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  • Maperson

    Hello Peantis, im wondering, will Leatherface get some kind of buff/rework, he Is atm one of the worst killers in the game (next to Clown) most of his kills are from camping, he basically need perks to use his power, i can list you all the issues if you want, but im sure you know it already sir, thanks for answering.

    June 1
  • Spannungsstoß

    Is it just me or the 4.0.0 PTB patch notes have not been uploaded yet?

    May 26
  • eggtaaa

    Hi Peanits

    Just wondering... is there a chance to create a Mobile tab in Looking For Players? Please. I mean, I'd see a whole category but I guess it would time more work.

    Please and thank you :)

    May 13
    • eggtaaa
      I'd love to see***
    • eggtaaa
      I'd love to see***
    • Fibijean
      It's unlikely, since Mobile is a separate game, run by a separate team, which is not supported on these forums. If you're looking for other people to play DBD Mobile with, I'd recommend the official Discord server: discord.gg/dbdmobile
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    May 13
  • epicassassin

    Wanted to let you know that you are a cutie and keep on being amazing UwU

    March 23
  • Andreu9Face

    нашли способ замены конкифигов

    May 1
  • Andreu9Face

    Если вы мне не ответите ждите багов длальше. если вы хотите чтоб игра ваше была лушче пишите мне я знаю с кем общаться

    May 1
  • Andreu9Face

    если хотите пообщаться пишите мне)

    May 1
  • Andreu9Face

    Могу предоставить кучу багов после 3.7.0 Напишите мне вот один из багов я дуваю вы мне ответите

    May 1
  • CheersTC

    Hey Peanits. Just wanted to thank you for being helpful on the forums to everyone, I know many people take you for granted, but I and many others appreciate everything you do.

    April 29
  • ScornfulEpex

    Need this account deleted off these forums as I no longer have any use or purpose for this here. Thank you.

    April 26
  • HellCatJane

    Hello. I just received a shadow ban and would like to discuss it with someone privately. I don't know who to contact or talk to about it. Can the mods (including you) still see my information I hope? It was regarding seemingly randomly deleted posts.

    March 15
    • TreSen
      This is their own website. If they wanted to ban you, they'd just ban you. You really think you're getting shadow banned on a game forum?
  • Snowstruck

    Uhhh.. I got mentioned in a "Taking the game Hostage" forum by you, but it got deleted. Can you tell me why? I'm kind of confused..

    April 23
  • CaptainRaider

    Hey, Peanits!

    I have a thoughtful and in-depth overhaul idea for Leatherface. I’m new to forums in general and don’t know where to post this. Any assistance or guidance would be much appreciated.


    Cpt. Raider

    April 16
    • Fibijean
      The best place to post proposed character changes would be the Suggestions subforum, which you can find here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/suggestions
  • Bloodwebs

    I love u peanits <3

    Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to the new PTB changes 😎

    April 12
  • Nurgling7

    Hey Peanits, unless I'm just dumb, the link at the top of forum only takes you to the 3.6.2 patch notes, not 3.7.0 PTB.

    April 7