daylight profiles as seen in this video:

    The guy named Humero Games from YouTube is extremely toxic and has been banned from Twitch for this type of behavior.
    But in the game has not had any penalty, so I would like to know if the devs penalize this or not.
    Even in another part of the Humero Games stream, he pastes the profiles of people asking them to report to these people:

    I knew that Ochido was banned for asking this in his stream. And I would like to know if this is reportable or how you can report these streamers like Humero Games https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033407721 that hurt the game so much.

    I'm sorry for my english btw.

    February 22
  • Hoodedfengm1n

    Are you able to change usernames in here?
    If you are could you change my name to Hoodedfengm1n pls

    February 21
  • douggie123

    Hi Peanits,

    I misread a post and commented thinking it was a post about removing killer addons. I apologised for the comments and said I would like to continue commenting sorry for the mistake. I wished to continue commenting because the post after I had reread it was kind of something I wanted to post about but wasn't sure how to put it so I continued to comment my ideas and he started commenting what seemed to be very horrible comments. What should I do because don't want to be banned for silly mistakes.

    February 20
  • Cymer
    What 3 things inside the game would you like to see changed for the better of the game?
    February 16
  • RushingSnipeBob

    Hello, wanted to contact you in the private message, but there is no such way, so I'm sorry to write here.

    Today one survivor threatened me with a ban, because I "lagstwitched", which was untrue. This is my conversation with him - https://scr.hu/l77Ppra

    He called me names, I don't care.

    In the game he was trying to bully my at the hatch, I was playing Freddy, so he felt cocky and was running around loops near the hatch, tbag, etc. I hit him, he ran to the hatch, and started tbagging + healing. I gave up, hit him, he jumped through the hatch and this conversation started. Do I need to fear the ban, despite I didn't do anything wrong?

    February 1
    • Watery
      Judging off of the material provided, I don’t believe you did anything wrong. However, I cannot be certain.
  • aeoniotita

    hello. i've reported a group of people 2 months ago in-game then proceeded to submit a ticked and also added video proof of survivors co-operating with the killer and farming me and another person. at that time console reporting wasn't available - now that it does can i still report those people even after that time passed? i've reported them in-game as i stated above

    January 25
    • Watery
      Resubmit the ticket, then. That’s the best advice I can give you.
  • Cardgrey

    Hey I’ve got a gameplay question. I’ve asked this before with no direct answer. Say I got 3 people in basement as leather face and hook them with the 4th upstairs. Do I loose points at 3x cause of the 3 hooks? As a use my chainsaw?
    That’s for your time

    January 13
    • Watery
      If you haven’t gotten an answer already, make a question post about it! : ) it’s one of the best ways to ask the devs about something.
  • MuteNewt
    Hi Peantis, I have a video of a person lagswitching. Could you review it please if I linked it to you in PM? 

    Keep up the great work man. King of moderators! 😊
    January 17
    • Watery
      Hi Mute! Be sure to submit it to customer service; and that you in-game reported them. Here’s the customer service site link: https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us/sections/360000085466-Customer-Support

      Be sure to comply to all directions they provide, and they’ll get back to you when they can! : ) hope this helps.