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2.6.0 is now available for download on all platform
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  • killakestrel


    My name is Kyle justice and im a small youtuber/twitch streamer,

    I'm sending this message to better help my community and to see if there is a way i can better help the DBD community, i love the game and have been making loads of content on the game and all my live streams are on DBD.

    i would like to ask if there is any way that you might be able to offer me help in witch i can get more reach within the community for my channels ect.

    and also i wanted to ask if other than generally chatting in the forums if there is any other way i can help the DBD community?

    I understand you a busy lady but if you have time to respond i would really appreciate the time spend :P

    Thanks again

    Kyle Justice

    March 21
    • Watery
      Hi Kyle! There’s plenty of ways for content creators to help out; you can visit the official discord to promote your channel; here’s the invite link! https://discord.gg/hFyrFez
      You can also posts clips in the media lounge here on the form. Here’s another link!
  • Forever_Alone

    Hello, Dear Help Center

    I have been banned from Dead by Daylight in 2016 and still cant write and post anything, Ban was permanently for words abusing.(Reason: "Making threats, perm banned http://i.imgur.com/Vqak1tw.png") I wrote many times about this, but noone cant help me all my requests sending out of nowhere. First at all they said me: what will send the message that guys who gave me ban, but answer never didnt come to me. How long i should wait after my message. I want be unbanned and post positive screenshots and reviews. MY steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010713357/

    My Dead by Daylight number is: d27eb30-be-e6-b1ae-a3f2aa5bec1c

    Have a good day!

    Yours, player Samsung3d "Forever Alone"

    March 9
    • Watery
      Hi, if you’d like to appeal to your ban, please go to the DBD support site. Secondly, just because you posted positive screenshots and reviews doesn’t excuse what you were banned for— the best you can do is either start a new account, and try to write your wrongs, rather than using an account that was made in 2016.
      Secondly, if the account was banned in 2016– Well, that’s a selected ban... the report system wasn’t even introduced, and the people had to file a report you through a customer service report.
    • Forever_Alone
      Man i got banned in community hub not in the game. Is that so difficult unbanned me? Moderator (Morphy) who gave me ban was abused his ability in my opinion. You re all moderators in Dead by Daylight Hub community this is so simple to unban me. I did nothing wrong to be banned permanently.
    • Watery
      I can’t really pull any strings— but I guarantee you your perspective is obviously biased, since you were the one banned. I can talk to the moderators about appealing to it, but you’d have to DM me personally. Add my discord Watery#1841, and we can discuss this more in depth.
    • Watery
      Let me retract my former statement— please contact the devs through any regular means, such as support.
  • Drago

    Hey patricia sorry to bother you, but would you mind messaging me sometime? I need some help.

    March 12
    • Watery
      I can help! What’s up?
    • Watery
      Still here to help if you need it.
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    You received 500 Awesomes. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    March 14
  • chadnati0n

    Hello Patricia,

    Hope all is well and i would like to thank you for all that you have done for the community since joining the DBD Squad.

    Will we have another Double Blood points Event anytime soon??? Its been a while since the blood hunt and its getting kind of stale just grinding with BBQ WGLF streamers Puddings Escape cakes ETC.... Im just curious is all

    March 13
    • Patricia
      Hello Chadnati0n!
      Thank you so much, really warm my heart to read this <3

      There is no date/plan for Double Blood Points yet, we will communicate when there will be one :)

      Thanks again <3
    • Watery
      Usually, bloodhunts coincide with the end of an event, or anniversary! Be sure to keep up with the news feed by checking out the DBD discord— they post concurrent news relative to the game. You can also check the official social media, (Twitter is the best), to stay informed!
      DBD Discord Link: https://discord.gg/2ujEaEK
      DBD Twitter Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/DeadByBHVR?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
      I hope this helps!
  • angelrota

    When can de play demise DLC in PS4?

    March 12
    • Watery
      Soon. There’s no expected release date.
  • pungent_stench

    you're beautiful, patricia. just sayin'.

