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Don't you guys go to the opera?


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  • Orion

    I was contacted by a user who's been banned from the forum. They want to know how they can contact someone to appeal said ban if they can't even log in.

    August 12
    • Peanits
      They can contact a community moderator (easiest way is probably through Discord, they'll have the role on the official Discord server). Otherwise they can contact support and go from there.
      Though typically we don't do appeals for the forums, only the game.
  • Theluckyboi

    I know its too early to ask, but, is the nurse add-on nerf going to include new add-ons or are you are just going to focus on reworking existing ones.

    July 27
    • Peanits
      I can't say. Generally we'll take a look at all of them when doing a pass unless they're in a very good spot right now.
  • Top_Secret_117
    July 26
  • Ember_Hunter

    Congrats on 3000 posts, great dedication! O.o

    July 25
  • thestonedone

    @Peanits this is in regards to the the infinite load screen bug specifically but the latest update for console has made the game literally unplayable so since legion dlc on my home internet i have not been able to play killer i tried soft/resets uninstalling and installing multiple times and progressive installing on dlc still nothing worked however when i took my xbox to my friends/sisters and use thier internet i have been able to play every game flawlessly both surv and killer i believe the issues with infinite loadscreens have been caused by the update bugging out the connection from thay specific router ip to the server this is just a theory im suggesting as i said swapping networks allowed me to play flawlessly upto yourself if you wish to listen after a year

    July 25
  • Boosted_Dwight

    How much bp do I have to give you to delete BHVR reads? Asking for reasons >:D

    July 22
  • The__High_Ground

    Hey! Can you let the team know that myself and others are having problems with the trophies "Medic" and "Handyman" popping.

    Also i had problems with wounded healer as well, and im seeing others are having problems with this trophy too.

    I think its not tracking correctly because I had to do alot more then 50 injured full health states when i obtained it.

    So im thinking these 3 all have tracking issues.

    Im new to this site so sorry if this is the wrong place.

    July 23
  • suffering23

    will you ever accept a fan creation chapter?

    killer, map, survivor and perks made by a fan?

    July 3
    • Ember_Hunter
      It'd be cool if a contest was held just like the cosmetics ^-^
    • BloodyTapp
      I wonder whether graphics were needed or not if it was the thing. Some people (me included) have some interesting concepts but cannot make perk/addon icons