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  • JimboMason

    Fs dude, hope it all blows over soon and you become free again

    May 3
  • Chilli_man2400

    Are kidding me you were so good how did you get caged?

    April 29
    • Yords
      I don't want to get into it, but it was one of my most recent posts (still up) about a certain topic. Was kinda upset about it since I was only trying to give people a good laugh.
    • Yords
      nvm it is no longer up :/
    • Toblerone007
      Only engage with fun on reddit.
      There's a political sjw correctness that's moderated here.
  • Gay_Police_Dept

    "Was kinda upset about it since I was only trying to give people a good laugh."

    Yeah, that's what gets you banned here sadly.

    See you next week ;)

    April 30
    • Yords
      Well certain other individuals (not naming any names...) write posts like that and receive no sort of moderation unless they blatantly insult people or encourage them to break the rules. Why was my thread the only one taken down out of all the other ones? It was also pretty clear that it was a harmless joke, I mean come on man everyone was having fun. I joined the forums so I could interact with the community more.
  • RepostRiposte


    April 29
  • WishIcouldmain

    Hello there Yords you were the third person to say you'd do an interview. Would you want to do it?

    April 11
  • Boss

    Hey there!

    Perhaps you just like Oni aesthetically, but i figured that since you have him as your profile picture, you know a thing or 2 about him.

    And i didn't want to make a post just for this question, so here goes...

    When playing as him, everything's as usual.

    But lately, when i successfully hit a Survivor with the Demon Strike, i flick 180 degrees around.

    Is this me unconsciously doing this?

    I've always noticed that i follow Survivors with the camera in a janky way, but still very accurate.

    So when they tried to avoid my Demon Strike, do i flick all the way around perfectly every time when i do hit them?

    Or am i just losing my mind and this is a thing?

    Thank you in advance for reading, i hope you know what i'm talking about! 😋

    April 2
    • Yords
      I know what you mean and I do play him quite a bit, I am pretty sure it is a bug that just hasn't been dealt with yet. It rarely happens before hitting a survivor, and usually happens when actually hitting one with a charged demon strike. Why? Idk, bhvr stuff I guess. It is definitely a thing though and you are not alone.
    • Boss
      Okay, many thanks for responding!
  • Yords

    Whoever reads and comments that they read this first gets a cookie. 🍪

    March 24
  • Yords
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    March 28
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    March 23