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  • OpenYoureyes


    Thanks for the help with my post,people can be difficult here.

    Can u tell me why my comments are not appearning anymore?


    June 25
    • Yamaoka
      @Rizzo90 Excuse this random profile message but I think there's some kind of a bug on this forum. I can't click post comments in threads as it won't let me click into the message box. Is there something I can do? I tried logging out/in, closing the website etc. but nothing seems to fix the issue.
  • MegaWaffle

    Forgive me if I'm mistaken in my observation but I have been noticing a ton of posts that you have moved being marked "closed" yet when I read through them no one asked for them to be closed, the topic did not sway into anything akin to an argument or off topic and everything seemed to be completely proper. I was simply writing this out of curiosity if these were being closed accidentally?

    Just the observations of a curious and worried forum user.

    August 10
    • Rizzo90
      The closed posts you see are just a redirect link the forum leaves where the original thread was, nothing more than that.
  • Jallybwan

    Thanks for moving my killer idea, I'm not used to these forums and I don't want to offend people by having my stuff in the wrong place ^-^

    August 9
  • Masantonio

    I have a question that me and NMCKE thought up.

    If someone posts a name under a positive alias (as in not naming and shaming), and people still flame the image (as in people who didn't post the image portray the people in image negatively), would that be naming and shaming?

    August 5
    • Rizzo90
      I'd say people who flamed would get punished, if that was the case.
  • Masantonio

    Thanks for moving my post to Fan Creations. Didn't even notice I posted wrong until you moved it😁

    August 4
  • Eryteis

    wtf are you?

    July 26
  • AVA

    Could you please move my thread to general discussions? Thx in advance :)

    July 28
  • Auriella

    i never put my buff piggy discussion in bugs I put it in the pig so what was the problem?!

    July 25
    • Rizzo90
      You posted in pig section of the bug reports.
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    Settled in, saw the sights, learned the territory, and most importantly: gave back.
    July 20
  • chieflongbong

    Can i get an explanation why we dont talk about babs considering u sent me to a link that i have tried before and bhvr did absolutly nothing to help me get a simple explanation as to why i got banned on a console from their game

    I think its stupid we cant discuss bans considering it would help clear up alot of misconceptions

    July 20

    How's life on the forums? It's great to see you on here making comments, it makes me smile! 😁

    July 11
    • Rizzo90
      It's going very well, thanks for asking πŸ˜„
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    July 10
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    June 28
  • JDHH

    heya, im wondering, how long does it take to approve posts? i created a post about a cube chapter (based on the 1997 movie) and it seems like its vanished

    June 26
    • Rizzo90
      As soon as a moderator sees it, it gets most likely approved if it's not spam.
  • ShrekIsHot

    Well hello Rizzo! I only met you recently! It's nice to see a new mod, good luck and I hope you enjoy your time here!

    June 24
    • Rizzo90
      Hello, nice to meet you and thank you :)