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If you're reading my profile you should probably stop - and get back to playing the game so you can actually be good at it, instead of creating threads asking for buffs/nerfs against things you're bad at.


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  • MhhBurgers

    Dude, you know she DCs outside of her streams right? To stay at that rank.

    Tbh I would do that too since I'm fed up with R1 but it takes too much of my time.

    But then again you shouldn't be a representative of the community while you stay at a certain rank where you can play for fun to provide more "entertainment".

    March 8
    • SenzuDuck
      And I don’t derail but the constant harassment of one person makes them look worse.

      This person is harassing someone, something that is an actual crime because she dcs in a game.

      When I play the only difference between rank 1 & 7 is the killers you face, you face the same person over and over again at rank 1 while between R1 & 7 theirs a variation. And from what I’ve seen a lot of her dcs are end game after she’s helped her team.

      This forum isn’t the place to start a hate brigade.
  • Poweas

    I watched your stream to see the game where I faced you (and like 10 games more lol). I was surprised how blind I was lol at some points but at the start, I saw you opening the chest but I hoped to find someone else, nice stealth though. I appreciated some of the compliments you gave me in game dude. GG. Fun game. Btw that DS Laurie was so dumb for striking me then going in a locker lol. I heard her.

    February 19
    • SenzuDuck
      Good to hear man!

      It's funny, the way you hear the killer mains talk about me on the forum you'd expect me to be a sweaty try hard survivor main that runs flashlights are tbags everyone OMEGALUL.

      I hope you checked my killer gameplay too!
    • Poweas
      Of course I did. Loved the Nurse one on Red Forest. :p
    • SenzuDuck
      Survivor main amirite? Lol
    • Poweas
      Yeah XD
  • Poweas

    SenzuDuck, I saw you got a YT channel, can you upload your content to it again? I know that's asking a lot of you since I know how long it can take to edit it, upload it. But I can never seem to catch your streams and I don't go on Twitch at all. I know I seem quite annoying asking this but I just want to know if you'll consider it.

    February 15
    • SenzuDuck
      I can look into it dude, I've got a lot going on right now but I am trying.

      Did you know twitch has a VOD feature where you can watch previous streams? It isn't as interactive but you can see that matches that I play if you really want to.
    • Poweas
      Oh crap. Ok I'll watch from that. Crap I don't understand it much. Thanks for responding dude.
  • SenzuDuck changed their profile picture.
    February 12