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  • MongByeolBuddies

    Hi Spooky,

    I read one of your comments about playing Oni on console (I'm on PS4) and so you seem to be the right guy to turn to to get some help. I haven't played Oni too much (about 15 games with him), but I've been having a frustrating time playing him.

    On the plus side, I'm OK at demon dashing into a demon strike. That's easy enough.

    But where I really struggle is when a survivor loops a small object like a tree, almost every time I can't punish them with a demon strike ... I usually end up hitting the object and the survivor runs away while I'm stunned. It's very frustrating!

    And my other problem is that when I charge a demon strike and the Oni lifts his Kanabo, it blocks most of my screen and I can't see jack. I almost always miss those as well.

    Any tips on what to do it those situations?

    Thanks! 😀

    December 2019
    • Spooky13
      Hey, glad to think some people actually think I know what I'm doing :P.

      I've been playing Oni non-stop since he came out on Xbox. Currently at P2 Level 30. I obviously don't know every single trick to console Oni, but I think I know a fair bit.

      For when a survivor loops a small object, or any loop in general really, I don't try to actually hit them with Demon Strike. Assuming there's a pallet there, like one of the loops in Shelter Woods, I begin charging Demon Strike when they are running close to the pallet, but the goal isn't to actually hit them. Instead, this is to bait a pallet drop so you can destroy it instantly with Demon Strike.

      If they are simply running around a small tree or something similar, wait until you are really close to them. At this point, and this is a tip for hitting Demon Strike in general, hold the trigger for about half a second and release it. This should result in you doing a really fast Demon Strike right in front of you, which is where they should be. This also helps for your second problem, as this prevents Oni from blocking your view with his charging animation. Another plus to this is that instead of charging forward and going into a lengthy cooldown animation, you will drop the Kanabo almost instantly, preventing Oni from charging forward, which allows you to recover faster than you normally would if you charged forward.

      Ideally, you should only be charging Demon Strike to either force a pallet drop, when a survivor is going to jump a window (Oni has surprising reach through windows with his Kanabo), or when a survivor is running in a straight corridor, like the hallways or catwalks on Hawkins.

      For some in general Oni tips, I only recommend slugging if you know another survivor is nearby and you can down them relatively quickly. This is why Infectious Fright is really good on Oni. You should also know to pick your battles. If you see another survivor, judge the situation. Is there anybody else closer? Are they near a strong loop like the Shack or Meat Tree? My general rule is that if after downing a survivor in Blood Fury, if I have more than half of my power bar left, I will either go for someone I see, or do a quick Demon Dash around the map to see if I can catch anybody or kick some gens/break some pallets. If I have less than half, I usually cut my losses and pick up the survivor to end my power and make it easier to get my Blood Fury back. Of course, this is all subjective, read the situation as best as you can, and go from there.

      That's about it. Hope these tips help you and you decide to stick it through with Oni. He's a really fun killer, even if he is much worse on console, and has some really rewarding gameplay. Just stick with him, and you'll learn as you go and get better and better.

      Good luck! 😀
    • MongByeolBuddies
      Thanks a lot man! This is awesome! I'm looking forward to trying out these tips when I get home from work! And btw I'm quite stubborn; I've played the Clown more than any other killer specifically because people said he's the worst; so I'm definitely going to be sticking with the Oni! 😀
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