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  • Captain_Spaulding

    Tell me your wraith build, almighty wraith god, so I might destroy these mortals.

    November 9
  • GennyFromTheBlock

    Hi there.

    How did you get "TRUSTED" on your account?



    October 3
    • Boss
      You need to be a regular, kind, have generally a lot of knowledge about the game, act reasonable, etc. etc.
  • Boss earned the 50 Answers badge.
    Why use Google when we could just ask you?
    October 11
  • TheHoodiedOne

    Perfectly balanced comment, look at the box with your name

    September 26
    • Boss
      Lol, guess my comment needed more attention.
  • Xcheesemongrolx

    Boss do you enjoy eating cheese sorry if this is too weird

    September 25
  • Pugpablo123

    Hey Boss, how does one become trusted? I am committed to this forum and was wondering how I could possibly reach that point. Thank you for your time.

    September 25
  • FireHazard

    How goes your day Boss?

    September 24
    • Boss
      Well it's night here, but my schedule allows for that. :)
      It's fine, just playing a more relaxing game at the moment.
    • FireHazard
      Ah I see, well its good to know your nights pretty chill. I'm kind of at my limit for today, not as dedicated to get Killers to P3-50 like I used to be back in the day... But Demogorgon is P3 now, so P3-50 is on its way!

      I would of P3-50'ed them within 2 days of the launch like I did was Legion, GhostFace, etc. But I don't know, I wasn't feeling it for some reason this time. It took longer cause of me slackin, so it took 5 days rather than 2-3.

      BUT! I did get all achievements except "Denied!" on day one of the DLC, so that's something huh? I couldn't get Denied! on day one because of how impossible it would be to get 30 perfect games with 30 hatch closes...
    • Boss
      You be a busy Killer! :)
      You seem to have the same motivation i used to have.
      So when i say "Taking longer because you don't feel like it WILL happen", that's perfectly normal. :P
    • FireHazard
      I used to no life when it came to P3-50ing Killers, or just playing this game in-general. Maybe over time, and thousands of hours really just demotivates you after awhile...

      You're right though, this should be the level of motivation someone with that much time would have by now. It also doesn't help that I don't have time to do any of that anymore like I used to... So that also contributes to a longer process, which can be a good thing honestly... since if I just complete the entire game... I'd literally have nothing left... and leveling is like, the main goal... So once that's gone its all over.

      Who knows, maybe in the future when I have more time and the same motivation, i'll be right back at it. Or... maybe this DLC just didn't "speak to me" like Legions or GhostFaces did, so I wasn't really into the idea of completing Demogorgon as fast. I don't honestly know... But I can safely say if THAT IS the case, than I regret it because I actually like Demogorgon a lot!

      I'm pretty sure that isn't the main reason... but I think it could of been a contributor to the motivation.