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Why I think Hag is better than Billy. Hag can spread pain when the survivors are across the map quicker than any other killer in the game, not even Nurse can. She is way better than Billy in chase. She can dominate with Thanatophobia, she can control 1/2 of the map without addons 3/4 with her green range addon alone. She is ridiculously mobile with her traps, joint with Billy. Her map pressure is off the chart and she's everywhere. With STBFL, she's unstoppable. She can control 5 gens at once. That's massive considering Doctor is limited to 3 or maybe 4. She's unpredictable. If you're good enough with Hag, you can even take on SWF, as I do, and still win (Yes I'm that good with her). She's unloopable and amazing at mindgames. She can snowball WAYYY better than any other killer, even better than Billy. I don't need to expand on that, it's common knowledge how good she is at snowballing. She can injure 3 survivors and down 1 in the space of 20 seconds, and with STBFL, maybe even 14 seconds. She can pressure survivors into healing and gets a major advantage if they do. She can sometimes bring the game to a crawl, if they are pressured into healing


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  • GrootDude

    Can do 👍🏻

    November 10
  • GrootDude

    SurgDexil wants me to give you a hug for him before he joins the army

    November 9
  • Marcus

    Oh ok, sad to hear that.

    November 6
  • GrootDude

    Sucks that you’re gone from dbd :(

    November 5
  • GrootDude

    This is from SurgDexil/Doomorb :)

    November 2
  • Marcus

    I didn't see you posting a comment for a month already, what happened ?

    October 26

    Heyo, if you don't remember me, I'm one of your forum best friends! :D

    Congratulations, we're proud of you man!

    I noticed how much you have improved over the months, and how you blossomed on the forums! You're incredibly awesome, so I'm going to vouch for you as a trusted member to not_Queen!

    I can't promise you will be selected since there's a process you will have to go through (as well as requirements), but I will do my best for you!

    If you have any questions, then feel free to ask, but my information is limited right now! 😊

    September 20
  • Marcus

    Here, my tier list if you want to see it.

    You can consider Hag higher than Billy if you want, I consider them interchangeable, especially with the incoming OoO nerf.

    Not 100% sure about Demo place.

    September 18