    March 11
  • MONSTER32216

    Why did not you add xEmtek has a lot of ideas has 3k h and has legacy so the game is very long

    March 1
    • Watery
      Cause she don’t need to.
  • TheSavageLycan

    Hey its Savage, I got a 24 hour ban for making a Spoiler joke in the No Spoilers room LOL oh well. But hey there, I figured that I'd say hi on the forums to ya!

    March 4
  • CaptainXym

    Quick note on the Moonrise Screenshot Contest Winners post, the word is spelled "Congratulations", not "Congradulations."

    Keep up the great work!

    February 13
    • Patricia
      Thank you! I already change it :)
  • MONSTER32216


    March 1
  • gamingtiltheend

    I think the Decisive Strike change is Fairly Decent. Now lets move on to all the other issues in the game please?

    February 23
  • Flapky

    check this please :) ()

    February 21
  • WackyAlchemy

    Hi! Is there any way to provide proof of a player breaking rules because they post about it outside the game? This person I know constantly talks about ruining the game for people, I've even experienced it a couple times, but I'm not sure where I can go to provide said proof.

    January 31
    • dontfacecamp4770
      I've experienced this same issue with 2 people on console saying they love to tunnel, face camp, even one went on to day how he loves to hack into other peoples consoles and steal information. I advised these 2 people that they should not be saying what they're were talking about. I immediately put them on block. I'd like to report these two players myself. BTW they play killer.
    • Watery
      Please go into a little more detail here:
      Watery#1841, so we can discuss this further! (Just need a little more... context, I suppose)?
  • nbnv61

    Hello :) are they gonna fix the invisible killers and survivor bug issue soon ?

    February 1
  • XxBANExX
    So um after the bug was fixed with moonrise event I cant even continue in the game because it says "in order to access this content, a patch is required." And I already update the game so I dont know what to do 
    January 30
    • XxBANExX
      Never had to restart system sorry...
    • Patricia
      Hello do you still have the issue ?
  • thundermaniac19

    Hey Patricia, your job is in jeopardy. I sent this to everyone above your head via LinkedIn. "My name is Erik Estavillo and I'm famous in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley) for filing lawsuits against gaming companies. I subpoena key people in charge of managing these companies to show up in US District Court. Google me, Erik Estavillo, for more information. I've recently been banned by your (ACM) team, more specifically Ryuti, and please note being banned is the reason I sued before; which cost them thousands of dollars in legal fees. I will explain in court documents how your ACM team biasedly bans those with mexican ancestry. This fact is helped by the glaring proof that DBD has not included any survivors with mexican ancestry. All of your games' survivors are either white, black, asian, or european. To avoid this lawsuit, I'm requesting that my ban be reversed immediately. My banned account is (freddysaltyface) via Steam account (thundermaniac19) - [email protected]"

    December 2018
    • HarryDilsson
      wow dude you're such scum. You've been banned from so many games so you're obviously doing something wrong and then using every loophole you can to turn it in to a lawsuit. Famous for what being a low life con artist that cant work a real job? Gtfo 😂
    • Scgamecock86
      Damn so you blackmail on the internet
    • epic50cal
      You’re such a waste of space. Get a damn life. A Mexican in this game would be way too op. Damn snow flake. Oh by the way I’m Hispanic :)
    • Caalabuuu
    • EntityDispleased
      I got a good laugh out of this, thanks.
  • Caalabuuu

    Hi Patricia just recently made my account on here. I've been playing the moon event and I am not earning any progression in it. I've also seen some other live videos of others not earning progress as well. Maybe a bug or im not doing something right?

    January 30
    • Patricia
      Hello, we have communicated on our Twitter and Discord official channel that we are aware of the issue. The programmer team is working on a fix, keep an eye on https://twitter.com/DeadByBHVR for more information. Thank you!
  • Poweas

    I just wanted to mention, I've been maining Spirit again and when you fixed her footsteps, it's made her feel so good. I learnt her when you couldn't hear them. Now that you can she's a goddess. Love the work you're doing guys <3

    January 30
  • HatCreature

    Great new look :)

    January 29
  • Ihatelife

    You look awesome with the new hairstyle <3

    January 29
  • Razvan

    this need to be fixed

    January 29
  • LordziPL

    **OP profile **

    January 29
  • slipttees


    January 29
  • Patricia changed their profile picture.
    January 29