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  • KillermainBTWm8

    It's gonna be so disappointing fun seeing how they make Spirit worse than legion hope you have another killer to enjoy once the inevitable happens like I do because while I disagree with you on some things. I know I can't trust the devs to even do slight changes :/ may god help us all.

    November 11
  • Liruliniel

    I've always wondered are you on PS4? I've run into a Spirit a few times called Spirit_is_my_Waifu. It always makes me wonder if it's you.

    October 31
    • Rin_is_my_waifu
      I'm on PS4 but my ID has nothing to do with DBD, which I can't share in public.
      I'm curious what rank was that spirit?
    • Liruliniel
      Last time I played them probably purple.
  • Rin_is_my_waifu earned the 500 Up Votes badge.
    You received 500 Up Votes. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    October 28
  • Marcus

    Having your name profile on here must be hard, someone literally harassed me because I said that Spirit is my favorite killer =_=.

    October 26
  • luka2211

    How do you find survs that use iron will?I always lose em while playing spirit,im trying to main her,i actually started finding her pretty fun aswell as playing against her.I despised her before,but playing her once just opened a whole new world to me ;-;.I don't want to run stridor,or the glasses kinda a waste of an addon slot,anything else i can do?

    October 21
    • Rin_is_my_waifu
      I agree that the glasses add on is a waste but not stridor. Since you just started playing her, I suggest equipping the perk to get used to tracking survivors and then trying other perks.
      I usually run the perk, as it makes tracking a lot easier but when I don't use it, I always listen for their footsteps (you need good headphones for that) or use spirit's collision to my advantage. Another thing you can do is the "standing still mindgame". Just stand at a pallet or a window blocking it and now you have two options: If they fall for it and start running towards you, it is a free hit but if they run away, you can quickly phase to them and land a hit. The second one works for me 90% of the time since they have no time to react and double back.

      My usual spirit build is BBQ, Ruin, Stridor, Nurses and sometimes I replace stridor with PGTW or Surveillance

      If you need any further help, let me know
    • luka2211
      thank you for the response,imma start running stridor and see how it works.I will try ur spirit build seems like a good one :D
  • MegMain98

    Hey there! Just like you...I do main Spirit. Also like you, I am a bit tired of “NeRf SpIrIt” threads over and over again. Spirit is a well designed killer with an insanely strong power that makes HER the dominant one in the chase.

    However I do understand why players are a little annoyed by going against her. I personally hate facing her. Doesn’t mean she needs a hardcore nerf like some players claim.

    The ONLY two things I’d suggest is making her move grass and corn while phasing and making her footsteps as loud as Wraith. It offers a bit more counter to Prayer Beads as you can more clearly hear she is nearby. Anything else would simply make her terrible. I just wanna know your opinions on what I stated.

    October 10
    • Rin_is_my_waifu
      You are a spirit main but your username confuses me xD

      Anyway, my personal opinion is that she doesn't need to be touched at all. Whenever I face a spirit I really don't mind as I know how to counter her. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.
      But I could be ok with grass, not with corn since it will be way too obvious where I'm phasing.
      Regarding her footsteps, do you know how loud they are on lery's, game and hawkins? Because the surface is hard and not mud. On other maps yeah they are silent and only audible with good headphones, but I think a better solution would be to turn the chase music down a bit. Do you remember that one update in which they lower the music way too much? I could hear them very clearly but they could also hear my footsteps.
      Furthermore, a strat I usually use when I see two survivors working on a gen, is this: hit the first one and pretend to go after him/her. Then phase back to the gen (cause I know the second one won't stop) and grab him/her. It works 90% of the times.
      If the footsteps were louder I could never achive this mindgame.
    • MegMain98
      I made my account during the Clown chapter which was well before Spirit was released and I can’t change my name now :/

      Just gets tiring hearing for Spirit nerfs ya know? Nurse got changes (I still think she is easily better than Spirit because she avoids ALL survivor defenses) and now people want changes to Spirit. I seriously don’t think the devs are THAT dumb to mess with her but nobody really knows what will happen. There isn’t anything to really do that won’t make her terrible like she was on her PTB.

      A lot of tricks can be achieved by acting as if you don’t see the survivor. So many times I see a survivor on Nurse’s Calling and I get within terror radius and turn my back to them and begin to phase downing them in the process.
  • TheHoodiedOne

    What is your opinion on Prayer Beads?

    October 3
    • Rin_is_my_waifu
      I know you'll disagree with me but I think the add on is fine. It is very rare, so you rarely encounter it and when you do, you have premonition or spine chill (of course the latter is way better and more useful) to counter it.
      Believe me spine chill is a life saver not only against spirit but all killers in general. When I play survivor this is my go to perk and I don't feel the need to replace it.
    • Rin_is_my_waifu
      Oh, I forgot to mention that I often use the brown add ons and sometimes the yellow ones. I rarely use the green ones or prayer beads and when I do, it is against tryhard competitive SWF teams with insta heals